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January 2004                                      





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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

     -- Robert Frost










WELCOME to all new members who have joined us this month. We hope to

hear from you and to give you much food for thought. Back issues are

available upon request. Just add the month to the subject line:




A WARM HELLO from Tijl Koenderink ( ),

   Executive Director of Project Renaissance


Dear people related to Project Renaissance,

For the people who do not yet know me, I am Tijl Koenderink. I am the

recently appointed Executive Director of Project Renaissance. I met

Win Wenger through his website, and am now trying to take some of the

practical work off his hands, so he can again fully focus on his

research and teaching work, without being encumbered by practical and

administrative details.


I must say that after I started taking inventory, my heart was truly

warmed by the sheer number and enthusiasm of all the people offering

help to the cause of Project Renaissance. People who truly believe

that if one can learn how to solve their own problems, then also

problems on a larger scale can be helped. When I found this out, and

as I was reading the letters, one thing was clear to me. I want to do

all I can to help these enthusiastic people work together, and help

them make a difference in their, and therefore our, world.


Even though the offers of help have been made without asking for any

compensation, Win and I felt that we should try to do something to

support all the noble volunteers. We came up with a reward system

that will give you a discount on virtually all tuitions to Project

Renaissance trainings if they are anywhere in your area or to which

you can travel.


Beyond that, we are currently working out the technical details that

will allow you to deduct the time you spend working for Project

Renaissance from your taxes, since you are working for a non-profit



In the coming months I will try to get back to as many of you as

possible, with more details on what you can do, and how you can help

us spread the word on empowering people to be what they can and want

to be.


If you would like to become a volunteer, please let me know. If you

have already contacted us and not heard back from us, please send me

your offer again. In the past months I have gone through an archive

of such an immense amount of material and communication that there

is always the risk of one or two having been lost.


For people who have considered doing something to help us but do not

have an idea as to what, or how, please look through the following

list of things we are currently working on:


* Design and execution of promotional activities and material

* Several pieces of software to aid the Project Renaissance methods

     and learning in general

* Experiments with Project Renaissance methods in classrooms,

     political and business environments

* Translation of Project Renaissance books, methods and the website

     into as many languages as possible

* Setting up local support groups for Creative Problem Solving


In all these areas we will, of course, work with you and guide you

personally, to make sure to make an absolute best use of your

valuable time.


If you have any questions, of course feel free to drop me a line

and ask. My email address is .


Again, my sincere thanks to all you have done and will be doing to

help us realize our vision.


- Tijl Koenderink (  )




TESTIMONIALS COMPENDIUM - Project Renaissance is collecting input

from successful users of its methods. Have you used Image-Streaming,

Borrowed Genius, Toolbuilder, Windtunnel or any of the many other

powerful problem-solving and creative solution-finding methods of

Win Wenger and Project Renaissance? Have you found them to be

personally helpful and effective for you? Do you think they are of

value to people in their everyday life? Would you take a few minutes

and write a short account of how they have helped you, and email it

to Project Renaissance's Executive Director, Tijl Koenderink, at . Your name will not be

published without your authorization.




TAXONOMY OF METHODS – Project Renaissance is compiling an index of

all problem-solving methods in general use, from all sources. If you

know of any that you like, other than those developed and published

by Project Renaissance, please inform Win Wenger at





Project Renaissance is seeking additional dedicated individuals who

like to help others help themselves, and who would like to learn the

techniques of Project Renaissance to this end. We are planning

trainer workshops through various channels.


If you'd like to find out more about the possibility of becoming a

trainer, whether full-time or part-time, please email your interest

to Project Renaissance's Executive Director, Tijl Koenderink, at 


A special workshop will be held in Pasadena, MD, in May 2004. Look

for further announcements here under Events and on the website





WANTED: Teachers and schools who are willing enough for their

students to succeed that they will try out specific Project

Renaissance techniques, with or without our help. Use your own

tests to measure for effects before - and after - the procedure is

used. Create your own pilot program, and/or we can help you design

a study. We'll be glad to help you professionally publish your

results, as per .  Most of

the 40-some techniques readily available for immediate use greatly

improve student understanding, in many subjects; some rapidly and

greatly improve reading and language skills. For details, contact .




WANTED: Volunteers to become informed on the methods Project

Renaissance is offering in the foregoing, and on what makes them

work, to help us FIND schools and teachers willing to respond to

this offer.




