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Newsletter of Project Renaissance and Win Wenger              June 2007


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“Give a man a fish, and he will eat for today. Teach a man to fish, and

he will eat for a lifetime. Teach a man to learn, and he will not always

have to eat fish.”

                                           - Unknown








WELCOME to all new members who have joined us recently. We hope to hear

from you and to give you much food for thought. Back issues are available

upon request. Just add the month to the subject line: 


Or see the online archives: 






We are setting up a partners' bureau or real-time chat resource online

via Skype, msn or yahoo messenger for people looking for partners with

whom to do live Image-Streaming. If you're interested in joining this

resource, please send your contact information and preferences, such as

time of day, language, type of Image-Streaming, and we will create a

cross-reference index of partners to talk online. Contact: 






*  VENICE, ITALY - Franco Tiveron ( )

is interested in learning and practicing Image-Streaming, in Italian

or English. Please contact him if you are already knowledgeable in

this technique and in the Venice area.


*  PORTLAND, OREGON - Clarice Dankers

( )

would like to start an 8-week "Socratic Thinking" course for people in

the Portland/SW Washington area. Get together for two hours each week

to practice different techniques and document your results. If anyone

is interested in learning more about this, email Clarice or phone her

at:  503-247-3098


* BALTIMORE - Gerald Hawkins offers interested parties to contact him

at about starting a problem-solving

and idea-testing group in the Baltimore, Maryland, area.


* CHICAGO - Nick Costello ( ) is interested in

attending meetings of Project Renaissance members in the Chicago area.


* TEXAS - Harry L. Beam, 6305 Poly Webb Road, Arlington, TX 76016

would like to meet with other members of Project Renaissance in the

Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.


* DETROIT - Eric Bottorff ( ) is interested

in attending meetings of Project Renaissance members in the Ypsilanti



* David Simpson ( ) is also in the

Detroit area, in Livonia, MI.


* NEW JERSEY - Donald Morrison ( ) is

interested in joining an Image-Streaming group in the Bloomfield, NJ,



* TAMILNADU, INDIA - Raj Kumars ( )

would like to practice Image-Streaming with a live listener in his area.








A series of compact handbooks of Win Wenger's key techniques. The first

three volumes are now in print and easy to order from the publisher:



*  END WRITER'S BLOCK FOREVER! by Mark Bossert, Win Wenger


Coming soon! - DYNAMIC TEACHING by Harman Benda and Win Wenger






Exercise Grows New Brain Cells



Exercise stimulates the growth of new brain cells, a new study on rats

finds. The new cells could be the key to why working out relieves

depression.... - The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology.




Brain can quickly warn us of potential errors


July 3, 2007 - Researchers have pinpointed an area in the brain that

alerts us in less than a second of an impending mistake so we don't

repeat it.




Translators wanted - in any language, to translate selected contents of

the Project Renaissance website, the new CoreBooks series, and certain

books by Win Wenger. Please contact Win at

if you are able and interested in collaborating on these projects.












Capitol Creativity Network Monthly Presentation

July 11, 7:00-9:30pm, Washington

BEYOND BRANDING: A Creative Journey with Archetypes


Contact: Michelle James at




Precipice Improv Theater's Fall season

6 consecutive Saturday nights, starting September 1, 2007


Contact: Michelle James at




Teamwork & Teamplay Workshops with Jim Cain, Ph.D.

September 24-26, 2007

ACA Southeast Regional Conference, Jacksonville, FL

Teamwork & Teamplay, 468 Salmon Creek Road, Brockport, NY 14420

Phone: (585) 637-0328   |   Email:





Coming, the second weekend of November 2007 - mark your calendar!

Another round of Invention-On-Demand Training in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Further announcements will be posted here and on







Feature Article:


                         SHARING AND IMPROVEMENT


                           by Tijl Koenderink




Often I hear from Win Wenger the stories of people who are applying

Project Renaissance techniques, such as Image-Streaming, in their daily

lives, and each of their stories is unique and inspiring to me.


Hearing these motivating stories is one of the reasons I am involved in

the work of Project Renaissance. I am thrilled to see people take the

materials Win has gathered over the years, and make them their own. Many

people feel free to use the techniques for their own unique purposes,

and when they share their experiences with us, we are blessed with

knowing the impact of the methods.


