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"Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by

your belief in yourself."


                                            - Robert Collier








WELCOME to all new members who have joined us recently. We hope to hear

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We are setting up a partners' bureau or real-time chat resource online

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whom to do live Image-Streaming. If you're interested in joining this

resource, please send your contact information and preferences, such as

time of day, language, type of Image-Streaming, and we will set up a

cross-reference index of partners to talk online. Contact:






* PHILADELPHIA/DELAWARE - Gerald Hawkins offers interested parties to

contact him at about starting a problem-

solving and idea-testing group in the Philadelphia/Delaware area.


* CHICAGO - Nick Costello ( ) is interested in

attending meetings of Project Renaissance members in the Chicago area.


* TEXAS - Harry L. Beam, 6305 Poly Webb Road, Arlington, TX 76016 would

like to meet with other members of Project Renaissance in the Dallas/Fort

Worth area of Texas.


* DETROIT - Eric Bottorff ( ) is interesting

in attending meetings of Project Renaissance members in the Ypsilanti

area. David Simpson ( ) is also in the

Detroit area, in Livonia, MI.


*  NEW JERSEY - Donald Morrison ( ) is

interested in joining an Image-Streaming group in the Bloomfield, NJ,



*  TAMILNADU, INDIA - Raj Kumars ( )

would like to practice Image-Streaming with a live listener in his area.







A series of compact handbooks of Win Wenger's key techniques. The first

three volumes are now in print and easy to order from the publisher:


*  SUPER SKILLS FOR STUDENTS by Isa McKechnie "...for excellence in

writing essays, taking notes, preparing for tests, absorbing information,

and many other intellectual endeavors."


-- eBook edition, from $7.95 --

-- Hardcopy printed edition, 95 pages, 6.14"x9.21" perfect bound, from

   $15.00 + shipping --


*  WIN WENGER'S IMAGE-STREAMING by Charles Roman -- now in print!

"... for gaining a faster and better understanding of any subject of

interest, and for ingeniously solving problems from your personal or

professional life... covers a wide range of applications, from teaching

children to identifying creative solutions to global issues."

-- eBook edition, from $10.95 --

-- Hardcopy printed edition, 119 pages, 6x9" perfect bound, from

   $15.95 + shipping --


*  END WRITER'S BLOCK FOREVER! by Mark Bossert, Win Wenger "... produce

stacks of inventive, quality writing - use the vast creative energies

intrinsic in the brain... 'get it' and get it out onto paper.

Turbocharge your imagination and boost your writing."

-- Paperback, 137 pages, 6" x 9", perfect bound, $19.97 + shipping --



Win writes:


The book a friend and I just co-authored, "End Writer's Block Forever",

is hot off the presses ( ).  

Aside from the one overwhelmingly effective technique for eliminating

writer's block, there are a number of additional creativity techniques;

some you may be familiar with and others not. Inspiration is already

there - you need never have to wait again for inspiration to arrive.

At this very moment, inspiration is boiling there, trying to reach your

consciousness. This book should prove useful, not only generally but

in your own work - to the extent that any creativity is involved there.  

Please permit me to commend this new work to your attention. 

- Win Wenger ( )





Win Wenger is working on a new book, the comprehensive history and

application of classical Socratic Method and its modern forms. You can

read some preliminary sections on the Project Renaissance website, in

both English and French: . After 2300

years of intermittent use and neglect, Socratic Method is, at last, one

of the great ideas for the 21st Century. As further sections of the book

develop, we will include them here, as well.  








Giant Pool of Water Ice at Mars's South Pole 


This is great news! Terraforming Mars will be a piece of cake, relatively

speaking. Just about everything needed is already there. They had already

found a lot of water ice at Mars's north pole. Mars will play a significant

role in the human future, and in the future of your children and

grandchildren if not ourselves. The big question remaining is the life

one: If there is still life on Mars, even if just a few microbes, do we

human Earthlings have the right to take over that world? Does international

law have something to say on that question?   

- Win   




Sedative 'reactivates' damaged brains - 13 March 2007 


I wonder why this brought to mind my occasional notion that pain and a

state of injury are very much like a hypnotic trance state. Our inability

to perform this or that appears also to be a form of sustained trance....

Perhaps the sedative suppresses the functions which sustain the trance.

- Win




Want a better memory? Stop and smell the roses


Perhaps we should pay even closer attention to some of the effects

surrounding use of our Calm-Breathing Patterns, and ?   

Interesting, in any event.  

- Win




Study shows why exercise boosts brainpower


Thought you'd find this very interesting.  

