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April 2005                        (Best viewed with fixed-width font)






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"None of the world's problems will have a solution until the

world's individuals become thoroughly self-educated."

        == R. Buckminster Fuller [1895-1983]










WELCOME to all new members who have joined us this month. We hope to

hear from you and to give you much food for thought. Back issues are

available upon request. Just add the month to the subject line:

Or see the online archives:




Our publication schedule is a bit out of sync. The January, February and

March issues will be mailed retroactively.




Win Wenger was interviewed on the Genius Catalyst Radio Show with Michael

Neill on March 21, 2005. Subject: The Einstein Factor. You can listen to

a recording of the program online here:




FLORIDA MEMBERS' GROUP - We've had several inquiries about forming a

group of interested individuals in the Florida area for get-togethers

and discussions of topics related to Project Renaissance techniques. If

you live in Florida and would like to participate, and have us put you

in touch with other interested members, please email your name, email

address and subject/topic to:




Ralph Cerchione has founded a blog site - "Future Imperative" - whose

purpose is to explore developing one's abilities from every angle. It

will contain links, reviews, articles, opinions, and reports on a vast

range of subjects, including accelerated learning, bio-tech, creative

problem-solving, exercise, cybernetics, humor, longevity, mindtech,

mystic/esoteric, nanotech, self-enhancement, skeptic's perspective,

social issues, superheroes, technology, and more. Check it out here,

and participate:




SIDEBANDS EXPERIMENT - After a recent thinktank's very nice work with

the latest experiment in using Sidebands phenomena as a problem-solving

method, I'm ready to email descriptions and instructions for much of our

new Sidebands work and experimenting done to date, but only to those who

request it. If you'd like a set of this information sent to you, please

email me. I think you'll find some pretty interesting stuff in what we're

ready to send you. Just click on this link:

- Win Wenger ( )









Beyond-Einstein/Socratic Training (B.E.S.T.)

The full, basic-skills workshop

May 20-22, 2005

Pasadena, Maryland, U.S.A.

Tuition: $495, including all 3 days


About Beyond-Einstein/Socratic Training 2005 - click here:

Registration Form (printable) -

Online Registration -

Travel Directions and Lodging -


Register online or use the printable Registration Form to send $495 by

check or credit card number to Project Renaissance, P.O. Box 332,

Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0332 USA.


You may inquire to Win Wenger by phone (301-948-1122) or email

( ) about discounts for spouse,

teachers, students, and corporate associate(s).




Next High Thinktank Session - Thursday, May 19, 2005 - 7:30 pm


Quince Orchard Public Library, Room "A"

15831 Quince Orchard Rd.

Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878



Directions:     From Route 270, take Quince Orchard Road to just beyond

the intersection with Route 28, about four miles or so. Or take Route 28

West about five miles, just barely to Quince Orchard Road left. Either

way, the Library is on your left. Just feet beyond the intersection, look

for the nameless little spur of a road off Quince Orchard which leads

into the Library parking lot. Or go to , type in your

own address including zip code, and type in the Quince Orchard Library's

address, and get directions (and map) from there.


For anyone who has any experience in some of our techniques, this

"further reaches" session is a must to attend.




UPCOMING PRESENTATIONS - Capitol Creativity Network


The Capitol Creativity Network ( ) meets

on the second Thursday of every month. Time: 7:00-9:30pm. Fee: $10 at the

door. Location: Social Room of Van Ness East apartment complex; 2939 Van

Ness St., NW; Washington, DC.


We explore and experience different facets of creativity - from corporate

to expressive to scientific, etc.  Each meeting is interactive, and

designed to have the participants experience their own creativity in real

time.  CCN's got a little something for every kind of Creator in 2005:


~  May 12: "Embracing the Dark: Violence, Creativity, and Compassion in

America" by Dr. Juliet Bruce, Founder and Director of the Institute for

Transformation through the Arts


~  June 9: "Creativity in Business: Techniques for thinking 'outside the

box' to bring new creative energy to your business endeavors" by Joey

Coleman, Creative Principal of Blue J Marketing & Design.


~  July 14: "Empathic Nature Writing: The Power of Empathic Connections"

by Karen Rugg, President of Karlynne Communications


~  August 11: "Creating Ourselves by Performing Who We are Not"  by Joe

Mancini, Jr., Ph.D., Gestalt Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Creator of

RoundTable Theatre and Liz Birney, Ph.D., business consultant and co-

facilitator of RoundTable Theatre.


~  September 8: "Creative Thinking Techniques"  by Dr. Win Wenger,

Founder and Director of Project Renaissance; author "The Einstein

Factor" and over 40 other books.


