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July 2003





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"This above all, to thine own self be true,

And it must follow as the night the day

Thou canst not then be false to any man."

[Polonius to his son Laertes]

    -- William Shakespeare, Hamlet








ENTREPRENEUR magazine's June 2003 issue has an article by Juanita

Weaver about Project Renaissance's "Windtunnel" technique. It's in

their Creative Zone/Management section. See it here:,1539,308690,00.html




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Rory O'Connor <> writes:


Win is coming to Northern Ireland in September to deliver his

Beyond-Einstein Training Intensive to corporate and educational

audiences. Win will also be delivering the Trainer's Training.


I have spoken to Win about filming the workshops and making them

available online as streaming video. This material is designed

to support his existing material (books and audio) by making it

available in another format (digital video).


We are looking at a model of credit-card or micro-payments to

cover the cost of making the material available.


To help us decide on the best approach, please complete the poll

available at:


If there is a positive response, we will launch the service at the

end of September under the banner of The Learning Hub.

The poll asks these questions:


Would you be interested in paying for internet access to Win

Wenger's Corporate and/or Educational Training Workshops (available

in 30-minute lessons as streaming-video)? Choose all options that



  o Yes! and I am willing to pay up to $10/30-minute lesson.

  o Yes! and I am willing to pay up to $25/30-minute lesson.

  o Yes! and I am willing to pay up to $50/30-minute lesson.

  o My preference is for Educational Training.

  o My preference is for Corporate Training.

  o I would be interested in both Educational and Corporate Training.

  o I would like the option to buy the training in digital audio

format (MP3, Real Media).

  o I would like the option to buy the training in audio format


  o I would like the option to buy the video training on CD-ROM.

  o I would like the option to buy the video training on DVD.

  o I have modem access to the Internet.

  o I have broadband access to the Internet.

  o I have no interest at this time.


To vote, please visit the following web page: 


Note: Please do not reply to this message. Poll votes are

not collected via email. To vote, you must go to the Yahoo! Groups

web site listed above.








Free monthly meetings of High Thinktank...Open to the public.

Upcounty Regional Services Center -- Room C

12900 Middlebrook Rd., Germantown, MD.

Summer recess - meetings resume in September.

Please check the Project Renaissance website calendar

for details and directions, at





Photo-Reading's great teacher, Paul Scheele, has a

TeleSeminar coming up on July 23, 24, 30, and 31, 2003.

It will cover these and more:


The various mental processes of The Genius Code can generate

noticeable benefits in four significant areas:


1) Image Stream connectivity

2) Problem-solving

3) Intuition development

4) Accelerated learning


Click below for more information. Hope to see you there.


And, Win Wenger will join in at least one of the teleclasses!




DOUBLE FESTIVAL XII - November 2003...


Plan now to treat yourself to Project Renaissance's annual double

conference on Creative Problem-Solving and Accelerated Learning:

Friday-Saturday-Sunday, November 14-16, 2003

followed by Trainer Training, November 17-18, 2003

at a private facility in Pasadena, Maryland.


The theme is "Problem-Solving in the Global Village".


Watch the website,

for further details and for Call for Presentations.






Feature Article:


                      WHO ARE YOU?

                An inquiry into beingness


                     by Bjarne Viken



"Who are you?"


This question was briefly mentioned in an episode of Babylon-5,

“Comes the Inquisitor”, in relation to the picking of the right

people to be in the right place at the right time. The question

has bearing for me because it leads up to "What do you want?" 


The thinking is that if you know what you are, the consequences

will follow. There will not be any doubt, any fear or pain because

the flow of being makes you the one you are meant to be, and what

you want is set. 


The main intent of the first question was to take away what you

had been given from others and to leave the being with an essence,

or at least with an understanding of it.


The question has haunted me for the last years, but in different

words:  What do you want, why do you want it, and how do you get

it. The thought is that when you get finished with the first two,

the last will be easy, almost redundant--in the same way that

everything after what you are becomes redundant in Babylon-5.


But what are you? Think of it for a moment and wonder, first, if

you know it, and, second, if what you are is what you want to be.

I for one am never satisfied with what I am, and a large part of

my personal fight is to accept that what I am is much greater than

what I am being told and expected to be.


I have found out that what I am, in what shape it is or widens,

acts too much out of fear, too much in accordance with my percep-

tion of aspects and too little in reflection of what I feel

confident to think. There is a difference between what the

objective me thinks and what the subjective me does, and I try

my very best to be pure to that effect:  to live my being, to

exist honest to whatever I am.


The question is, in a situation of unrest between thoughts and

actions, should I change the actions or address the thoughts and

patterns that make it difficult for me to change the actions? I

do not always know.


