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            Newsletter of Project Renaissance and Win Wenger

                published formerly as Capitol Ideasmiths


December 2002 (premier edition)


* Announcements

* Project Renaissance News/Prize

* Quote of the Month

* Feature Article by Najma Beresford

* Addendum by Win Wenger

* News items



Welcome to this first issue of Project Renaissance's new format of its

periodic newsletter, and welcome to all new members who have joined us

recently. We hope to hear from you, and we hope to give you much food

for thought.

We invite your letters and comments, and we may publish the most

interesting in future editions of this Newsletter.

The free monthly meetings of High Thinktank are usually held at the

Upcounty Regional Services Center, Room 2 -- 12900

Middlebrook Rd., Germantown, MD. Open to the public. Check the Project

Renaissance website calendar for details and directions, at .

We're looking for a catchy new name for this newsletter, something

relevant to Image-Streaming and the work of Project Renaissance. Send

your suggestions to Win Wenger at . Or, if

you like "The Stream", you can suggest we keep that name.





We are most pleased to announce that Learning Strategies Corporation

has started running radio advertisements in 25 major cities for "The

Genius Code", the taped course by Paul Scheele and our own Win Wenger.

The prize:

If you hear one of the GENIUS CODE commercials and advise us when (date

and time), where, and which radio station you heard it on, and what you

thought of how the message was broadcast, we will send you a small token

in appreciation.  In any event, you might find it interesting to listen

for these airings.  Contact .




"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second,

it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident."

             --Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher, 1788-1860



Feature Article:

                        HEALING WITH LOVE

                        by Najma Beresford

For centuries, love has been the domain of mystics and saints, romantics

and fools. While a good bedside manner was always appreciated,

scholastic virtue has long been more valued. Fortunately, as the edge

between art and hard science began to blur with the introduction of

quantum physics, many people, doctors included, began to recognize the

healing dimensions of love.

The scientific community learned that all things, from matter to

emotion, hold a signature frequency and emit a bio-electric vibration.

At last love was measurable, folk lore quantified. Haven't we all heard

of the little old woman whispering fondly to her lush jungle of house

plants? And many of us have heard of orphan babies, starved of touch,

who wither and die.  In a now famous experiment with Harlowe's monkeys,

when deprived of their mother they would soon die, but when given a

large and warm toy (it had to be fuzzy, hence the derivation of 'warm

and fuzzy'), the infant monkeys continued to thrive. They had a

perception of being loved.

In humans, blood drawn immediately prior to a hands-on healing, or

'love' session, is visibly different from blood drawn immediately after.

Cells that are limp, and/or contracted, are suddenly seen as plump ...

more vibrant. Nowhere are a healer's benefits more noticeable than in a

recovery room, where monitors signal rapid feedback.

So what is a healer doing? A healer is channeling love. Most healers

have begun clearing the energetic veils that cloud or encrust the heart,

there is indeed a landscape to the heart, and there are systems (e.g.

Sufism or meditation, etc...) that map the territory. Many of these

veils can be seen as personality traits. But by far the most important

thing a healer can do is to set their own personality aside, making room

for loving energy to flow. Most healers are quick to say that they are

but transmitters of this energy, this seemingly Universal force.

The most exciting thing about this mode of healing is its easy

availability to all of us. If we can access love, we can heal ourselves.

I am certainly not suggesting that anyone forego doctors, or their

advice. What I am suggesting is that, many many times, we can amp their

helping services with our own rocket fuel.

Perhaps the second most important skill is the ability to attach a

laser-like focus to your patients' Divine Blueprint, wherein you see

them as already healed. This, in effect, directs healing energy. While

the notion of a Divine Blueprint may seem far-fetched, it derives from

the principle that, for any imperfection to exist, there must be at

least the concept of corresponding perfection. When I say, 'Divine', I

am simply honoring the hugeness of the picture, and the smallness of my

part. I cannot begin to claim understanding of the Infinite nature of

the Universe, but from personal experience, I have found that, while not

necessary, this step can be very helpful in facilitating a more rapid


All pain, all illness, and some would say all accidents, are caused by

disruption in the human energy field or system. All healing is restoring

equilibrium in some fashion to the compromised system. The disruption

may occur on various levels -- a physical level, a mental level, an

emotional level, or a spiritual level.

