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June 2004                            (Best viewed with fixed-width font)                     





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"None of the world's problems will have a solution until the world's

individuals become thoroughly self-educated."

            -- R. Buckminster Fuller [1895-1983]









WELCOME to all new members who have joined us this month. We hope to

hear from you and to give you much food for thought. Back issues are

available upon request. Just add the month to the subject line:

Or see the online archives: 






- see further details below.





Active and/or retired professionals in psychology, economics, history,

biology, physics, sociology, chemistry, etc., to co-author with me new

kinds of introductory texts (various age levels) and methods-of-teaching

texts. These texts are to become part of an eventual discovery


- Win Wenger, Ph.D. ( )








PROJECT RENAISSANCE SPRING WORKSHOP - May 15-22, 2004 - took place at a

private facility in Pasadena, Maryland. The workshop included a series

of business meetings, planning workshops, Advanced Trainer Training and

Beyond-Einstein training for newcomers to Project Renaissance processes.


Current trainers explored the newest Project Renaissance methods, new

teaching techniques, and other organizational issues. Project

Renaissance techniques were placed in perspective of other AL and CPS

movements such as NLP, Edward de Bono and Learning Strategies Corp.


For a more detailed account of the workshop, please contact Tijl

Koenderink, Executive Director of Project Renaissance:  





The Edward de Bono Seminar 2004

University of Malta, Malta - June 21-25, 2004


Professor Edward de Bono, born in Malta, is the inventor of Lateral

Thinking. He will be one of the keynote speakers at the International

Conference on Creative Thinking and he will conduct the de Bono Seminars

in person. Participants may choose to attend either the Conference or

the Seminar or both events.


Of course, Project Renaissance will also be present at this event. Three

trainers (Cora Robinson, Angus Donald and Tijl Koenderink) will

facilitate a workshop on Project Renaissance methods, and make new

connections to expand our body of knowledge. For more information,

contact Tijl Koenderink at .





"Celebrating Individual Creativity: From Inspiration to Application"

15th Annual International Conference on Creativity in Colleges and

Universities - on the campus of Northwood University, Midland,



Global assembly of those who value, teach, and practice Creativity.

The audience will comprise higher-education teachers and creativity

practitioners in both academia and enterprise. See their website for

additional information: 




INVENTION WORKSHOP - Belfast UK - September 24, 2004

A first ever Project Renaissance invention workshop for the UK will take

place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in September 2004. The workshop is

being delivered by Dr. Win Wenger with support from Cora Robinson and

will combine some of the key Project Renaissance Invention processes

with the latest application of Triz to creative problem-solving and



Please contact Cora Robinson, Director of Create Express, for more





TRAINER TRAINING - London UK - September 27-29, 2004

Module 1 of the first ever Project Renaissance Trainer Training is

taking place in London, UK, Sept. 27-29 2004, with the second module

scheduled to run 28 February-2 March 2005. Don't miss this exciting

opportunity to learn directly from the inventor of the methodology.

Places on this programme are very limited, so please contact Cora

Robinson, Director of Create Express, for further information: 





Two of Project Renaissance's key trainers, Michelle James and Cora

Robinson, are combining forces to deliver a series of leading-edge

improvisation and creative problem-solving workshops in Ireland this September.


Please contact Cora Robinson, Director of Create Express, for more information:





13th Annual Conference on Creativity and Accelerated Learning

In the Maryland/Washington, DC area


This year’s theme is the ‘Theory and Practice of Education’. The leading

experts in the field of learning and education will share their

practical success stories and secrets to help you accomplish the same in

your school or classroom. The combination of a member - ship with a

support environment of ‘Progressive Educators’ makes this THE event to

attend. Mark your calendar now. More information is on the website:





The International Alliance for Learning will host a series of conference

calls with leaders in the field of Accelerated Learning, Accelerative

Learning and other areas of human development - leading up to the 2005

IAL International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, January 13-16, 2005.


