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March 2005                        (Best viewed with fixed-width font)






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"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer,

it sings because it has a song."

        -- Maya Angelou









WELCOME to all new members who have joined us this month. We hope to

hear from you and to give you much food for thought. Back issues are

available upon request. Just add the month to the subject line:

Or see the online archives:




Our issues for January through April will be appearing out of sequence

till we catch up. Don't miss any of the feature articles in those back

issues. They are always of current interest.




Win Wenger was interviewed on the Genius Catalyst Radio Show with Michael

Neill on March 21, 2005. Subject: The Einstein Factor. You can listen to

a recording of the program online here:




It's not the latest news, but this amazing article was just called to our

attention.  In a finding that eventually could lead to new methods for

treating brain diseases and injuries, Princeton scientists have shown that

new neurons are continually added to the cerebral cortex of adult monkeys.

The discovery reverses a dogma nearly a century old and suggests entirely

new ways of explaining how the mind accomplishes its basic functions, from

problem-solving to learning and memory.


Elizabeth Gould and Charles Gross reported in the October 19, 1999, issue

of Science that the formation of new neurons or nerve cells -- neurogenesis

-- takes place in several regions of the cerebral cortex that are crucial

for cognitive and perceptual functions. Read the full article here:




Ralph Cerchione has founded a blog site - "Future Imperative" - whose

purpose is to explore developing one's abilities from every angle. Check

it out, and participate: .




The Spring 2005 issue of Gifted Education Press Quarterly is now

available. Its publisher, Maurice Fisher, Ph.D., is generously offering

a complimentary copy to teachers and parents and members of Project
Renaissance. Send your request to: For further
information please see their website: .








Beyond-Einstein/Socratic Training (B.E.S.T.)

The full, basic-skills workshop

May 20-22, 2005

Pasadena, Maryland, U.S.A.

Tuition: $495, including all 3 days


Complete details about Beyond-Einstein/Socratic Training 2005 - 

Registration Form (printable) -

Online Registration -

Travel Directions and Lodging -

Register online or use the printable Registration Form to send $495 by

check or credit card number to Project Renaissance, P.O. Box 332,

Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0332 USA.


You may inquire to Win Wenger by phone (301-948-1122) or email

( ) about discounts for spouse,

teachers, students, and corporate associate(s).




High Thinktank Session - May 19, 2995 - 7:30 pm


Quince Orchard Public Library, Room "A"

15831 Quince Orchard Rd.

Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878



Directions:     From Route 270, take Quince Orchard Road to just beyond

the intersection with Route 28, about four miles or so. Or take Route 28

West about five miles, just barely to Quince Orchard Road left. Either

way, the Library is on your left. Just feet beyond the intersection, look

for the nameless little spur of a road off Quince Orchard which leads

into the Library parking lot. Or go to , type in your

own address including zip code, and type in the Quince Orchard Library's

address, and get directions (and map) from there.


For anyone who has any experience at all in some of our techniques, this

"further reaches" session is a must to attend.




UPCOMING PRESENTATIONS - Capitol Creativity Network


The Capitol Creativity Network ( ) meets

on the second Thursday of every month. Time: 7:00-9:30pm. Fee: $10 at the

door. Location: Social Room of Van Ness East apartment complex; 2939 Van

Ness St., NW; Washington, DC.


We explore and experience different facets of creativity - from corporate

to expressive to scientific, etc.  Each meeting is interactive, and

designed to have the participants experience their own creativity in real

time.  CCN's got a little something for every kind of Creator in 2005:


~  May 12: "Embracing the Dark: Violence, Creativity, and Compassion in

America" by Dr. Juliet Bruce, Founder and Director of the Institute for

Transformation through the Arts


~  June 9: "Creativity in Business: Techniques for thinking 'outside the

box' to bring new creative energy to your business endeavors" by Joey

Coleman, Creative Principal of Blue J Marketing & Design.


~  July 14: "Empathic Nature Writing: The Power of Empathic Connections"

by Karen Rugg, President of Karlynne Communications


~  August 11: "Creating Ourselves by Performing Who We are Not"  by Joe

Mancini, Jr., Ph.D., Gestalt Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Creator of

RoundTable Theatre and Liz Birney, Ph.D., business consultant and co-

facilitator of RoundTable Theatre.


~  September 8: "Creative Thinking Techniques"  by Dr. Win Wenger,

Founder and Director of Project Renaissance; author "The Einstein

Factor" and over 40 other books.


~  October 13: "New Working Models: Using storytelling, improv and visual

techniques to extract relevant data and design functional working models"

by Michelle James, Principal of The Center for Creative Emergence;

business creativity catalyst.


~  November 10: "Visual Mapping" by Nusa Maal, President of SenseSmart.


~  December 8: "The  Courage of Your Yearning:  Using the principles of

creativity to create a life lived from your deepest gladness" by Juanita

Weaver, creativity consultant.