~  October 13: "New Working Models: Using storytelling, improv and visual

techniques to extract relevant data and design functional working models"

by Michelle James, Principal of The Center for Creative Emergence;

business creativity catalyst.


~  November 10: "Visual Mapping" by Nusa Maal, President of SenseSmart.


~  December 8: "The  Courage of Your Yearning:  Using the principles of

creativity to create a life lived from your deepest gladness" by Juanita

Weaver, creativity consultant.


Michelle James

The Center for Creative Emergence,

Consciously Creating What's Next

McLean, VA USA






Creativity Workshop Studios

245 East 40th St. 25th floor

New York, New York 10016

Tel: (212) 922-1555

Contact:  Vivian Glusman

Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel, directors


Early Registration Promotion:  With just a $50 deposit you can get $100

off on Summer Creativity Workshops in Europe. Offer expires:  January 15,

2005. See their informational website, Road to Creation.


Join Creativity Workshops this summer in Europe in their 12th year of

workshops! A wonderful way to learn and travel. Choose one of their

workshops (from June through August 2005) in Crete, Florence, Provence,

Barcelona, Prague, or Dublin.




Island of Crete — June 19-28, 2005

From $1,750 including tuition and accommodations.


Provence — June 29-July 8, 2005

From $2,150 including tuition and accommodations.


Florence — July 9-18, 2005

From $1,750 including tuition and accommodations.


Barcelona — July 19-28, 2005

From $2,300 including tuition and accommodations.


Prague — July 28-August 6, 2005

From $2,300 including tuition and accommodations.


Dublin — August 6-15, 2005

From $1,850 including tuition and accommodations.




More details on their website,  .








Feature Article:


                         TO TUTOR YOUR CLASSMATES

                   Not for test-taking or memorization,

                  rather for true and deep understanding


                               by Win Wenger



From time to time, Project Renaissance gets inquiries from students about

using our methods to help their fellow students with their studies, for

enhanced and accelerated learning and better understanding of any subject.


At this time we do not yet have official tutors and programs on any

university campus or in any senior high school.  The field is wide open.

You are welcome to use our published procedures as much - or as little -

as you please, within some conditions cited below. Here is a reference

list of the most-recommended procedures, freely given on our website in

easy-to-learn, step-by-step formats. You have an entire curriculum at

your fingertips. And teaching them to others is the surest way to master

them yourself.


It is not necessary for you to be expert in the subjects your classmates

are working on for these techniques to be highly effective. The real

pay-off comes when students develop their own insight instead of

accepting someone else's; and when it's a subject familiar to you, it's

a real temptation to put your own stuff in there as the solution.


Your tutoring other students through various of these procedures, in

various subjects, can only benefit your own powers of understanding in

your own studies as well.



Here are some good starter-up techniques that people find easy to accept:


(1) The various Hot Tips techniques cited at


(2) "Windtunnel," as in the version at Winsights No. 72

    ( ). Instead of a formal problem or

    question, turn the lead into a question about the main key to the

    lesson concerned and proceed from there.


(3) Stress reduction, as in the "Calm-Breathing Patterns" of Winsights

    Nos. 28 and 29 ( and ). See also below for "Removing Blocks."

    Even simple "Relief Breathing" is a good easy quick-starter for felt

    effects which will invite your students to explore further with you.



Main procedures:


(4) Image-Streaming, to build general capability and insightfulness, and

    because specific questions can also be answered by one's own Image-

    Stream.  See for individuals and  for groups.   The links inside

    these articles to other articles will, taken together, give you an

    entire curriculum in a tremendously significant subject.


   (a) A higher than average incidence of students, among those needing

       tutoring, are likely to have initial problems visualizing. Make

       yourself familiar with the back-up procedures in


   (b) Two applications of very special interest in a tutoring context:

       "Build Your Ability to Understand Everything!" in Winsights No. 44

       ( ) and "Predictive Images"

       ( ).


(5) Freenoting ( ), is really an

    extension of "Windtunnel," for at least those of your classmates who

    don't have deep problems with writing.


(6) Socratic method, found in these articles:

    (a) Winsights No. 33, "Add Depth and Richness to Every Facet of Our

        Mutual Lives" ( )

    (b) "Feeding the Loop" ( )

    (c) Winsights Nos. 52, 55, 56, 57, 63, 72.  Also, regarding other

        aspects of remediation, Winsights Nos. 71, 73 and 77.)




Removing Blocks:


Some of your classmates will complain about being "blocked" in math or

history or whatever. Once the "Calm-Breathing Patterns" (above) and, in

particular, the pattern called "Noise-Removal Breathing," have been well

learned and practiced:


*  Have the students visualize the "blocked" subject in an open-close form

such as the textbook which can open and close, or the classroom door, or

the instrument case, etc. Have them see it as closed.