Do start on simple things, say a headache, or maybe even a broken bone

(obviously AFTER allopathic diagnosis and treatment). Begin by gently

opening your heart, desire your own healing. Send love to your ailment.

Love the way you are loving yourself; if this is a stretch, simply be

happy you have started to nurture yourself. If you don't immediately

feel the love, no big deal, just pretend. The imagination is a great

trigger of the subconscious.

Depending on the location of your ailment, you may be able to gently

cover it with your right hand. Create a circuit by laying your left

hand, generally your 'receiving hand', over your heart. Coordinate your

breathing: slowly, smoothly, silkily ... until your breath is breathing

you, your focus always on expanding your feelings of for

any resistance, for example to the pain. While you do not need to love

HAVING the pain, it can be useful to emotionally embrace and love the

part of your body feeling the pain.

It is helpful to remember there are no failures when it comes to

healing: every healing is another step that deepens your understanding

of what is helpful or what is less than helpful.  ~~~



             Some Support for Najma Beresford's Thesis

                     by Win Wenger, Ph.D.

-- Entirely aside from the fact that she has successfully performed

healings on many people, and even entirely aside from my own fairly

parallel experiences in healing others and myself....

Some researchers have characterized all illness as some form of

constriction of flow or circulation.  I don't know about "all," but

certainly a good many instances can be seen in that light, and one of

the possible "cures" is to normalize all such flows and circulation. Put

this thought together with another set of facts --

Salesmen, especially in real estate, are often reportedly trained to

watch for when the pupils of their customer's eyes expand.  These open

wider when that client is pleased with something, and then is the time

to close the sale, even if you have some of your case arguments yet to

make. This pupillary phenomenon, in turn, is part of a wider set of

phenomena: when we are finding pleasure, satisfaction, or even love, we

open up. In absence of perceived goodness, we tend to close down and


We know on an inbuilt genetic, bioevolutionary basis the correctness of

Najma's thesis that love heals and that lack of feeling loved leads

toward illness.  Presumably we are all descended from those among our

ancestors who did instinctually love and caress and support one another

through illness and difficulties -- those of our ancestors for whom that

was not the case, mostly didn't get to be our ancestors.

A second consideration new to some reading this, but not new to others

of you, is life force energy.  This is not abstract, this is not theory

even though its effects are readily measured in laboratory experiments;

this is tangible to your senses. I will, in some future edition of this

Newsletter, spell out step by step for you some specific ways you can

make this immediately tangible to YOUR senses.  From there you can play

with the effects and let feedback from that play teach you more than any

guru can teach you.  For now...

For now, whether we call it "chi" or "pranha" or any of many other

names by which life force energy is familiar in almost every human

culture but our own Anglo remote-don't-touch culture, consider that in

your basic high school science you learned that any chemical reaction is

also an electrical reaction, the transfer of electrons.  The same is

true for biochemical reactions and psychochemical reactions.  Change the

energy environment of a chemical reaction and you change that reaction.

Every living thing, our cells and tissues included, in order TO live is

a maze of ongoing electrical reactions.  You can't exist without

generating, and being affected by, life force energy. What I'll share

with you in a future issue of this Newsletter is simple ways to make

this force tangible enough to your senses that you can act upon it and,

where need be, redirect it. Call that love, call that healing, call that

whatever you please, but it's simply there as a force of

nature. ~~~



If this email has sparked emotions in you, positive or negative, please

pray, meditate, visualize or concentrate, for at least 10 seconds, on

the best possible outcome for Humanity and Earth.



An article in Wired Magazine tells of a doctor, Elisabeth Targ, who

tested AIDS patients in a famous double-blind study with healing through

prayer, then became a test subject herself when she developed a fatal

brain tumor. Read it here:


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