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"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny little

matters compared to what lies within us."

                               - Ralph Waldo Emerson









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Hi, this is Win Wenger, in need of some help. I've improvitaped quite a

bit of music, much more than I'll ever manage to transcribe into playable

manuscripts at my current speed of writing. I've selected perhaps four

hours' worth of pretty special pieces I'd love to bring the rest of the

way into the world. Doesn't have to be all four hours' worth at once;

I've prioritized these and, frankly, will be ecstatic to get even just

one particular 20-minute piece (for piano and strings) written out.

Probably entails two drafts - my tinkering after the first draft.


The mode is classical and light classical, with just the lightest touches

of 20th Century here and there, sitting very pleasantly on the ear.

Except for one entirely piano work, it rarely goes more than four parts

at a time, and both harmonies and rhythms are likewise fairly easy to

handle. Not virtuoso. Please specify whether audio tape or CD, and your

ground delivery address where to send it. Email to: 

Win Wenger ( )

Thank you.




Rick van Deijk has created an online community/forum, "IS Online", with

write-ups of his image-streams, articles, and a way for people to find

live partners online. Quite an ambitious undertaking. Thanks, Rick! His

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We explore and experience different facets of creativity, from corporate

to expressive to scientific, etc.  Each meeting is interactive, and

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~  September 8: "Creative Thinking Techniques"  by Dr. Win Wenger,

Founder and Director of Project Renaissance; author "The Einstein

Factor" and over 40 other books.


~  October 13: "New Working Models: Using storytelling, improv and visual

techniques to extract relevant data and design functional working models"

by Michelle James, Principal of The Center for Creative Emergence;

business creativity catalyst.


~  November 10: "Visual Mapping" by Nusa Maal, President of SenseSmart.


~  December 8: "The  Courage of Your Yearning:  Using the principles of

creativity to create a life lived from your deepest gladness" by Juanita

Weaver, creativity consultant.


Michelle James

The Center for Creative Emergence,

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August 26 - October 7


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This program is for entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, consultants,

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seekers, creators, artists, healers, psychologists, teachers, sales and

marketing professionals, pioneers, change agents and people in transition,

to name a few. It is for people who believe they are not creative at all

as well as those who are already highly in tune with their own creativity.





Academy for Integrative Communication

Bernd Isert, President ( )


*  13th World Campus in Brazil, February 5th to 24th, 2006


Personal and professional development, with professional coaching,

NLP from practitioner to trainer, systemic structural constellation

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Feature Article:



                          BEFORE GETTING BORN


                             by Win Wenger



This is a speculation, but I think I may know why human gestation, 30,000

to 60,000 years ago, increased from seven months long to nine months long. 


Yes, there are numerous advantages to leaving the cookies in the oven a

little longer, but one remarkable consequence is that seven-eighths of

the brain cells you had at seven months in the womb are dead and gone by

the time you are born.


(The figure admitted to at the time I wrote my article, "The Pre-Natal

Curriculum," Winsights No. 45 ( ),

was the one I used: "over half" of the braincells alive at seven months

are dead and gone by time of birth. Only later did the data develop,

according to the researchers, that the mortality figure for braincells

in the seventh month was seven-eighths dead and gone by time of birth.)


That is an enormous biological investment, just thrown away.  "Nature's

way of pruning things down," researchers say.


* Why did those die?

    - Well, they weren't used.


* If they had been used, they'd still be alive?

    - Probably.


* If they had been used and still alive, they would be useful?

    - Certainly, useful in that they were still around for that reason

they'd be recruited into at least some of the things that are going on.

But nature prunes down what's not needed, and those weren't needed.




That was something of why I wrote Winsights No. 45, proposing in "The

Pre-Natal Curriculum" easy ways to provide the fetus consistent feedback

on some of its actions while in the womb, so it would develop some sense

of control over aspects of its environment and develop its brain

accordingly. This was and is a far stronger way of engaging its brain

than just the pre-natal stimulation that has become popular in some

quarters and which is certainly better than nothing. 