I have noticed that my problems in this regard must be addressed

as fast as possible because the longer I choose to live with the

unbalance between the objective and the subjective, the longer I

continue my discomfort, and the longer I get lost in a limbo of

almost and closer to a state of mind where the patterns of not

doing take away my actual possibility of choice. I don’t think

anyone judges themselves more harshly and more horrifically than

I in that regard, but what I see of patterns around me tells me

that this is not a dilemma that is mine alone.


A teacher tells me that I should feel free to ask, but ridicules

me if he thinks that the question is stupid. The objective is

destroyed by the subjective's post-reaction to fear. I am left



Another teacher talks to me about vision, but I can not see it.

The objective lives alone. The body remains untouched. A major

problem that I have encountered both in myself and in others is

the need, the want, the willingness for someone else to take the

choice, to take the action away, so that one is left in the safe

zone. I might not have thought enough of who I am, and whether I

act to my being. Or I might have thought too much in areas I

should have left alone and just lived.


I write things like this very often; it is my way of addressing

the issues around me... The lack of involvement, the lack of

personal ambition, or at least rebellion past the Saturday night

party. The lack of ethical judgment over oneself. The lack of

selfishness, the lack of extreme force that simply says; “I am,

and I want. My being and my existence should be the most important

thing to me. So why don’t I act like it? Why don’t I put myself

first? Is that something that I need to earn?”


I turn the question to you, without wanting any other reply than

the one you are willing to act upon.  Who are you?  What do you

want?  Why do you want it?  Do you live your want, your being? Do

you enhance and create your life by the choices you make, or are

you diminished by every thought you make because you move yourself

away from the choice?


I can’t answer my own questions, and it haunts me. I only know

that I don’t want to choose because of laziness, convenience,

guilt, fear or pain. I want to choose to be free, and I want the

freedom to be a celebration of living, a demonstration of values.

I wonder if at the end it comes down to emotions, but if they are

primary laws, and I act on them as a salve to hormones, am I

really free? Have I acknowledged who I am?


At the end Delenn, the character in the Babylon-5 episode, says

that she was life. I am not sure if if was a direct response to

the question, but I wonder to myself:


If I am life, what can I do to feel alive? To act my living. To

break the chains of doubt. What can I do to just be, to stop

haunting myself? That is the essence of being, a feeling of flow,

of majesty, of reason, respect and freedom.


That is who I am.


- Bjarne Viken ( )


BJ is an economics student in Norway and a trainer for Project

Renaissance. In his spare time he creates art.




To send feedback privately to the author, email to Bjarne Viken at


To send your comments about this article to The Stream, write to:


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Adam <> writes:


If 126 bits of information constitutes consciousness, and our

unconcious is FAR FAR FAR greater, what is our will?  From Freud,

to Einstein, to Spinoza, Schrodinger, Leibniz, each one of these

men discredited the concept of free will. I don't know why it's so

important to me, but the more I dwell on it, the stranger things

get... What's more is that even if we do will, our perceptions are

so limited consciously that we might as well not even have a will.




Win Wenger <> responds:


As our perceptions increase, so do our perceived options, thus the

range over which "we"(?) exercise free choice, going "meta" to the

set of those choices. I don't think "we"(?) ever have totally free

will because even if we reach a state of omniscience and go meta

to all the choices there are, the set of all things over which we

exercise omniscience thereby has to increase to include whatever's

involved in that "meta."


Lacking the absolute on "free will" does not, however, relieve us

of responsibility for our choices made over the domain over which

"we"(?) have awareness.  I don't think the debate can, in fact, be

over "free will"; rather, over identity - who am "I," who are

"you," who is "he," who are "we"? Who is it making these choices? 

What is the sum total of the "I" who is making them? 


Not only in terms of "I" including all conscious and unconscious

experiences I've ever had, a few of which are loosely organized

around a conscious self-identity and continuity and defined by the

choices I've actually made within that sense and borne the con-

sequences thereof. 


In terms also of questions revolving around, am I me only because

communications between my ears are easier than communications

between sets of ears, defining "me" as a fairly intense eddy of

memes in an ocean of memes, many of which are self-organizing...?

Each of you is such an intense eddy of memes within that larger

ocean of memes where we can find fronts but no boundaries....??


- Win Wenger




In the June 2003 issue of The Stream, we published "Cause and

Effect" by Win Wenger.


Adam <> writes:


Just to quickly say something.  I read thru this one and really

thought it was great!  It makes a great point...consideration of

causality is really lacking in most people (and there are reasons

for this)...I hate it when people say 'things just happen'.


In general this is something that has been on my mind for a while,

that people don't consider causes for things and are made to

believe 'things just happen'...It's very important to teach kids

to consider causes. 


Thanks for writing that installment...


- Adam









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