WEBSITE UPDATE - The Project Renaissance website has had several new

features added, plus enhancements on the front page. Check these out

at :


* You can now listen to an excerpt from improv music composed by Win

  Wenger. Click on the link at the bottom of the front page, or on

  the Improvitaping page,


* We've included a list of foreign publishers of The Einstein Factor.

  Did you know the book had been translated and printed in so many

  different countries? See .


* Winsights No. 72, January 2004, by Win Wenger, is about "Effective

  Problem-Solving: Using What We Know" and includes updates on the

  Windtunnel Method. See .


* The archives of Capital Ideasmiths, the forerunner of The Stream

  as Project Renaissance's official newsletter, are now available on

  the Project Renaissance website, all 6 volumes from 1998-2002:




SUBSCRIBER OR MEMBER? If you currently only subscribe to The Stream,

you can upgrade your participation in Project Renaissance to full

membership, free. Membership in Project Renaissance entitles members

to additional benefits. If you're not yet a member, please register

now, here: or from link on

the homepage, .




DUPLICATE MAILING? If you received two (or more?) copies of this

issue of The Stream, please let us know by replying to: 




How you can participate...


* You can post messages on Project Renaissance's discussion board

  about any Project Renaissance topic and join any ongoing

  discussions. No log-in required. Please visit our homepage at  and click the Discussion Board link. To

  post a message right now, click here:


* The long-established, popular Image-Streaming egroup is here: - requires Yahoo sign-in.


* Submit articles, comments or questions for possible inclusion in

  The Stream:  











For details and to participate, see 


Followed by:



Basic training with Win Wenger - $495 less discounts


Registration, 8:30 a.m. Sunday, February 8, 2004

Sessions, 9-5 Sunday and 9-4 Monday

Red Lion Hanalei Hotel, 2270 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, Calif.

Message Win Wenger at

or c/o the hotel at 619-297-1101


Experience key basic Project Renaissance ways to solve problems,

make discoveries, improve-deepen-accelerate learning, together with

some useful applications. Completely separate from Winterfest, but

Winterfest attendees pay only $295 for the Beyond-Einstein Training.

This San Diego-based workshop may be one of your best opportunities

to experience the basic forms of Project Renaissance with live

partners and professional facilitation. For more information,

contact .




MONTHLY MEETING of High Thinktank, free and open to the public.

Upcounty Regional Services Center, Room C, 12900 Middlebrook Rd.,

Germantown, Maryland.


Meetings begin at 7:30pm sharp. New topics each time. Please check

the Project Renaissance website calendar for details and directions,

at .


The next meeting of the group will be in February 2004, date and topic

to be announced.





Explore and Facilitate Personal and Organizational Creativity 


You are invited to The-Next-Idea 2004 Creativity Conference April 2-4,

2004, at Harper's Ferry, W. Virginia (90 minutes from Washington DC) 

to experience the Science, Art and Spirit of Creativity.


The conference is structured as a Micro-University experience with 3

to 4 different sessions every hour and a half. You will create your

own experience by choosing from - Business, Professional and Personal

Creativity as well as Facilitation Skills. For Sessions and Leaders,

visit our website at . Here is a sampling of

the workshops:


* Team Building * Process Mapping * Quantum Thinking * The Tao of

Creativity * Inventive Thinking - Triz * The Creative Side Of Conflict

* Creativity and Ancient Rituals * The Modern "Socratic Method"  *

How to Write a Book in PowerPoint * Consciousness and Sounds * Living

Your Style * Finding Your Purpose * CPS: A Creative Problem Solving

Primer * Team Building Through Symbols  * Salon - Art of Conversation

* Metaphorical Mind Maps.


Cost:  Conference registration is $130 for two days or $75 for one

day. Room and meals is $85 per day. For multiple occupancy (3 or

more), the price is $65 per day. So the average price for the entire

Creativity Weekend would be $300 or less. Registration: or contact Andre and Judy de Zanger at

1664 3rd Ave., New York, NY, 10128. Phone 212-289-8856;  e-mail:  





Training with Win Wenger:

May 17-19, 2004 - Project Renaissance Spring Workshop and Advanced

Trainer Training, Pasadena, Maryland.

May 20, 2004 - Private healing sessions with Chuck Bubar, by prior

subscription and appointment only.

May 21-22, 2004 - Beyond Einstein Training for trainers-to-be. Full

details to follow in next month’s issue. Mark your calendar now.






July 15-18, 2004

Celebrating Individual Creativity: From Inspiration to Application

15th Annual International Conference on Creativity in Colleges and

Universities - on the campus of Northwood University, Midland,



A global assembly of those who value, teach, and practice Creativity.

