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Newsletter of Project Renaissance and Win Wenger


August 2005                        (Best viewed with fixed-width font)






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"Truth does not change because it is, or is not, believed by a majority

of the people."

             - Giordano Bruno {1548-1600), Italian Philosopher









WELCOME to all new members who have joined us this month. We hope to

hear from you and to give you much food for thought. Back issues are

available upon request. Just add the month to the subject line:

Or see the online archives:




IMAGE-STREAMERS' BUDDY SYSTEM - proposed by Brian Theado, who is also

willing to host the program. The idea is that participants pair up and

email each other about once a week on their respective progress and

experiences, encouraging each other and keeping each other on target

toward their development goals. If you'd like to participate and find

a "buddy", email your interest to: 

- Brian_Theado ( )



Addendum from Win Wenger:

For more than thirty years I've observed in all capacities the profound

difference - in the outcome of our own and other similar methods -

between working alone, even with a tape recorder, and working with a

live partner. Reporting to another person makes all the difference.

Brian has opened a huge opportunity for us, and for you. Seize

advantage of it!!!

- Win Wenger ( )





We're looking for a core group of 30-40 committed participants to

explore and experiment with new mind-development techniques. This team

would be the only ones privy to the various synergistic experiments

offered and would be eligible to learn the results at the conclusion of

the program. They'd get to see the scripted instructions for various

experiments, in return for committing to perform 2-3 of them and then

detailing to us their observations and reactions. Be on the cutting edge

of the creativity and brain-building field. No previous experience is

required. To sign up for this team, email your name, address, goal and

interest to:  Win Wenger ( )





Members in the Bay of Bengal area of India interested in meeting with

other members and practising Image-Streaming, please contact by email

to: Kesava Prasaad ( ).





I am keen to setup an image streaming/high think tank group in

Melbourne, Australia. Please email me if you are in the area and

interested in playing:  Rod Sherwin ( )





Looking for participants for a weekly practice group. Anyone from New

York City wanting to practice some of the techniques posted here and

others as well are welcome. Both newcomers and advanced practitioners

of hypnosis, NLP, and somatics, please join us. Contact Joel

( )



I am located in Jersey, but am more-than-willing to travel.  I have

practiced ISing and similar procedures for a few months, but have yet

to experiment with a live listener(s). Feel free to contact me. 

Saltman ( )





I would like to connect with others in the Pasadena, CA, area who are

experienced in Image-Streaming. I am still new at it and my only

experience has been with the cassette tape, though I've had one
excellent answer! I am in Duarte, CA, and work in Santa Ana.  If you
have a group that meets or are a single practitioner of Image-Streaming,
and would like to work together, send me an email.
Jim ( )





I live in "Het Westland, Holland" and would like to Image-Stream with

others from the region of Randstad. Also, I am interested in the topical

interest groups. Not so much for a particular area of research, but for

a more general interest in creative problem solving. Please email to

Rick van Deijk ( )




Rick van Deijk has created an online community/forum, "IS Online", with

write-ups of his image-streams, articles, and a way for people to find

live partners online. Quite an ambitious undertaking. Thanks, Rick! His

email is ; his website is at










Thursday, 7:30 pm, September 15

Thursday, 7:30 pm, October 20

*TUESDAY, 7:30 pm, November 22

Thursday, 7:30 pm, December 8

Thursday, 7:30 pm, January 5

Thursday, 7:30 pm, February 9

Thursday, 7:30 pm, March 9

Thursday, 7:30 pm, April 13

Thursday, 7:30 pm, May 4

Thursday, 7:30 pm, June 1


Quince Orchard Public Library, Room "A"

15831 Quince Orchard Rd.

Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878



Directions:     From Route 270, take Quince Orchard Road to just beyond

the intersection with Route 28, about four miles or so. Or take Route 28

West about five miles, just barely to Quince Orchard Road left. Either

way, the Library is on your left. Just feet beyond the intersection,

look for the nameless little spur of a road off Quince Orchard which

leads into the Library parking lot. Or go to , type in

your own address including zip code, and type in the Quince Orchard

Library's address, and get directions (and map) from there.


* Please note the one exception to Thursday meetings.





October 14-16, 2005 - Wilmington, Delaware

Invaluable PhotoReading skills taught. Our own Win Wenger strongly

endorses PhotoReading and, indeed, all the work of Paul Scheele that he

has thus far examined. For more information about this Workshop, click on . Or

phone expert PhotoReading coach, Mr. Dana Hanson, at 800-735-8273.




