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November 2005 (Best viewed with fixed-width font)






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Sing-Song Technique for Learning Foreign Languages

- Mastaky Salim

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Tom Kuby on growth tools

Rich Watson on when images don't make sense

Win Wenger replies to Rich Watson's question

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From our Infamous Last Words collection:


"Everything that can be invented has been invented."

-- Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. Office of Patents, 1899









WELCOME to all new members who have joined us this month. We hope to

hear from you and to give you much food for thought. Back issues are

available upon request. Just add the month to the subject line:

Or see the online archives:



IMAGE-STREAMERS' BUDDY SYSTEM - hosted by Brian Theado. Participants

pair up and email each other about once a week on their respective

progress and experiences, encouraging each other and keeping each other

on target toward their development goals. If you'd like to participate

and find a "buddy", email your interest to:

- Brian_Theado ( )


Win Wenger says: I most profoundly encourage you to become part of the

Image-Streamers' Buddy System. You will expand your gains tenfold, in

some instances a hundred-fold. Such an easy way to win so much effect,

and your doing so also helps another to do so. Go for it.

...Win ( )





We're looking for a core group of 30-40 committed participants to

explore and experiment with new mind-development techniques. This team

would be the only ones privy to the various synergistic experiments

offered and would be eligible to learn the results at the conclusion of

the program. They'd get to see the scripted instructions for various

experiments, in return for committing to perform 2-3 of them and then

detailing to us their observations and reactions. Be on the cutting edge

of the creativity and brain-building field. No previous experience is

required. To sign up for this team, email your name, address, goal and

interest to: Win Wenger ( )





Jacob Morrow ( ) is interested in people who

currently have or would like to start an Image-Streaming group in the

San Diego area. Please email him if you're interested.




Sean Collins offers Win Wenger's Beyond OK as a 6-week home-study

course, sections delivered once each week. Available as basic text only,

or a complete text plus audio (mp3 or wma format) downloadable program.

See details on Sean's website, .

This package makes a great holiday gift, too.




Steve Hinton ( ) publishes a blog, "Inventing for

the sustainable planet" (
through-looking-glass.html ), including transcripts of Image-Streaming

and the Beachhead process (recently renamed Base Camp) for finding

solutions and inventions. Also visit Steve's website: "A Very Beautiful

Place" at




Ralph Cerchione ( ) has a blog, "Future Imperative",

With a broad look at human enhancement, from gene therapy to accelerated

learning, from neural implants to smart drugs, from posthuman evolution

to the wildest flights of human imagination. Check it out here:





A thriving high thinktank group meets once a month in Melbourne,

Australia. The purpose of the group is to initially build our individual

mastery of the Project Renaissance techniques and then apply these

skills to individual, community and larger issues. Meeting dates:

24 November, 2005

15 December, 2005

For more information: Rod Sherwin ( )










Thursday, 7:30 pm, December 8

Thursday, 7:30 pm, January 5

Thursday, 7:30 pm, February 9

Thursday, 7:30 pm, March 9

Thursday, 7:30 pm, April 13

Thursday, 7:30 pm, May 4

Thursday, 7:30 pm, June 1


Quince Orchard Public Library, Room "A"

15831 Quince Orchard Rd.

Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878



Directions: From Route 270, take Quince Orchard Road to just beyond

the intersection with Route 28, about four miles or so. Or take Route 28

West about five miles, just barely to Quince Orchard Road left. Either

way, the Library is on your left. Just feet beyond the intersection,

look for the nameless little spur of a road off Quince Orchard which

leads into the Library parking lot. Or go to , type in

your own address including zip code, and type in the Quince Orchard

Library's address, and get directions (and map) from there.