All things considered, to throw away seven-eighths of the brain seems

remarkable. That proliferation of brain cells in the first place is an

enormous biological investment. That peak comes at the seventh month

because, for a long time through human pre-history, that was how long

it took before humans got born. We were designed so we'd born with a

maximum of brain cells with which to encounter the world. Then something

drastic must have changed. 


Why we changed from seven to nine months:


There were and are a lot of advantages to extending the period of human

pregnancy, but enough to offset losing seven-eighths of your brain? 

There had to be a major bioevolutionary driver, a powerful survival

advantage for babies kept longer before being born.


I think we are looking at the immune system here, and in a specific way.


This was also about the same time in pre-history that humans started

living in larger tribal groupings and began some trade and commerce and

intermarriage (exogamy) between those larger tribal groups. The colds

and diseases of the rare individual more and more became the common

property of all. We see this effect today, when small groups of people

are isolated for a long time by extremes of weather or geography. First

thing that happens when they rejoin larger society again is that they

all catch colds. Their immune systems have to catch up on what's been

going on.


Before people started mingling on a larger scale, the incidence of colds

and diseases had to be very low. A baby whose immune system was as yet

immature had a very good chance of coasting on immunities in its mother's

milk while its immune system developed for the first few months after

birth, without encountering any disease bacteria or viruses. There was

no great pressure or premium for survival on having a matured immune

system until some months past birth.


Once people were mingling on a large scale and transmitting their

diseases around, that changed. A lot of newborns must have died,

throwing unusual survival advantage to the freakish few who took a

little longer to get born, who had their immune systems much better

developed by the time they had to face the world. And so here we are.


Yes, there are other advantages - sturdier respiratory system for one

thing for the full-term nine-monther; better temperature control, other

things. The immune system of the seven-month preemie is still challenged.

Also, after 30-60,000 years of enjoying those two extra months, we've

accumulated a lot of "gotten-bys" which would be hard to do without any

more, it seems unlikely we could go back to a seven-month gestation

without a lot of casualties, and the hardship which a preemie birth now

entails seems more than enough to make up for whatever brain advantages

might once have pertained to being born in the seventh month.


Yet we've paid quite a price for those advantages, such as they are, of

going for the full nine months. We pretty well have to keep the full

nine months of full-term pregnancies. Do we have to pay all of that

price for it? Do we have to lose all that seven-eighths of our brains? 

I don't think we have a choice in the length of pregnancies, but I

think we do have some choice in terms of how much brain we (at least

our children and grandchildren) get to keep.


- Win Wenger ( )



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MORE ABOUT NEW NEURONS - Lyelle L. Palmer, Ph.D. ( )


As cited in The Stream, March 2005:

"Elizabeth Gould and Charles Gross reported in the October 19, 1999,

issue of Science that the formation of new neurons or nerve cells --

neurogenesis -- takes place in several regions of the cerebral cortex

that are crucial for cognitive and perceptual functions. Read the full

article here: ."


The argument about the presence of "new" neurons will go on because

some scientists have not been able to verify them. Random notes: 


1.  The science of human improvement following birth is called Euphenics

(do a websearch).


2.  IQ worldwide gained about 30 points (2 standard deviations) during

the 20th century--because more people learned to read and two world wars

brought more people in touch with higher technologies and new ideas;

we can expect that IQ will continue to rise in the 21st century.


3.  IQ tests must be re-calibrated every 20 years or so because the

scores keep rising and the standardizations become obsolete.


4.  Whether or not "new" neurons are formed is not so important. So many

neurons in the brain are not yet connected and are available for

connection following systematic stimulation that "new" neurons are



5.  The article in Scientific American about a year ago on the topic of

glia had an imbedded one-sentence bomb-shell:  when neurons were

stimulated continuously for 15 seconds or more, the surrounding glia

became electrically charged/activated. Think of the implications for

sensory stimulation and cognitive stimulation:  concentrating/keeping

in mind/focusing for 15 seconds or more activates glia. What other

amazing features of brain stimulation are yet to be discovered? What

might be the role of glia in memory?