UPCOMING PRESENTATIONS - Capitol Creativity Network


The Capitol Creativity Network ( ) meets

on the second Thursday of every month. Time: 7:00-9:30pm. Fee: $10 at

the door. Location: Social Room of Van Ness East apartment complex;

2939 Van Ness St., NW; Washington, DC.


We explore and experience different facets of creativity, from corporate

to expressive to scientific, etc.  Each meeting is interactive, and

designed to have the participants experience their own creativity in

real time. CCN's got a little something for every kind of Creator in



~  September 8: "Creative Thinking Techniques"  by Dr. Win Wenger,

Founder and Director of Project Renaissance; author "The Einstein

Factor" and over 40 other books.


~  October 13: "New Working Models: Using storytelling, improv and visual

techniques to extract relevant data and design functional working models"

by Michelle James, Principal of The Center for Creative Emergence;

business creativity catalyst.


~  November 10: "Visual Mapping" by Nusa Maal, President of SenseSmart.


~  December 8: "The  Courage of Your Yearning:  Using the principles of

creativity to create a life lived from your deepest gladness" by Juanita

Weaver, creativity consultant.


Michelle James

The Center for Creative Emergence,

Consciously Creating What's Next

McLean, VA USA






August 26 - October 7


Your Work, Business, and Leadership as a Practical Expression of

   Your Creative Self

A professional and personal development program spanning 6 weeks. Led by

Michelle James, Principal of The Center for Creative Emergence. See

for the complete program description and detailed testimonials.


This program is for entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, consultants,

trainers, educators, executives, business owners, thought influencers,

seekers, creators, artists, healers, psychologists, teachers, sales and

marketing professionals, pioneers, change agents and people in transition,

to name a few. It is for people who believe they are not creative at all

as well as those who are already highly in tune with their own creativity.





Academy for Integrative Communication

Bernd Isert, President ( )


*  13th World Campus in Brazil, February 5th to 24th, 2006


Personal and professional development, with professional coaching,

NLP from practitioner to trainer, systemic structural constellation

work, hypnotherapy, mediation, and much more. Our approach is systemic,

neuro-linguistic and integrative. Here learning, experiencing, joie de

vivre and international encounters all belong to a greater whole.

Visit our English website here:

And see photo galleries of last year's events in Hungary and Brasil:





March 31-April 2 weekend, 2006. Beginning 9:00 a.m. Friday, March 31.

Where: Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., specifics to be announced.

Tuition: Only $395 for this initial offering, less various discounts.
Inquire to

Condensed into an impactful Friday, Saturday and Sunday

An Adventure in Inventing....more details coming to the website.






Feature Article:





                                by Win Wenger



While some of the tens of thousands of things going on in your mind but

outside your focus are trivial and unrelated, many others definitely are

neither trivial nor unrelated and, when examined, prove to be a very

powerful part of our thinking and perceiving. We just hadn’t been noticing

them. When noticed, and examined, they are proving to be quite useful

— indeed, quite powerfully useful.


These are the "Sidebands" of your awareness, a rich and fertile source,

a veritable motherlode of valuable information. Now we are examining

several strategies for capturing or eliciting some of these “Sidebands”

of ongoing aswareness.


What's so beautiful about "Sidebands" is that almost ANYthing you do in

reference to something, and then are alert for relevant perceptions to

come into focus of awareness during discrete times afterward, will have

something of this effect. This whole thing is getting so very simple that

it's beyond belief.


One of our more successful experiments with this is simply to write a

problem statement, question, or matter you want to understand, and WHILE

writing it pay attention to and note down your sidebands, your secondary

awarenesses and associations relating to the matter. Then change your

handwriting - block print is the way we ran the second part - the same

statement and even the same wording - and again record what comes up for

you this time when you do so. Then a third cut with the same statement

or question in the same words but with an exotic handwriting very

different from yours, and again record the new secondaries that come up.

(Other ways to vary the "medium" would be with differently colored

paper, differently colored ink, lined and unlined and graph paper,

different formats on your computer.) Then LOOK at one of your written

pieces, notice the further sidebands; look at your next written variant

and again notice the different STYLE of secondaries which are coming up

for you on it, and then the third.


As simple as that - try it and you will generate major new insights you

never had before. That easily. 