Capitol Creativity Network:


The Capitol Creativity Network ( ) meets

on the second Thursday of every month. Time: 7:00-9:30pm. Fee: $10 at

the door. Location: Social Room of Van Ness East apartment complex;

2939 Van Ness St., NW; Washington, DC.


We explore and experience different facets of creativity, from corporate

to expressive to scientific, etc. Each meeting is interactive, and

designed to have the participants experience their own creativity in

real time. CCN's got a little something for every kind of Creator:


- December 8, 2005: "The Courage of Your Yearning: Using the

principles of creativity to create a life lived from your deepest

gladness" by Juanita Weaver, creativity consultant.




The Center for Creative Emergence Programs:


- Tuesday, December 20, 2005: "The Power of Being Present"

9:30am-5:00pm. Harrison Snow and Michelle James. Workshop for leaders,

facilitators, team members. Details:


- Now booking - Improviganza! Holiday Office Parties - 2.5 hours of pure

improvisational fun and games! Details:


- Saturday, January 14, 2006 - 4:00-5:30pm - IAL Conference:

"Improvisation for Dynamic Learning and Creativity"



CCN Founder and Coordinator: Michelle James

CEO, The Center for Creative Emergence & Quantum Leap Business Improv

Creativity Cultivating, Consulting and Coaching

McLean, VA USA





Upcoming CREATIVITY WORKSHOPS in New York and Europe

Creativity Workshop Studios

245 East 40th St. 25th floor

New York, New York 10016

Tel: (212) 922-1555

Contact: Vivian Glusman

Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel, directors


Join Creativity Workshops in 2006 for workshops in Europe - a wonderful

way to learn and travel, and they earn 3 university credits. Choose one

of their workshops (from June through August 2006) in Crete, Florence,

Provence, Barcelona, Prague, or Dublin. For Fall and Spring, workshops

are held in New York:



March 24 - 27

April 21 - 24

May 19 - 22

Tuition: $650



Crete: June 19 - 28

Provence: June 29 - July 8

Florence: July 9 - 18

Barcelona: July 19 - 28

Prague: July 28 - August 6

Dublin - August 6 - 15

Bruges: August 15 - 24

From $1,650 including tuition and 9-night accommodations.


More details on their website, .





Academy for Integrative Communication

Bernd Isert, President ( )


* 13th World Campus in Brazil, February 5-24, 2006


Personal and professional development, with professional coaching,

NLP from practitioner to trainer, systemic structural constellation

work, hypnotherapy, mediation, and much more. Our approach is systemic,

neuro-linguistic and integrative. Here learning, experiencing, joie de

vivre and international encounters all belong to a greater whole.

Visit our English website here:

And see photo galleries of last year's events in Hungary and Brasil:





March 31-April 2 weekend, 2006. Beginning 9:00 a.m. Friday, March 31.

Where: Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., specifics to be announced.

Tuition: Only $395 for this initial offering, less various discounts.

Inquire to

Condensed into an impactful Friday, Saturday and Sunday

An Adventure in Inventing....more details coming to the website.





Feature Article:






by Mastaky Salim


In the field of human and personal growth, say accelerative learning,

there are so many techniques on the market, and people spend so much

money purchasing them. Others dont even dare to buy them - although

they sense that something must be done to improve their life - and get

discouraged because they think the technique wont work for them or

wait until it works for someone else before taking the right steps.


We seem to forget that Providence moves most of the time when we

definitely and individually commit ourselves in putting the techniques

we learn into practice. "Let go of the opinions and use what works for



Weeks ago, Dr. Win Wenger suggested a technique called Sing-Song for

learning foreign languages.