6.  New abilities can now be our focus. Shichida in Japan has been

conducting infant and childhood stimulation for years now with success

in the following areas by using mother coaches (a long-time Japanese


a.  Photographic memory through eidetic imagery light stimulation

producing abilities to review pages of print;

b.  Perfect pitch

c.  Early multiple languages

d.  Quick subconscious calculation of huge numbers

e.  Instant quantity recognition

f.  Visualized memory hooks to 100 (1 = sun, 2 = shoe, 3 = tree, etc.)

g.  Photographic speed reading

and more. He calls these abilities "right-brain" abilities - interesting.

His son runs more than 70 Shichida centers for training mothers in this



We know that some persons have special talents/abilities of telepathy,

premonition, healing, etc. Will we eventually be able to train/stimulate

these abilties as "natural" abilities?


We say that the purpose of the brain is to adapt the organism to the

environment, to sense, to organize and to produce actions for survival.

We now extend these concepts to produce actions, "to thrive" and "to

improve the world."


Gerald Bracy in the latest Phi Delta Kappan points out that there are

many more jobs to do in the world at the local service level than jobs

that require a lot of education. Most of us are consumers, not inventors,

engineers, scientists, etc.  We need a few people with passionate

curiosity to create the new world; but for the rest of us, we need to

be able to "operate" the world with compassion and justice. What kind

of brain abilities are needed for operation purposes? 


What are the new necessities?  Are they food (solve hunger), clothing

(recycle), shelter (provide economic justice), energy (with controllable

pollution), education and entertainment (provide schooling), work

(honorable and respected) and justice (corruption must go, must be

exposed, must be condemned with transparency of transactions and

taxation)? All must be handled locally, beginning at home.


On another angle: 


*  Accelerated Learning has for years used certain music to enhance the

reception and acquisition abilities of the brain.


*  Georgi Lozanov did the first studies with Evalena Gateva, who wrote

her dissertation on the measured effects of art on brain changes.


*  Gordon Shaw, Ph.D. Theoretical Physicist, who worked with Frances

Rauscher on the Mozart Effect, died in May 2005 at age 72 of cancer.

Shaw started the MIND Institute - treat yourself to a visit



- Lyelle L. Palmer, Ph.D.  ( )


Research Scientist, Early Childhood Brain Stimulation, Minnesota

   Learning Resource Center

Professor Emeritus, Special Education (Learning Disabilities and

   Accelerated Learning), Winona State University, Winona, MN

Editor, Journal of Accelerative Learning & Teaching




Addendum from Win Wenger:

Are there any volunteers with some appropriate competencies to find out

as much as they can about this work? Please email your interest in this

research to .






The hypothalamus is involved in manufacturing Nerve Growth Factor

throughout life. Just as your image-streaming helps grow new connections

and glial cells, I have an idea how to increase brain cells using the

subconcious mind. I have a technique that I developed. It may seem off-

the-wall, but I've noticed a dramatic change in my life on trying it.

If many others might benefit from this, it would be an awesome thing to

look at in more detail:


1.  Go to a mirror and picture your brain behind your eyes and inside

your head. Actually see the flashes of the electrical impulses. Then

picture a sudden increase in this lightning! Say to yourself and close

your eyes that this sudden increase is the result of adding billions of

new neurons and glial cells as well a trillion new connections daily.


2.  Say to yourself that your subconscious and your conscious minds are

becoming one. Lastly, picture your head expanding to allow this growth.

Repeat these sayings and visualizations before going to bed and before

rising each morning. Be patient and have faith and it'll happen.


3.  No need to be mediocre any longer. Picture yourself already having

the mind of a genius. The biggest and most celebrated brain in the world

is already yours, and it shall eventually come to be. Don't be surprised

if you find yourself having to dramatically increase the amount you eat

in order to meet the energy demands of the additional brain power. The

more real and the more senses involved, the more rapidly it will come


- (This contributor wishes to remain anonymous)






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