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December 2004 (Best viewed with fixed-width font)






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"Tending Toward the Arts - a Nine-Day Renaissance"

- a proposal by Win Wenger

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Improve Your Test Performance - Win Wenger

Helping Each Other Move Forward? - Win Wenger

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"Vision is the art of seeing things invisible."


- Jonathan Swift









Merry Christmas, everyone! And may your Happy New Year bring you health,

growth, wisdom, and good solutions and resolutions.




WELCOME to all new members who have joined us this month. We hope to

hear from you and to give you much food for thought. Back issues are

available upon request. Just add the month to the subject line:

Or see the online archives:





It has come to our attention that Project Renaissance email addresses, and even, are being stolen

and used for sending spurious email and spam, with possibly virus-ridden

attachments. Please do not open such attachments! Such mail is not from

us. It's regrettable that malicious mischief intrudes in a medium of

communication that should be based on trust.




For some great GIFT IDEAS, visit the book section,








Next High Thinktank Session - Monday, December 20, 2004 - 7:30 pm


Quince Orchard Public Library, Room "A"

15831 Quince Orchard Library

Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878



Directions: From Route 270, take Quince Orchard Road to just beyond

the intersection with Route 28, about four miles or so. Or take Route 28

West about five miles, just barely to Quince Orchard Road left. Either

way, the Library is on your left. Just feet beyond the intersection, look

for the nameless little spur of a road off Quince Orchard which leads

into the Library parking lot. Or go to , type in your

own address including zip code, and type in the Quince Orchard Library's

address, and get directions (and map) from there.


Date/Time: Monday, December 20, 7:30 pm. Try to get there 5-10 minutes

early, to ensure being there on time in finding your way to a new location,

and because this time we will be running some key, important, stuff near

the very beginning of the session. Most months we will be meeting on

Thursday nights instead, but this first session, December 20, will be a

Monday evening.


Session and Topic: The new meeting season starts with a bang "A Third, Major New Avenue to Your Greater, Beyond-Conscious Mind, Its Insights and

Resources." Most of the present methods of Project Renaissance revolve

around either Socratic Method, or Einsteinian Method, or combinations of

both. We now have a third major avenue to work with, possibly as significant

and productive as the first two have been. Be a guinea pig and explore with

us a really hot new method or so. This will be in a problem-solving mode,

so bring with you two or more questions you'd really like to solve or an

area or topic in which you'd really like to figure something out or to

deepen your understanding in. Hot stuff on a cold night enjoy!


Snow is forecast from Sunday into Monday morning, but roads should be

well clear by time of our session Monday night. Keep an eye on things

- the Montgomery County Library system closes if weather conditions are

at all questionable. Phone (240-777-0200) if conditions are in doubt. By

current forecasts, there should be no problem and I look forward to

working with you in new realms of exploration.





The International Alliance for Learning will host a series of conference

calls with leaders in the field of Accelerated Learning, Accelerative

Learning and other areas of human development - leading up to the 2005

IAL International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, January 13-16, 2005.

Further information is available from Chuck Bubar:




Win Wenger is delivering a further UNIQUE TRAINER TRAINING in London, UK


Due to the incredible success of the first-ever Project Renaissance

Trainer Training in London, UK, we are offering a further opportunity

for trainers to attend Module 1 and 2 of Win's unique programme.

Module 1: February 24-26, 2005

Module 2: February 28-March 1, 2005

Venue - The October Gallery, Hoborn, London, UK


Places are very limited and special discounted rates are available until

December 31, 2004. Contact Cora Robinson for further information and






Creativity Workshop Studios

245 East 40th St. 25th floor

New York, New York 10016

Tel: (212) 922-1555

Karen Bell, Administrative Associate

Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel, directors


Early Registration Promotion: With just a $50 deposit you can get $100 off on Summer Creativity Workshops in Europe. Offer expires: January 15, 2005. See their informational website, Road to Creation.


Join Creativity Workshops this summer in Europe in their 12th year of workshops! A wonderful way to learn and travel. Choose one of their workshops (from June through August 2005) in Crete, Florence, Provence, Barcelona, Prague, or Dublin.




Island of Crete June 19-28, 2005

From $1,750 including tuition and accommodations.


Provence June 29-July 8, 2005

From $2,150 including tuition and accommodations.


Florence July 9-18, 2005

From $1,750 including tuition and accommodations.


Barcelona July 19-28, 2005

From $2,300 including tuition and accommodations.


Prague July 28-August 6, 2005

From $2,300 including tuition and accommodations.


Dublin August 6-15, 2005

From $1,850 including tuition and accommodations.




More details on their website, .








Feature Article:




Win Wenger's proposal for

a Nine-Day Renaissance



Some of us have seen Win's poem in Beyond Teaching And Learning, "Pier,"

cited as a protest at the human condition. Few of us have seen this

poem of his, however, which he thought might make an appropriate seasonal item:




December Sun


Sleepy trees in December sun,

Luminous porcelain blue behind -

I hear you settling in.....


Did I only dream you bore

fluttering green,

Gold and green softly sighing?

The taste of sun in the air?


Wet bank, wet mud, wet leaves

Fill the air without ever leaving the ground.

Close in, I see your tops fall away to the sky

Only suntastedreams left behind.