The first conference calls are:


1. Thursday, June 10, 2004, 7 to 8 PM EST - with Joseph Chilton Pearce

on Fundamental Concepts in Human Development. Joe will be a presenter at

the 2005 IAL conference.


2. Monday, June 14, 2004, 8 to 9 PM EST - with Peter Kline on

Fundamental Principles of Learning and Human Development.


Each conference call will include a 20-minute presentation by the

speaker, with the balance of the hour for questions by participants.

Further information is available from Chuck Bubar:





Feature Article:


                       THE ELUSIVE IMAGE STREAM

                          by Chris Leininger



Are you able to start an image stream on demand?  Prior to the recent

“Beyond-Einstein Training” seminar in Maryland in May 2004, I was not.

Some days I would get a picture, other days a movie, but typically I

would simply be staring at the back of my eyelids waiting for the images

to appear, and often they would not.


During one of the break-out sessions at the seminar, I had the good

fortune of being partnered with an experienced image streamer:  Tijl

Koenderink, Executive Director of Project Renaissance. Insightfully,

Tijl suggested I begin by describing scenes from a previously successful

image stream, even if I currently didn’t see anything. Describing a

previous image came easily to me, and to my surprise the stream of

images began to take form, and I could then pick up where I had left off

in that earlier image stream from weeks before – Wow!


We followed this with the “Over the Wall” procedure (see ) as a second method to trigger an

image stream. Before I could see anything, I began describing a

beautiful garden from a previously successful image stream, and again,

the images began to flow. However, when it came time to jump over the

wall, nothing. So we tried a variation – imagining a door. However, when

I attempted to open the door, I couldn’t. But I did see my first clear

image – a lock (no trouble interpreting this metaphor!). Next I

attempted to look through the window in the door but couldn’t see

through the glass. Then Tijl suggested I try the lock in the door again

in case it had loosened. I was also toimagine that the lock had rusted

and decayed. As I incorporated these suggestions, the lock broke free,

the door opened, and I was on the other side. There another set of

images began to take form.


Anticipating that images would continue to be elusive throughout the

course of the seminar, I decided to incorporate these new discoveries

into a method for beginning my image-streaming sessions. This is known as

"Toolbuilder” (see ). Now I get

images on demand.


Try it and see.... imagine a door with a lock and a window, attempt to

open the door, if the door won’t open turn your focus to the window, try

to look through the window. If you can’t see through the window, imagine

the lock on the door weakening with time and weather, then break the

lock, kick the door open and let the images begin.


One size does not fit all, so you may need to adjust this approach to

trigger your own image stream; however, it worked for me every time

during training and has ever since. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! Perhaps one

day I won’t need it, but for now I have discovered an effective way to

capture the elusive image stream!  


-- Chris Leininger



To send feedback privately to the author, email Chris Leininger at .

To send your comments about this article to The Stream, write to:

To post your feedback or promote a discussion of this topic:   











- Win Wenger ( )


With the vast majority of Project Renaissance procedures, effects are

profoundly better and greater when you are working with a live partner

or partners.  The very means for developing your initially subtler

perceptions into full-blown a-ha!s and understandings is in the

describing aloud in detail TO a live audience WHILE observing and

studying what you are describing. It creates a kind of "psychic

resonance chamber" effect intensifying the experience for all



It improves what you say in these adventures, and it improves how you

hear what you say. It enriches what you are putting out; and it

enriches how you take back in key parts of what you've been putting out.

For some of the significance of that, please see .


You don't have to be an expert in these procedures to set up, and have

remarkable success in, co-exploratory groups. You can aim for fun - you

don't have to be committed to a sacred mission in order to, as an

experiment, launch into a co-exploratorium for an evening or so and see

what comes of it.  


A new effort is being launched to set up such an Exploratorium. This one

is in Los Angeles. Anyone looking for a bit of mind adventure, who lives

Within hooting distance of Los Angeles, please contact Lynda Foster at . Her "Neoteric" website is at .