The audience will comprise higher-education teachers and creativity

practitioners in both academia and enterprise.


PROPOSAL DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 20, 2004 - procedures for submitting



* SUBMIT your presentation or workshop idea in a 30-word abstract,

supported by a 250-word description. Include in your description:

goals and objectives, ideas to be presented, and how your presentation

will benefit this conference.


* SPECIFY duration, any type of facilities and equipment required,

extent of audience participation, and size of group preferred.


* ATTACH a brief one-paragraph biography with your name, affiliation,

address, e-mail address, and phone number(s).


See our website for additional information:  .

Submit proposals by email to:  





Feature Article:



                 How to Find Your Way through the

                      Project Renaissance Maze

                           by Win Wenger



Very recently I received a letter which, I think, is a question

many readers here might echo:  There are so many procedures offered

in the Project Renaissance website and in our books and articles,

where does one START?  Is there an optimal way? 



An initial answer:


The goal of Project Renaissance is to equip as many people as possible

as well as possible with access to their own perceptions and their own

resources, enabling them to better cope with such problems and

opportunities as they encounter, to learn more effectively, to live

a richer and more satisfying life in every human dimension. The main

thing is simply paying attention to your own perceptions and your own

thoughts and recording your observations as you go.



Our own understandings:


A good understanding can generate many different effective procedures;

but far more value to you than any of these particular procedures is a

good grasp of our own understandings, most of which are encompassed in

modern Socratic Method. 


A "curriculum" through which you can effectively understand modern

Socratic Method, and understand why we see it as a major way to

improve life here on Earth both individually and as a community,

consists of examining the following articles:


* "Feed-the-Loop" ( ) in the

  T&L Techniques section of the Project Renaissance website.


* "Winsights" articles Nos. 33, 52, 55, 56, 57 and 63 indexed in

  ( ) and "Dynamic Format"

  ( ) in the CPS Techniques

  section of the site.



Practical practices:


1) Make frequent practice of ImageStreaming, as per the final page

   of our online ebook, "You Are Brighter Than You Think"

   ( ).


2) Make frequent practice of "Noise-Removal Breathing" and the other

   "Calm-Breathing Patterns," in Winsights Nos 28 and 29

   ( ) and

   ( )



For solving problems:


1) "Windtunnel" in Winsights No. 55 ( )

   and updated in Winsights No. 72 ( ),

   "Situational Problem-Solving" ( ) in

   Winsights No. 68, and Crabapple process in "Working with Metaphor"

   ( ) in Winsights No. 56.


2) Another basic path, good to have in its own right, is the Basic

   Associative Process ( ) in Winsights

   No. 48.


3) An advanced problem-solving procedure is "High Thinktank"

   ( ). It is especially good for use on the

   most important issues and problems because it sidesteps our conscious

   expectations as to what the answer "ought to be" and goes straight

   for perception of whatever IS the best answer.


If a problem doesn't solve by one of these methods, it likely will by

one of the others. There are few if any problems which YOU can't

readily solve via one or several of these methods, and it is important

for you to know that.




Next month:

* Paths to enhance, improve and accelerate learning

* Inventing, innovating, making discoveries

* A published curriculum in self-training form



About the Author:  Win Wenger, Ph.D., is the founder of Project

Renaissance. This unique, non-profit organization is dedicated to

increasing individuals' potential and accelerating the dawning of a

new Renaissance. See also  




To send feedback privately to the author, email Win Wenger at 

To send your comments about this article to The Stream, write to: 

To post your feedback or promote a discussion of this topic: 











Mary Hughes ( )

Your article in the [December 2003] edition of The Stream - "The

Problem of Problems - A Meta-Level View", by Kate Jones, I am in full

agreement with. Every year I list out actions under New Year's

Resolutions; by mid-January I have already broken them. This year

I have taken a different approach.


I have set the Resolutions at a cognitive level.

Two words summarise:  Discipline and Focus.


On a daily basis I just track my actions and ensure they align with

Discipline and Focus. It’s working. This just underpins that if you

change your thinking, the actions will follow. I used ImageStreaming

to clarify what Discipline and Focus meant in my life. This guided

the actions.


I shall keep you informed of progress. Thanks,


- Mary Hughes


To send feedback privately to the writer, email Mary Hughes at  

To send your feedback about this comment to The Stream, write to: 




The Einstein Factor Express Story – A trainee’s experience - Part 1

   by Ursula Flink ( )


Once upon a time there was a woman called “little bearess,” about 40

years old, with a very nice husband and very sweet children living in

a town called Linz in Austria. Ever since her school days she had been

interested in the topic of human biology and especially everything

connected with the human brain. She was a personal trainer and her

business was running quite well, but there were a little bit too few

adventures and challenges in her life.