- Win




Only Using Part of Your Brain? Think Again


A brain region devoted to vision continued idling at 80 percent of full

capacity. Weliky likens this constant high level of activity to a radio

station's carrier signal. "The [20 percent] riding on top of that is

reality," he said. [...] even in humans, it is known from electro-

encephalogram (EEG) readings that the brain is humming along even in

sleep. [...] "The biggest part of perception is taking cues from the

outside world and passing them through our recollection."




Study: Your Brain Works Like the Internet


Your brain functions a lot like the Internet or a network of friends,

scientists say. Researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging

(fMRI) to study the activity in peoples' brains and how different regions

connect. They conclude the human brain can be visualized as a complex

interacting network that relies on nodes to efficiently convey

information from place to place.




Key to a Good Memory: Predict What You Need to Remember


It's one thing to stuff a lot of facts into your brain. Marking them

as important is a whole other talent. Yet this predictive ability is

a key to having a good memory, a new brain-imaging study suggests.




Omega-3s boost grey matter, may explain why omega-3s seem to improve mood


BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, March 7 - Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fatty fish

like salmon, are associated with increased grey matter volume in areas

of the brain commonly linked to mood and behavior, according to a

University of Pittsburgh study. Animal research has shown that raising

omega-3 intake leads to structural brain changes. In a separate study,

Pitt researchers reported that people who had lower blood levels of

omega-3 fatty acids were more likely to have a negative outlook and be

more impulsive. Conversely, those with higher blood levels of omega-3s

were found to be more agreeable and less likely to report mild or

moderate symptoms of depression.




MIT puts entire curriculum at disposal of e-learners


The entire catalogue of information from 1,800 courses at the

prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will be

available free online by the end of the year. Once uploaded, it will

represent one of the Internet's most important resources.


Win Wenger writes:

What will make most of these notes, and this extraordinary resource,

most useful is to arrange that students work in twos, threes and/or

fours at each computer terminal; that the key points of each lesson

be turned into questions and some of the material working up to those

questions laying the grounds to enable students to answer those

questions; then at key points of the lesson cueing the students to

"buzz" in "buzzgroups" before entering their answers back into the

computer. This involvement will mean not only greater energy for the

students, but a much higher incidence of learning-with-understanding. 

This WILL be the shape of a good part of distance learning eventually;

someone could do very well for themselves now by anticipating it.  

- Win




Translators wanted - in any language, to translate selected contents of

the Project Renaissance website, the new CoreBooks series, and certain

books by Win Wenger. Please contact Win at if

you are able and interested in collaborating on these projects.








HIGH THINKTANK SESSION: "Pending Transformations"

Facilitated by Win Wenger!

Thursday, April 12, 2007 - 7PM to 10PM

At the home of Steve and Kathy Carroll

6801 6th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20012

Full information and directions:





    on Creative Problem-Solving and Enhanced/Accelerated Learning

                     "Learning from the Future"

                  in the Maryland/Washington DC area

   Friday, May 18, 2007 - 7:30pm through Sunday, May 20, 2007 - 4pm


                        PLUS! Training Workshops:

Friday, May 18, 2007 - 8:30am-4:30PM - Beyond-Einstein/Socratic Training

     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - May 21-23, 2007 - Trainer Training


           Full information/tuition/guidelines/registrations:







March 30-May 18, 2007

Creativity-in-Work Professional Development Program

presented by Michelle James, CEO

The Center for Creative Emergence & Quantum Leap Business Improv

Contact person: Michelle James

McLean, VA USA





May 5, 2007

Storytelling in Business & Orgs Conference





May 31, 2007

Globond-DC Brunch: Empowering Your Vision

For questions, email or call 857.222.9343




June 24-29, 2007

CPSI Creativity Conference





PHOTOREADING Seminar in Washington DC   

Friday, April 20 (6pm-9pm)

Saturday, April 21 (9am-7pm)

Sunday, April 22 (9am-6pm)


Tuition, $750 - discount to PhotoReading self-study course buyers!

To enroll, call 1-888-800-2688 or visit the website,

Need more information? Call our expert PhotoReading coach,

Mr. Dana Hanson, at 1-888-800-2688.




Teamwork & Teamplay Workshops with Jim Cain, Ph.D.


March 28-31 - ACA Tri-States Conference, Atlantic City, NJ

September 24-26 - ACA Southeast Regional Conference, Jacksonville, FL


Teamwork & Teamplay, 468 Salmon Creek Road, Brockport, NY 14420

Phone: (585) 637-0328   |   Email:








Feature Article:


                       SEQUITUR, A SIDEBANDS GAME


                             by Kate Jones




In November 2005, at Project Renaissance's 14th Annual Double Festival,

I introduced a little game of concept association as part of the theme

of observing our "sidebands" of thought. I had "invented" this game in

1947, when I discovered that words, images and ideas could be strung

together in a long series, like rungs on a ladder, just by some shared

element between any two neighboring words.