RUNNING CLOSE TO THE WIRE... - Angus Donald ( )


I was recently musing on why it was and is that some of us, me

particularly, are only motivated to action when the pain is so great 

that there is really no alternative. Take the writing of this comment,

for example – I have been mentally rehearsing it for some time now. The

fact remains that the motivation to write was not strong enough until

just now when I was up against the deadline for submission. So what is

it that triggers some of us at that moment to know that the moment is

right and for the juices to flow creatively?


Of course, I am tremendously lucky because it was about a year ago to

the month that I first came across the concept of “freenoting” from Dr.

Win Wenger. Nevermore should I or anyone I could convert be dogged by

“Writer's block”.


For years I have been concerned when asked to write anything that

nothing I could say in print could possibly be of interest to another. So

unless given a clear topic, I could never think of anything to write about!

(This from one who normally can’t be stopped from talking.) The reality

was that I was just providing myself with an excellent excuse for

inactivity. Excuse there is no more for following the instructions of

getting pen to paper and writing as fast as possible (see ). “Outrunning the editor” provides

results little short of miraculous.


I recently helped a group of business managers who had a target to

submit news editorials on a weekly basis in order to promote their

business and who were feeling incapable of completing the task. I

suggested that they allocate simply 10 minutes of their busy schedule to

shut themselves away with pen and paper where they would not be disturbed

and just write whatever it was that came to mind (I did practically add

“on topic”) and write it as fast as they could. With a warning that the

last few sentences may be the best they have ever written, I suggested

that they should look beyond the first few paragraphs to see what was

there. The results were spectacular – most especially because two

managers in particular had been convinced that they couldn’t write and

the newspaper just loved what they had written and invited them to submit

more regularly.


So maybe it is that some of us just operate best that way when we are

pushed close to the wire – but the thing that I have learned is that it's

all right when you have a strategy for achieving the goal even if the

motivation is pushed by a deadline. Thank you, Win, for your wisdom!

- Angus Donald ( )



To send feedback privately to the author, email Angus Donald at

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To send your comments to The Stream for possible publication here, write







QUESTION QUEST - Real-world solutions to real-world problems


You may use any means for deriving either questions or answers — any of

the creative problem-solving techniques described in the Project

Renaissance website, or other techniques you may know, or even consulting

experts in relevant fields.


Question Quest is being coordinated by Project Renaissance as a public

service and as an exploration into practical applications of creativity.

Please see for a full list of

questions now open to work on. This month's selected question:




                          Question No. 3:


How would one notice that one becomes a genius? What are the physical

and para-physical manifestations by which one's own genius can be seen?


- Mastaky Salim, Belgium ( )




Email your questions and recommended solutions to:  Question Quest

( Please include a note as

to what problem-solving methods, if any, you used in arriving at your

answers. Prizes will be awarded for the successful solutions upon

implementation. Let's make a real difference in the world. New questions

will be posted here and on the website as they are selected.











Our membership is large and diverse, and many of you have expressed an

interest in communicating with other members who share your topic of

concern or research interest. If you'd like us to share your email

address with other interested members, and to supply theirs to you,

please email your name, email address and subject/topic to: .

Your communications will be private. If you'd like to take a topic

public, just post your discussions on Project Renaissance's board:  




One such interest group is the


They are looking for testers to explore accelerative learning through

combining PhotoReading and lucid dreaming to use dream-activated

PhotoRead material to "run a game" scripted off printed material you

looked at subconsciously in reality. They also use Brainwave Generator

software to aid higher chances of lucidity. If you're game for such

experiments, visit their forum at or

contact co-director Young at .





If your email address changes or your email box is full or your spam

filter blocks us, we can't get The Stream to you. Please, before that

happens, make sure you notify us of any change and put on

your safe senders list. Write to:





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