*  Have them stare at that object and let themselves feel all the negative

feelings associated with it. As the breathing takes hold, let them have

themselves feel those feelings fully and even exaggerate them to expose

them fully to each "noise-removing" breath, using those feelings up as
rapidly as their breath can carry them away.


*  Only when all those feelings are converted (see the original Noise-

Removing exercise) will the image open. Only let it open spontaneously in

the vision, don't make it open.


*  Once it is open, the student is to "go in and play."


*  Once it is remaining open, and the student is amidst play therein,

have them also breathe for several minutes in the deliciousness or

satisfaction patterns, awareness still fully on the stimulus, to complete

the job of reconditioning what had once been a blocked subject.


*  In real-time, as soon as possible, have the student into the subject

in actuality, enjoying it. The whole process may take 15 minutes, or it

may take several hour-long sessions, or something in-between. Don't be

too surprised if the student turns out to have a gifted knack in the

subject that had been "blocked." We don't experience "blocks" in subjects

for which we have no aptitude - we usually don't involve with those

subjects enough to be blocked.  We get blocks in performance areas where

we had a strong need or a strong aptitude or a strong interest and then

had gotten frustrated.



Minimum Intervention:


While sometimes it's needful to take a strong, definite hand, like that

to ride a horse: most of the time it's better, especially in building a

Socratic relationship, to cultivate the art and the science of making the

minimum intervention that gets the job done.  I would like to encourage

you to do this.  I would like you to keep this minimum-intervention

principle in the back of your mind while familiarizing yourself with some

of our articles related to modern Socratic Method.



Acknowledging the source:


We will appreciate your letting people know where these techniques come

from and how to contact their source, Project Renaissance. We would even

be interested in developing and advancing your status toward possibly

becoming one of our official trainers or representatives, and possibly

heading up a program and team on your campus. Until you have earned such

a status from us formally, however, please do not represent yourself as

one of our trainers or as representing our program on campus: only that

you are using our methods. Our conditions for becoming an official

trainer are listed here: . 



To send feedback privately to Win Wenger, email him at:

To send your comments about this article to The Stream, write to:  

To post your feedback or promote a discussion of this topic:









A New Service Comparing Schools - by Win Wenger ( )


Standard & Poor's has developed a new and totally accessible-to-parents

service comparing all schools, from county to county in every state, in

much the same level of detail as it has long been providing to investors

about Fortune 500 companies.


Yes, this throws yet a little more weight onto the standardized tests

that educators rightfully complain not only tell a somewhat misleading

story but damage education by inducing schools and teachers to "teach to

the tests" instead of building skills and understanding. However, a lot

of the data looks useful to parents (and to realtors) in making choices

where best to send their child.  You might want to take a good look at,

and even bookmark, this service, at , to

learn more about educational conditions immediately around you than you

might have thought you had known.

-  Win Wenger ( )




EASY GENIUS: Awakening Your Whole Brain to Build a More Powerful Memory

( )

by Chance Massaro and Steve Wallis is as innovative as it is accessible,

using color screens to distinguish different sections on a page so

readers can easily jump to the most useful and interesting parts. The

authors have used the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

and developed a process to make books more readable. It’s kind of a

“book for people who don’t like to read books.” Despite the huge content,

this book has only 80 pages. The Easy Genius layout (Patent Pending)

represents a revolutionary improvement in readability.


Going beyond the five senses, Easy Genius gently analyzes five cognitive

styles, many motivational types, and ten intelligences that incorporate

many other learning techniques: musical, visual-spatial, mathematical,

linguistic, and interpersonal, to name a few.


This book will benefit thinkers who want to be more creative, managers

who want to absorb more, students who want to study less, and the elderly

who want to enhance mental vigor. Finally, this book will help everyone

learn more about themselves and one another. Read Easy Genius to build

brilliance, memory, and motivation; save time, and have fun! More

information on their website,

- Steve Wallis ( )





Has anyone else experienced this - Applying Image-Streaming tools (Over

the Wall, etc.) to problems like "How can I earn more money" yields far

less rich, appealing results than questions about "growing food in the

desert"? In fact, the majority of insights gained around that kind of

question show solutions where people work together. I would venture that

we evolved as tribal or group beings and our orientation is towards

solving problems together.


A documentation of my own image-streaming sessions on this theme can be

found at Inventing for the Sustainable Planet ( ).

Click on "The point of this blog" or go straight to here:


- Steve Hinton ( )

Also visit the website: "A Very Beautiful Place" ( )





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