Dr. Wenger: "In talking about pole-bridging, I've often used as one

example conversational sing-song. One converses normally except that he

sings what he says, operetta style like the Mighty Mouse cartoon. Now

I'm intuiting - don't have my formal reasons for it fully lined up yet -

that if one were to do this for the language he is trying to learn, he

would learn it much faster and perhaps better. A beginner could sing-song

written dialogues such as are used in Suggestopedia. More advanced

students could carry on sing-song conversations directly. Each should

alternate, or be followed by, conversations in the same material

conducted in normal conversational tones, more accurately reflecting

the actual patterns of the language being learned. What I have on my

intuition thus far is that the sing-song would engage many more areas

of the brain in the learning. Also, the different scansion and other

effects would act as so many different "handles" by means of which to

consciously hold onto the language content involved, compared with much

fewer "hooks" or handles or associations via conventional ways of learning

that content. Note, this is not the same thing as singing scored or formal

music in a foreign language. Different mechanisms, different parts of the

brain, and a much narrower engagement."



Being myself an avid language learner, I was the first to take the

challenge and took it up with my Spanish. I invested 8 entire days to

test whether what Dr. Wenger intuited would work for me. Some reality:


Below you will see my different scores on my Spanish exercises, which

included conversations and short texts. These are my scores prior to the



11/20; 11/17; 8/16; 8/16; 14/14(!); 10/18; 13/20; 2.5/7.


During the experiment, using the Sing-Song-technique, and for newly made

exercises, my scores were as followed:


16/18; 13/21; 17.5/19; 15/22; 18.5/20; 17/21; 16/18; 17/20!


In the week before the experiment, as you can see it, my scores averaged

60.6%. During the experiment the average is 81%, a difference of full

20%!! In terms of learning, this is phenomenal!


Sometimes I could hear my melodies (in Spanish!) coming back into my head

spontaneously at a time I wasn't even exercising! Note that the 13/21

(lowest score) is explained by the fact that I sing-sang after I made my

translations, whereas in the other cases I did it prior to making the



It works!!


Mastaky Salim ( )



To send feedback privately to Mastaky Salim, email him at:

To send your comments about this article to The Stream, write to:

To post your feedback or promote a discussion of this topic:









Tom Kuby [ ] writes, about "A Growth Tool for You

for Here and Now" (Project Renaissance News Bulletin - November 4, 2005 )


You're always on the cutting edge, dear Win. Helping people of all ages

see more than they can see; enriching their lives. I applaud you!! I will

be speaking to people in a community on aging - people contemplating

"What's Next!" in their lives. I will pass on the information that you

furnished in "A Growth Tool for You for Here and Now". The present is all

we have, isn't it? Best wishes,

-- Tom Kuby ( )




Rick Watson ( ) writes:

I have a little doubt - sometimes I feel things during Image-Streaming

that do not make sense at all. For example, in my last session I saw a

girl playing baseball, and I felt that I was using her clothes without

using them; I felt the tight and warm hat at my head, but I was not using

a hat, but I described the sense. This happens to me a lot.


Another example is when Im about 10 meters of distance to a tree, but I

feel the smell and the texture of the tree without putting my hand on it.

Is this normal? Should I describe these things anyway?

-- Rick




Win Wenger ( ) replies:

Yes, do describe. It's good that you are noticing these - many people

don't notice because it doesn't "fit the story," and their development is

correspondingly less rapid. The key is noticing more - describing more -

noticing more - describing more, until you have much more on your plate

from which to make sense of things.


In ImageStreaming, you are consulting the 60-90% of your brain whose

working language is that of sensory images. To this part of the brain it

is natural, when looking at a tree, to be reminded of its feel and smell

as well as its look, as part of the sea of associations which well up for

you when you encounter even just the distant visual experience of "a



One additional thing might be the bleed-through from several parallel

simultaneous streams going on, out of the actual hundreds we appear to

have at any given time. "Conventional" ImageStreaming has made allowance

only for one stream at a time, lest we further confuse people more than

we already have on such matters. Again, do describe. Also, strengthen the

intention that the images carry answer to a question or carry a special

message for you, so that meanings don't scatter.


You are doing the right things, or you wouldn't be picking up on such

phenomena - which are there, but which haven't been described in the



It's an endlessly rich and fascinating field of phenomena, and I'm so

very glad you are here sharing in it for real.

-- Win ( )



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