One evening, while she was talking with her husband about their news

of the day, there was a program on TV about scientific brain research,

and the woman stopped talking and listened with fascination. The next

day she had to buy some school supplies for her children and went to

a bookstore. And she asked for a book about brain research, and the

seller showed her a handful of books on this topic. The most

interesting one for her seemed to be the book, „Der Einstein Faktor“

by Win Wenger and Richard Poe, and so she bought it.


Coming back home she started reading, and with every single word her

fascination grew and grew. Step by step she got addicted to doing all

the exercises, and every day she would spend all her free time

practicing the methods that were described in this unique book. She

did Image-Streaming and passed through whole adventure tales; she did

Creative Problem Solving , Over the Wall, Cognitive Structured

Enhancement, and Instant Replay; and solved many years-old problems

within minutes.


Her husband and her children noticed that there was something special

going on, because little bearess often forgot to do very important

things like preparing the meal for the children at the very moment

when they came home from school or running after the children to

bring them their stuff and similar things. Her family asked her about

these changes, and she said only, “This is all because of this book!”


And slowly they, too, got interested in this mysterious book. One day

she started to do some of these wonderful exercises with her husband

and-—behold!-—there were tremendous effects coming out. The husband

was surprised and fascinated and asked little bearess where all these

tremendous methods came from. And she searched for the name Win Wenger

on the Internet and found the website called “Project Renaissance”

and came to know all about the author and inventor. Her husband

called: “Where is this man living and teaching?-—Find it out and go

there, please!”


No sooner said than done, it came about that little bearess landed

in Baltimore on the 13th of November 2003. At the airport she met a

man from Great Britain and a woman from Northern Ireland, and they

were picked up by a very nice young guy from the Netherlands. The

four nations round-up was perfect and—-leaving the airport-—she said

in a solemn tone to her three companions: “We are the pioneers!”


And this was the beginning of a week of the most exciting trainings

and specific experiences that she had ever done!


- Ursula Flink ( )


If you would like to discuss more about Ursula’s Einstein Factor

experience, email Ursula Flink at  .


The entire chronology of Little Bearess' adventures will be published

on the Project Renaissance website. Look for announcements in "What's

New" ( ). At this time Ursula has completed

4 chapters.


To send your comments about this story to The Stream, write to: 






*  Back issues of THE STREAM by email upon request from


*  Archived copies of Capital Ideasmiths are here:


*  Project Renaissance homepage:




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newsletter from Project Renaissance, please send an email to










A chance to examine your love/hate relationship with browsing…


1.  When visiting any website, what are the most important features

    you look for - Please rate these from 1 to 5, where 1=lowest,

    5=highest importance:


         a.  good navigation                      _____


         b.  useful content                       _____


         c.  stuff to buy                         _____


         d.  interaction with others              _____    


         e.  lots of movement, cool

             flashy things and sounds

             and zany humor                       _____


         f.  Other____________________________    _____


2.  Which of the following website features tend to irritate you the

    most? Please rate these from 1 to 5, where 1=least annoying,

    5=bugs you to the max.


         a.  Broken links                         ______

         b.  Lots of cookies                      ______

         c.  Incessant pop-up ads and banners     ______

         d.  Crammed-full pages of tiny print     ______

         e.  Links to everywhere and no way bac   ______

         f.  Other _____________________________  ______



3.  How do you react when a site has too many irritating features?

    Please rate these from 1 to 5, where 1=least annoying, 5=bugs you

    to the max.


         a.  Nothing.                             ______


         b.  Get the heck out of there, go

             elsewhere and never come back.       ______


         c.  Write the webmaster a nice email

             offering to fix it all.              ______


         d.  Write the webmaster an irate email.  ______


         e.  Forward all your spam email to the

             website owner or management          ______


         f.  Other ____________________________   ______


4.  Please rate ( ), the website of Project

    Renaissance, on the following points from 1 to 5, where 1=least

    satisfactory and 5=most satisfactory:


         a.  Ease of getting around (navigation)  ______

         b.  Interest of subject matter           ______

         c.  Visual presentation, appearance      ______

         d.  Speed of download                    ______


To return this questionnaire, simply reply to this email, deleting

all but the questionnaire portion. Mark your rating in the answer

space provided.






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