- Win Wenger




A few of us know of Win's involvement with music - some have tuned in

to the excerpt online at from one of his Improvitaped pieces. Fewer of us know, however, of Win's favorite

Project Renaissance workshop to teach: the Nine-Day Renaissance, about

which he writes:


* * *


"The Nine-Day Renaissance, in either art or music, is my very favorite

to teach because it produces such beautiful work. Fun also - some very

beautiful stuff is going on there besides the artwork. Some really

incredible stuff was captured on video during our last such workshop,

in 1984 in Philadelphia - the loss of that video, before we could copy

it or use it, was one of several discouragements, the other being the

sheer logistics of providing for such an experience in the arts for a

group of people over nine days, back when we had no material resources

to speak of, which led to our not conducting that workshop experience



" - But we would very much like to lead such a workshop again! With

multiple videos, CDs, DVDs, etc. We need for this to be sponsored, by

and in the set-up of either a school or department of art or of music.

This workshop would be for training in either music or art, but not

both simultaneously.


"In such a training, we want a broad admixture of participants, including

skilled and creative artists (or musicians), ten-thumbed klutzes and tin

ears, and the variety of levels of skills and backgrounds in-between. And

in any case we want there to be enough interest in music or art to be



For the already-skilled, the emphasis in the training will be mostly on

enhancing creativity. For the initially unskilled majority of us, some

emphasis on skills and techniques will be added, though most such

techniques will be learned directly from the higher-brain beyond-

conscious resources of each participant, rather than formally taught.


"Such an adventure, in either art or music, belongs right alongside our

work in improving intellectual and human abilities and understandings

and, of course, qualities of experience. We see more and more evidence

going by that the arts improve the development of the intellect, and of

intelligence itself. Many of us also know personally that the numinous

and affective qualities of a great piece of music or art are the same

as the numinous and affective qualities which accompany experience of a

great idea or understanding. Modern research is showing that the brain

is physically changed by the experience of great music (and likely also

by great art); that change is seen notably in those areas of the physical

brain most identified with intellectual experience and ability; and that

change is profoundly for the better.


"Action requested: everyone reading this, please contact the music club,

art club, school of music or of art, university department of music or of

art, or conservatory, nearest you on behalf of the possibility of getting

that institution to experimentally host a new version of our "Nine-Day

Renaissance," whether in art or in music. If your connection-making does

result in such an event, you will have re-balanced a huge part of our

effort and thrust toward a more fully human future. (You will also receive

a tuition-free admission for two to this training.) Thank you.

- Win Wenger"


* * *



To send feedback privately to Win Wenger, email him at:

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To post your feedback or promote a discussion of this topic:








Improve Your Test Performance, Especially on Standardized Exams

- Win Wenger ( )

Whether you are in college (GRE's) or in high school (SAT's et al.),

whether you are the student, or someone else is whom you care about -

I hope you will have time to take advantage of these few simple methods,

especially since for several of them you need several months' head start

before your tests. Please see the latest "Winsights" article, posted at .


Most of these procedures are not test-taking techniques - you may need

other sources for that - but help you improve the very qualities and

skills most such tests are supposed to be testing for. Several of them

help you keep your cool DURING the test.


Hoping for your elevated success... - Win Wenger




Helping Each Other Move Forward? - Win Wenger (


We have briefly used a buddy system twice, with good results, when some

members of our workshops wanted to pursue some developmental goals.

People paired with each other by email, announcing their own schedule by which they would be practicing problem-solving by some method or other,

then daily or once per week reporting to their partner what their results were. Some of our members were able to meet high goals this way, using

each other as leverage, where it is unlikely they could have achieved

those goals working alone.


New Year's Resolution time is only a couple of weeks away.


We've a good many tools lying around which could be made the means of one

form or another of significantly positive personal development.


We have not yet formalized a buddy system to facilitate that in a highly

agreeable and efficient way, and one that would be self-motivating. Has

anyone reading this experienced any kind of mutual mentoring or buddy

system in other contexts? Does anyone reading this have ideas for the

highly effective design of such a system?


Does anyone reading this have goals he or she would like to achieve for

which practice of one or more of the Project Renaissance methods would

be helpful?


Please reply to me at ( ),

under the easily spotted heading of "Buddy Goals." Thank you.

- Win Wenger ( )





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Our membership is large and diverse, and many of you have expressed an

interest in communicating with other members who share your topic of

concern or research interest. If you'd like us to share your email

address with other interested members, and to supply theirs to you,

please email your name, email address and subject/topic to:

Your communications will be private. If you'd like to take a topic

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A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, member writes:

I am interested in receiving your handbook of resources and

suggestions/instructions for forming a local thinktank. I am a partner

in a Metaphysical and Spiritual Center (EnerPeace) in Richmond, Virginia.

Our mission is to provide services, spiritual counseling, healing touch,

and classes. I have been planning to start a class on the topics I study,

so I thought your resources might be beneficial. I learned of you a year

and a half ago from one of my partners, who speaks very highly of Image-

Streaming and your work.

- Ralph Poupore ( )


[Editor's Note: Project Renaissance members in the Richmond area might

like to contact Ralph at his email address to explore setting up a local

thinktank in that area, and adding Project Renaissance techniques to the

group's studies.]





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