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January 2003






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"Each of us has the right and responsibility to assess the roads

which lie ahead and those which we have travelled. And if the future

road looms ominous or unpromising and the roads back uninviting,

then we need to gather our resolve and step off that road in a

new direction."                           -- Maya Angelou






                            NEW DIRECTIONS

                             by Win Wenger


You are seeing, in this new and more frequent newsletter, one of the

first steps we are taking to make this truly a membership society.  We

expect another step or so when one or several special services become

available.  Some of you have already been over at our discussion board, - or the specialized, and that's only a beginning.  There is

evidently an extraordinary wealth of insight and information and

- dare I say it, wisdom - represented among the sixteen hundred or so

people now participating and/or reading this newsletter!


Which means - as this becomes more truly a mutual membership society,

more and more of this newsletter and more and more of the services and

exchanges will be coming from you and not from some central program.

This newsletter itself can be a vehicle for some special services and

programs: we'd like to hear from you what you'd like to have here. We'd

also like to hear from you as possible volunteer associate editors

proposing specific services, programs and departments, and willing to

take point.


We'd also, and very especially, like to hear from anyone willing to host

and/or organize a co-explorations group or thinktank in your own

community. And we'd like to hear from anyone in south central Florida or

in Detroit willing to participate in groups which are trying to perform

there.  ImageStreaming, Beachhead, Windtunnel, Over-the-Wall, "Borrowed

Genius" and all these other wonderful experiences are SO-O-O-O much

better with a live partner than with only a tape recorder... One of the

best things this society can do is to facilitate its members' getting

together in person to enjoy such explorations and for mutual support.


Contact Win Wenger, <>.


Your registrations remain private.  We are using them only to provide

you news and to help those of you who wish to find listening partners.


Lastly, a huge part of our work here has come into a really simple but

powerful focus.  We hope before the end of 2003 to offer you a new book

on Socratic Method.  Meanwhile, for a foretaste of this focus and book,

help yourself to examining the contents of:


"Winsights" Nos. 55, 56, 57, 63 and 33 -

and the "Feed-the-Loop" article in "T & L Techniques," -

to discover what I believe to be one of the most fundamental of human

NEEDS, and one of the most practical. 


With warmest best wishes for you in 2003,    ...Win ~~~






Welcome to all new members who have joined us this month. We hope

to hear from you, and we hope to give you much food for thought.




THE STREAM is coming home...


The December 2002 issue of THE STREAM was the last one to be posted

on the Yahoogroups newsletter site (Capital Ideasmiths). Subsequent

issues are being emailed to members directly from Project Renaissance.

To be sure you are on our mailing list, please register as a member

of Project Renaissance here: -

if you have not already done so.


Registration is free, and so is the newsletter. There are no log-ins,

no passwords, no banners, no popups, no ads, no hassle. Just fill out

a simple form and send it. You will not be sent any marketing offers

or spam of any kind, and the mailing list is not for sale, rent,

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Membership in Project Renaissance entitles members to additional

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We appreciate your participation in suggesting new names for this

newsletter. After much consideration, we've decided to stay with

THE STREAM as the shortest yet most encompassing.






Free monthly meetings of High Thinktank...

Upcounty Regional Services Center, Room 2 --

12900 Middlebrook Rd., Germantown, MD. Open to the public.

Check the Project Renaissance website calendar

for details and directions, at




Annual Conference of IAL...


International Alliance of Learning (IAL),

January 16-19, 2003, in Alexandria, Virginia


The International Alliance of Learning is the one professional

membership society in North America whose avowed goal is the pursuit

of better methods of teaching and learning - the one organization

comprised of teachers and educators and education-related people

which isn't a teacher's union.  In it are represented a half dozen or

more major systems of accelerated learning and learning-enhancement,

including Lozanov's Suggestopedy (popularized here by Ostrander &

Schroeder's best-sellers "Superlearning" and "Superlearning 2000");

brain-gym/edukinesiology, PhotoReading, team-cooperative learning,

Preferred Learning Styles, and, of course, Project Renaissance.


Find out the current state of accelerated learning at THIS year's

annual conference. Also, I need your help there if you can make it,

to help persuade the membership and Society to perform some of the

needed scientific research that will advance the acceptance of these

better methods of teaching and learning.


Check their website, to get a look at the

Society itself, then click on "Conference".  We hope to see you

there. -- Win Wenger




DOUBLE FESTIVAL 12 - November 2003...


Mark your calendars now for Project Renaissance's famous annual double

conference on Creative Problem-Solving and Accelerated Learning:

Friday-Saturday-Sunday, November 14-16, 2003

followed by Trainer Training, November 17-18, 2003

at a private facility in Pasadena, Maryland


Watch the website,

for further details and for Call for Presentations.




Feature Article:


                        YOU ARE NOT YOUR MAP

                           By Harman Benda


Why are there so many paths to being successful?  Why can brilliant,

successful people hold such varying views on topics such as right and

wrong, the purpose of business, the environment, and helping others? 


In Bill Harris's "Thresholds of the Mind", I found a possible answer.

Each of us develops maps that we use as roadmaps to living life.  We

each have our own unique maps of how to deal with reality.  Our maps

are cobbled together based on our experiences and the "truths" we

have been told by our parents, teachers, friends, advertisers, etc.


Our map performs 5 critical functions:


1. Our map shows us how to get where we want to go.  For example, if

I want a raise, I consult my map and see that I must work harder, put

in more hours and impress my boss.  However, I have a friend who, when

she wants a raise, meets with her boss and tells them that it is time

for her to get a raise.  Everyone's map is different.  What do you do

when you think it is time for a raise or time to make more money?