This is, of course, the way we now understand that the brain works, by

cross-reference, association, grouping of similar things, and retrieving

any combination when a new stimulus triggers that connection. But as a

kid it was just a fun game to play in my mind. And the neatest trick was

that at the end I could retrace my steps, one by one, by backward recall

or replay.


Fast forward to 2004, when Win Wenger introduced the idea of Sidebands

and led several procedures in exploring that phenomenon.


At the end of the conference a few of us drove one of the participants

out to Dulles airport, a trip of close to 2 hours. On the way, to help

pass the time, I suggested we play a little word game that draws on the

"sidebands" in our minds. And at the end we replayed it in reverse.


This game was so fascinating, absorbing and entertaining that at the

following year's Double Festival it became an official session for the

whole group.


In the February 2007 issue of The Stream we referenced a science article, where

scientists found that rats on a track to a reward seem to replay their

path in reverse, with heightened activity in the hippocampus, thus

perhaps forming and reinforcing memory patterns of the moves that led

to the reward. This works in humans, too.


At the Maryland Renaissance Festival (a nine-weekend extravaganza in a

16th-century "theme park" in Crownsville, Maryland), the Sunday crew of

my company's "Ye Olde Gamery" booth is quite fond of the sidebands game,

now officially named "Sequitur"(TM), and play it through an entire day,

as moments of free time allow. The replay at the end is the final kicker.

Everyone wins, and throughout the game all players can appreciate and

applaud each other's ingenuity.





Any number of people can play, and there is no time limit either for

the length of a turn nor the length of the overall game. Players can

determine any limits for each game when they begin.


Start by selecting the order in which the players will take turns,

generally alphabetical or around a circle.


One player begins by stating a word or phrase.


The next player then adds another word or phrase that is somehow

associated with or suggested by the previous entry. If the connection

is obscure, the player explains it. The other players may always

challenge and request an explanation.


The game continues for as long as the players agreed on, either by

number of turns or hours available or whatever seems appropriate. DO

NOT WRITE THINGS DOWN! Players merely let the mental connections work.


With large groups of players, to help fill the time till your next turn,

consider what word you would say if it were your turn; observe your own

sidebands and associations come to life with each new step.


Words may not be repeated within the same game. Frequent and dedicated

players will also seek to avoid re-using words from previous games.


THE FINALE:  At the end of the series of turns, the players reconstruct

the entire chain in reverse, as a collaborative group, not taking turns.

All participants pitch in as needed, since all the conceptual shifts and

associations are contained in their aggregate memories. It is not a

competition to see who remembers the most or best.


When the players arrive back to the first word, the game is complete,

and all players win.


This is not a game of blurting out the first thing that comes to mind.

Players are allowed to be artistic and selective, abstract, punning and

shifty. The players' areas of interest may contribute terms from obscure

as well as popular culture. Non-concrete words, like "disintegration" or

"gratitude", can be challenging.


Here are some wicked excerpts from actual games:




Mockingbird (To Kill a ...)

Gregory Peck

Bushel (a bushel and a peck)

2008 ("Bush'll" be out of office)

A large banquet (2000 ate)

My wedding







Ingrid Bergman (from Tom Lehrer song of romantic triangle with Ingrid

   playing the hypotenuse!)

Gas light (a Bergman film)




Calvin Klein

Genetic engineering (designer genes)

GE brings good things to life

Dupont (better living through chemistry)

Water under the bridge (pont = bridge)

Jerry Lewis (don't raise the bridge, lower the river)

Great balls of fire (Jerry Lee Lewis)


Won't go (no va = Spanish for won't go)

Bullet train

Faster than a speeding bullet

Neo (from "The Matrix")

White rabbit (tattoo on girl's shoulder in "The Matrix")




Some games may be 70 steps or longer. It is surprising for how long you

can remember some of the combinations, even if not the entire sequence.

Even months or years later, some connections will stick, especially the

funniest, cleverest ones. They are truly memorable experiences.


This game is fun for many important reasons:


*  It draws on creativity.

*  It stimulates the mind.

*  There are no wrong answers.

*  It is not adversary or competitive. 

*  It produces lots of laughs. 

*  It allows appreciation of other players' ideas. 

*  It's different every time you play. 

*  Unexpected connections keep it suspenseful.

*  It fills idle time.

*  It develops and sharpens mental agility.

*  It refreshes memories and awakens awarenesses.

*  It broadens knowledge through others' experiences.

*  It requires no equipment; it's entirely free.

*  You can play it anywhere, with anyone.

*  Laughter and play are good for you, and valuable social ties.