And almost ANYthing you do, in context of the question or issue, while

staying alert for a discrete interval of time for such sidebands or

relevant secondaries to emerge for you, will bring into your conscious

focus such insights! Unbelievably simple! Everyone reading this: you

are missing something great if you don't try this, simple as it is,

easy as it is. 


This is so COUNTER to how we were raised to think of thinking, to think

of grit-your-teeth mental effort, to think of the great and extraordinary

suffer-suffer effort of somehow being a genius, something only a very few

mysteriously could do and the rest of us moping around in outer darkness.


Hey: it takes only a few minutes; try this utter simplicity, stand for a

minute in the sunlight of your own mind, and wonder how we could have

missed something this major and this simple all these centuries...


- Win Wenger ( )


Editor's Note:  A detailed description/analysis of Sidebands is being

prepared and will be added to the website soon.



To send feedback privately to Win Wenger, email him at:

To send your comments about this article to The Stream, write to:

To post your feedback or promote a discussion of this topic:










"Beachhead" is now also known as "Base Camp," a name more in keeping

with the peaceful entry and exploration of a high civilization, and with

climbing heights, as with a tall mountain. It is still the concept of

getting to an advanced civilization and establishing a familiar basing

point and reference point within that imagined(?) high civilization.

Then you can go there instantly and repeatedly, and explore further

aspects of it. With the widest possible variety and range of people,

"Beachhead" by any name has proven powerfully productive of inventions,

discoveries, and of ingenious answers to various problems. 


There are about twenty different forms of "Beachhead." The main basic

one is published in the book, "Discovering The Obvious" (which also has

several other, further forms), and also free on the Project Renaissance

website at . "Toolbuilder" next to

that in the website ( ) is a good

example of another form of "Beachhead," tailored to inventing new methods

of learning, teaching, and training.


If these methods were locked up behind Pentagon doors and stamped

"Absolute Top Secret," I think millions of people would be beating at

those doors - and rightly so, because all these methods provide ways for

each person to draw upon his or her own birthright resources. Nothing

should be allowed to stand in the way of that.


Well, it's too late now to stamp these unlimited high-resource avenues -

ImageStreaming, Beachhead and Toolbuilder - top secret. We have to think

of another way to get the good word out. I very much hope each of you -

many of you - will rise to this challenge posed us by Steve Hinton's

initiative first published in The Stream (March 2005) and reproduced

below, and forward the results to Steve at , and

to me at . Thousands of you, readers of The Stream,

have received this invitation. If even a hundred of us, or if even a

dozen of us, seek through the instructions at "Beachhead"

( ) to see what our high resources

can discover for us, I think we might see the world go through a much-

needed transformation. I will look for your answers - and mine - at .  Thank you very much.

- Win Wenger ( ) 




[Reproduced here for your immediate information from the March 2005 issue

of The Stream - ed.]


Make Image-Streaming Mainstream - Steve Hinton ( )


Here's a challenge to use Image-Streaming (IS) to come up with a way to

make the process itself mainstream:


*  Visit via the Beachhead ( ), a place

where IS was mainstream and had fueled a new renaissance, with the

elimination of poverty and environment- and health-detrimental lifestyles.

*  Go around the place, describe it, and then investigate how the place

had developed from what likens the current situation in the world today

to this advanced state.

*  Take from the Image-Stream what you can to come up with concrete

proposals for proponents and practitioners of Image-Streaming and other

related Socratic techniques.


I'll publish the results on my blog, "Inventing for the sustainable

planet" ( ). Just send the tapescript and

follow-up notes to me. Looking forward to hearing from many of you.


- Steve Hinton ( )

Also visit the website: "A Very Beautiful Place" ( )





When first establishing a way of get your perceptions from "here" to

"there" (the advanced civilization visited with the Beachhead process),

any vehicle will do. Some people have used Star Trek transporters; I

imagine some in recent years have started to use Go'uld transport rings.

Several times I've taught it as a long bus ride and pulling up to a dock

in the target civilization. People going for technological gadgets seemed

most comfortable and productive with an elevator, while it was easier on

the whole to get people generally going in such an experience by having

the visited civilization on the other side of a garden wall in the "Over-

the-Wall" format. I really like Paul Kenny's invention and use of Wisdom

Mirror visualizations, the ease and focus of the Mirror. Visit Paul's

website, and contact him by email at .






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