2. Our map also tells us what we can and cannot achieve.  Running an

8-minute mile is possible for me while a 4-minute mile is impossible

(at this time.)  It is impossible for me to flap my arms and fly.

Each of us has limits, many of which are self-imposed via our maps.

How many things are impossible for you to do, become or achieve? 


3. Our map contains contradictory information.  Much of our failure

to achieve our goals is the result of the contradictory information

in our maps.  Some people's maps show the attractiveness of being

wealthy as well as the pain of having people asking for a loan or

being considered greedy and money-grubbing.  Some women have maps

that show the joy of being thin coupled with the fear of being

treated as a sex object if they are thin.


4. Our map tells us how to respond.  When someone sneezes, we say

"God Bless You" automatically.  When we see flashing lights in our

rearview mirror, we know to pull over.  Our maps are critical for

helping us to negotiate daily life.


5. Our map is constantly changing.  Throughout our lives we are

tweaking our map.  Reading this article may be changing your map.

While reading this article, you have consulted your map to determine

whether the author is right or wrong, brilliant or an idiot, stating

the obvious --


After we have consulted our map repeatedly for something, we begin

to respond automatically and no longer consciously consult our map.

This can be seen when comparing a new driver and an experienced driver.

The new driver must do everything consciously.  An experienced driver

gets into the car and seemingly in one motion is able to fasten the

seatbelt, check the mirrors and start the car.  A new driver is almost

constantly in a state of overwhelm.  An experienced driver thinks

nothing of talking on the phone while driving, doing their make-up or in

some cases reading!?!


When we bgin to do something automatically (i.e., driving, doing our

work, being in a relationship), we have made a huge transition, which

we do not notice.  The process has become unconscious and we come to

believe that we are our maps.  In effect, we think that our response

or approach to the world is really who we are.


When we believe that we are our maps, change becomes threatening. Our

very being is at stake!  A key to our freedom and growth is to realize

that we are not our maps.  We need to remember that our maps are

representations that we have developed or that have been given to us.

As Mr. Korzibsky pointed out, "the map is not the territory."  You are

not your map.


If I am not who I think I am (my map), who am I?  There is no simple

answer to this question.  Each of us must find our own answer.


My map says that realizing that we are not our maps and being able to

change and create new maps for ourselves is what we are on earth to

discover and then master.  In my work on recognizing that I am not

my map, I initially felt as though I was nothing--a void. The feeling

was quickly replaced by the uncomfortable feeling that I was much,

much more than I had ever anticipated.  I realized that if my map was 

authored by me, then I have the capability to rewrite it.  Which means

I could write almost anything.  My world is full of possibilities. 


Each of us must discover the most effective ways for us to work with

our maps.  Some approaches that I find helpful are Win Wenger's Image

Streaming, Borrowed Genius, and Over-the-Wall techniques, as well as

meditation.  These techniques help me to become more conscious by

uncovering my images, thoughts and feelings.  As I become more

conscious, I am able to see my map more clearly and then begin to

change and create a new one.


Once I have identified items that I want to change, I am using the

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), meditation, affirmations, Borrowed

Genius, energy work and imagination to make changes. 


For those times when I am unable to change my map, I have learned that

I need to explore my attachment to the item.  What part of my life is

attached to the image, idea, or feeling?  When I take the time to

discover the energy that is holding a map in place, I can use EFT to

release it. 


Once we recognize that we each have our own individual maps, we quickly

become aware of the phenomenal opportunity and responsibility that we

have been given.  It is up to each of us to recognize that we are not

our maps but the authors and creators of our world.


To learn more about Image-Streaming, Borrowed Genius, Over-the-Wall

or EFT techniques or to consult about your map, please contact me

at <> 


To post your feedback or promote a discussion of this topic:






ADDENDUM - Win Wenger, Ph.D.


I think that we got fooled into thinking we are our maps in part

because of short stories, novels, biographies, autobiographies, and

maybe movies and TV. These necessarily abstract and highlight one

event in ten thousand, one aspect in ten thousand, one experience

in ten thousand, and string a person, a character out of that

abstraction, ignoring the other 9,999 pieces because they don't

conveniently fit the story we've selected on. It's wonderful that

real human beings are infinitely more complex and involved -

including ourselves - than we are accustomed to thinking from

our stories and our Gestalt simplifications.  This could be much

fun for further exploration. Thank you again, Harman!  ~~~






[Re:  Win Wenger's Addendum to Najma Beresford's article,

"Healing with Love" - December 2002]


Najma Beresford <>:

"As for the last sentence, I understand the point you

were trying to make...but I do not believe healing force, or love,

or call it what you will, is available without the stimulus of

desire, openness, and receptivity. There is a physical streaming

from the heart, that for me, IS love. For me, 'love' is a full

spectrum event, the perception of which, indeed, changes the energy

environment. I wonder at people (not you) who are so emotionally

stingy they are loathe to use the word. If you have a closed heart,

in my experience, you do not generate much juice..."            




Carmen E. Clark <>:

"Well, for what it's worth, in my experience, few people operate

with closed hearts all the time. Going about my daily business, I

see people responding differently to me than I see them responding

to others. Some people with what Win might call "closed hearts" avoid

me. But most people just sense something different--a warmth or quiet

acknowledgment beyond business at hand. Maybe it comes from attention

to them and to what they are about--a kind of "we" factor, or

receptivity. I don't consider myself a holy person by any stretch,

but I enjoy just being out there, seeing people doing different

things or making choices in my presence that surprise them. ...

What Najma calls "sharing love" I might call "intuitive intimacy." 

I don't "do healing" as a job, but I think that when I burn a strong,

creative, humorous, aware, and receptive candle, it just lights life

a little differently around me." ~~~






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