Feel free to enjoy this game with your friends, family, classmates,

co-workers, colleagues. After the replay, you can then write down the

sequence and keep it in a log, or send a copy for our archives to:





[Kate Jones designs games for Kadon Enterprises, Inc.,

and is webmaster for, editor of The Stream, and the

Membership registrar for Project Renaissance. She also hosts Project

Renaissance's Double Festival in Maryland, this year on May 18-20, 2007.

See .]



To send feedback privately to Kate Jones, email her at:

To send your comments about this article to The Stream, write to:










Win Wenger ( ) writes:

The trouble with being so creative is that we have far more invention-

concepts lying around than may ever get used. The inventions I have up

at aren't even a drop in the bucket

compared with those which we have retained proprietarily. Several of

these have to do with the generation of electrical power and at least

one of these has multiple uses, not only just the generation of power.

Is anyone here...


1) An engineer who, in return for a share of whatever proceeds might

   result, might be willing to address certain aspects of that invention

   and advise the project; and/or


2) An experienced executive who is used to picking up projects and

   seeing them through to completion - again willing, for reasons of

   curiosity and for a share of whatever proceeds?


Please write me under the subject, "Tall Power," at  

Ideas and suggestions also welcome.  Thank you. 


- Win Wenger ( )




Win Wenger ( ) writes:


Put together these three science findings, reported in the February

2007 issue of The Stream...


*  Short Mental Workouts May Slow Decline of Aging Minds, Study Finds

Ten sessions of exercises to boost reasoning skills, memory and mental

processing speed staved off mental decline in middle-aged and elderly

people in the first definitive study to show that honing intellectual

skills can bolster the mind in the same way that physical exercise

protects and strengthens the body.


*  Stroke victims train brains to see again 

A new study bolsters evidence that people partially blinded by a stroke

or brain injury may be able to improve their field of vision by teaching

new parts of their brain to see, U.S. researchers said on Thursday.


*  Action computer games can sharpen eyesight  

A study by scientists at the University of Rochester shows that people

who play action video games for a few hours each day over the course of

a month can improve their performance in eye examinations by about 20%.


Who else sees the manifold and profound implications of these three

items taken together? Whoever has access to computer game-creating

skills, good neurophysiological understandings and details, and some

initial $, has a wonderful shot to take which will, sooner or later,

very much affect the lives of us all, while bringing him or them rather

considerable additional $.  Think about it. 


- Win Wenger ( )




Kate Jones comments on the brain-reverse article mentioned in the

February 2007 issue of The Stream,

"Instant replay may help form memories"


It makes perfect sense. The chains of causality are sequential links.

A cat out on the end of a branch needs to retrace its path. The

associational nature of the brain's recording of experience retraces

its build-up.


Your computer does it when you hit the "Back" button. Ain't it fun to

understand stuff?


- Kate Jones ( )


~~~ writes:

Just thought I let you know that your Image-Streaming works. I used

Batman as a model; after three weeks my martial arts and analytical

skills improved beyond what I thought possible.




John Arrowwood ( ) wrote:

If you break down the question so that it is comprehensible to someone

with little or no background in the subject matter about which you are

asking the question, the act of doing so will usually reveal the

answer to the question. By trying to present the information in a way

that is comprehensible to someone else, YOU comprehend the nature of

the question better, and in the process, the question is answered - at

least, if you possess enough information within your head to be ABLE to

answer the question.


I just realized something...


The reason why it is important to have an audience (or potential

audience) when you Image-Stream is that if you have a target audience

(like you could pretend that you are speaking to your cousin Joe, for

all it matters), you adapt what you are saying to something that they

will understand. If YOU are the only audience, you make assumptions,

you take shortcuts, and, in so doing, you actually MISS the opportunity

to find the answer.


But when you have to word it so that someone else understands it, you

actually take the time to explore around the idea more. You dwell on it

longer. You examine it from more angles. That, all by itself, puts you

in a better position to understand the thing that you are attempting to

communicate, which in turn increases your chances of seeing the answer

to the question that already lies within you.


Not every answer already lies within. But it's amazing how many things

DO. Could that be why the ancients believed that we never learn, we

merely REMEMBER that which already lies within? That all wisdom in the

universe is accessible to us already, and we merely need to draw it out? 

Crazy as it sounds to the modern mind, there is a reason they said that.


Another idea is to Image-Stream with different target audiences in mind.

Image-Stream many times on the same question - once for yourself, once

for a Kindergartener, once for your mother, once for a PhD in physics

(or whatever). Try and predict what kinds of things they would not

understand, and deliberately explain the missing information to them.

See how different the Image-Stream description is. See how it causes

you to see the stream differently. See how it causes you to see the

problem differently.


-- John Arrowwood ( )


Win Wenger ( ) replies:

Brilliant!!! John, I already know this will work.  We've experienced

it many times... Turning this into a deliberate technique should yield

great results. Everyone - this is a really good one to dig into and

experiment with!




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