Michelle James

The Center for Creative Emergence,

Consciously Creating What's Next

McLean, VA USA






Creativity Workshop Studios

245 East 40th St. 25th floor

New York, New York 10016

Tel: (212) 922-1555

Contact:  Vivian Glusman

Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel, directors


Early Registration Promotion:  With just a $50 deposit you can get $100

off on Summer Creativity Workshops in Europe. Offer expires:  January 15,

2005. See their informational website, Road to Creation.


Join Creativity Workshops this summer in Europe in their 12th year of

workshops! A wonderful way to learn and travel. Choose one of their

workshops (from June through August 2005) in Crete, Florence, Provence,

Barcelona, Prague, or Dublin.




Island of Crete — June 19-28, 2005

From $1,750 including tuition and accommodations.


Provence — June 29-July 8, 2005

From $2,150 including tuition and accommodations.


Florence — July 9-18, 2005

From $1,750 including tuition and accommodations.


Barcelona — July 19-28, 2005

From $2,300 including tuition and accommodations.


Prague — July 28-August 6, 2005

From $2,300 including tuition and accommodations.


Dublin — August 6-15, 2005

From $1,850 including tuition and accommodations.




More details on their website, .








Feature Article:


                            PLANNING A VISION

                      How to use Image-Streaming and

                          Cartoon Storyboarding


                          by Jennifer Haggerty



One thing I have been working on for myself and my clients is to come up

with ways to facilitate goal-setting and planning the steps needed to

meet that goal. A technique I have been working on that fills this role

nicely is a combination of Image-Streaming and Cartoon Storyboard.


Cartoon Storyboard was developed by Jane Henry, of the Open University

Business School in the UK. My introduction to this tool was in a course

titled, “Applied Creative Problem-Solving: Tools for Improving Practice,”

which was taught by Dr. Gerard Puccio of the International Center for

Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College.


This is a tool that will allow you to create a vision and figure out the

steps needed to achieve it. (You do not need to draw to use this tool.)

What you do is, make six boxes and number them. Box number 6 is for your

vision, or desired future state; box number 1 is where you are now. In

boxes 2-5 describe the actions you need to take to get you to your



Use as much detail as possible to identify what will assist you, and what
will get in your way, as you progress through the boxes. Also plan how

you will capitalize on your assets and overcome your challenges. Of

course, if you need more boxes, or need really big ones, that is up to



Using this tool with Image-Streaming ( )

was a very powerful experience. I Imaged my vision, and included

everything in my sixth box, and did the same with the others.


What happened was that I had an extremely clear vision, I was able to

truly identify my current situation, and I was able to identify the steps

I needed to take, and my assistors and resistors.


It took me several days to do this, six in fact, but it was well worth

it. What I ended up with was a clear, attainable goal and a plan to

reach it.

-  Jennifer E. Haggerty [ ]



To send feedback privately to Jennifer Haggerty, email her at:

To send your comments about this article to The Stream, write to:

To post your feedback or promote a discussion of this topic:









Improve Test-Taking - by Win Wenger ( )


For a way to improve test-taking, train the "Calm-Breathing Patterns"
- and - and have

that well-practiced as a pleasure meditation by the time you enter exams.

Also, if possible, practice five minutes of "noise-removal breathing"

just before entering each exam. If you are good at chess or at a computer

game, remember and mentally photograph or anchor a particularly well-

played game where you were very calm, very clear, and everything was

going just right, and recreate that body feeling going into the exam and

at intervals during the exam (see Winsights No. 79 -  - "Improving Your Performance on

Standardized Exams").  Clarity counts for much more than last-minute-

added memorized knowledge.


-  Win Wenger ( )




Improve Memorization - by Win Wenger ( )


For a memorization technique - good mainly only for a short while - try

our STARS method - Spaced-Tape-And-Replay System.  Out of a list of

things to be memorized, record maybe 20-25 at a time.  After each item

recorded, leave a few seconds of blank tape, then record the answer, then

go on to the next item.  Then record the next item.  On playback, the

object of the game(!) is to supply the answer before the tape does.  The

tape's answer then is reinforcement.  By second or third play-through you

should find yourself able to answer nearly all the items successfully.

Any that you didn't get, just pull into the next batch of 20-25 and start

again.  There are many other, much more sophisticated memorization

techniques around, but this can get you by in the short-run.


-  Win Wenger ( )




Make Image-Streaming Mainstream - Steve Hinton ( )


Here's a challenge to use Image-Streaming (IS) to come up with a way to

make the process itself mainstream:


*  Visit via the Beachhead ( ), a place

where IS was mainstream and had fueled a new renaissance, with the

elimination of poverty and environment- and health-detrimental lifestyles.

*  Go around the place, describe it, and then investigate how the place

had developed from what likens the current situation in the world today

to this advanced state.

*  Take from the Image-Stream what you can to come up with concrete

proposals for proponents and practitioners of IS and other related

Socratic techniques.


I'll publish the results on my blog, "Inventing for the sustainable

planet" ( ). Just send the tapescript and

follow-up notes to me. Looking forward to hearing from many of you.


- Steve Hinton ( )

Also visit the website: "A Very Beautiful Place" (  )




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