Win has a knack for looking at the successes in the world, learning from

them, transforming the techniques used, and then making those techniques

useful to a larger audience. For instance, the methodologies used by the

Greek philosopher Socrates, and the more contemporary Albert Einstein -

Win has managed to simplify the vague instructions and turn them into

practical step-by-step guides. But one of the things I enjoy most is his

open mindset to develop new and even better approaches.


If anything, it is that open mindset that we try to convey in the Project

Renaissance trainings as well, especially in the Advanced Practitioner/

Trainer Training. This is the mindset of asking the question: 'What is

yet a better way of solving problems?' During the trainings, we always

invite the participants to look at the methodology of Project Renaissance

and then to elaborate on the methods, given their own unique views and

backgrounds. And what we learn from that as a group, we apply in future

trainings, books and discussions.


I remember one instance of a group in London that was going through the

Beachhead procedure (this is a technique where you visit a future or

alternate civilization to learn from their advances). One of the

participants suggested elaborating on that technique by creating mutual

sharing through an exchange of knowledge, rather than simply copying the

other civilization. This is something I now regularly include in my

explanation of the technique.


For those not familiar with it, hereby a short version of the Toolbuilder



1.    Pick a method you have for solving problems that works well for you.

2.    Ask yourself the question, "What is yet a better way of solving


3.    Apply the problem-solving method you have.

4.    Go back to step one.


As long as you engage in this upward spiral, you will find ever-improving

ways of solving problems. This is one of the things that we strive for in

Project Renaissance: to have a mindset of constant improvement. By having

this mindset, our participants can continue their development independent

of any teacher, which is what every teacher, I hope, aspires to see.


To encourage this behavior, Win has set up, years ago, the Image-Streaming

YahooGroup, ( ). At this moment

we are also in the process of setting up online forums to serve the same

function. By sharing our results, we can encourage each other, and make

sure we don't reinvent the wheel. I hope that these interactions will take

place for many years into the future. And, of course, if you want to spend

some structural time on expanding your Problem-Solving Toolbox, we're more

than happy to have you in our next training. We'll be happy to explore

together with you.



Tijl Koenderink is a full Project Renaissance trainer based in the

Netherlands and has trained groups in the Project Renaissance methods all

over the world, in as diverse locations as the US, UK and Malta. He is a

co-trainer in the Project Renaissance Trainer Training. In the Netherlands

he is founder and CEO of "Dare 2B different", a training and coaching

company. For more information on Tijl and Dare 2B different, see


To send feedback privately to Tijl Koenderink, email to:


To send your comments about this article to The Stream, write to:










- Anthony Davi [ ]


I just want to comment on my personal experience with the results of

Image-Streaming. I started looking for ways to boost my mental

performance as I became more involved with competitive chess. After

reading Wenger’s book, I decided to give Image-Streaming a try, for it

was all I had time for.


After about 2 weeks I started to notice small but powerful changes. My

mind was able to concentrate easier and faster on problems; ideas began

coming to me more frequently also. The real example for me was when I

entered my first major chess tournament. My mind not only maintained

energy after 2 hours of play per game, but my creativity within the

game was absolutely amazing. I kept having numerous creative ideas per

move, and ended up winning 5 games out of 6, with the last one a draw.

All my opponents were rated higher than I.


That was all after only about one month of Image-Streaming. The effects

might actually sound underrated, but that's because it's hard to describe.

I was also, during that time, solving other puzzle-like problems much

easier than I would have thought I could.


One last thing. I've only read about "Lucid Dreaming", but never

experienced it. After about the third week of Image-Streaming, I started

to have these dreams. It was one of the strangest and most intense things

ever. I became completely aware that I was dreaming during my dream, and

then was able to actually control the dream as I went along.


- Anthony Davi [ ]




The May 2007 issue of The Stream had this QUOTE OF THE MONTH:


"This I believe: That the free, exploring mind of the individual human

is the most valuable thing in the world. And this I would fight for:

The freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected.

And this I must fight against: Any idea, religion, or government which

limits or destroys the individual." - John Steinbeck


This quote brought the following comment from John Spencer:


As far as the [May 2007] "quote" goes, is science not telling us that

we are all connected? That it is just one big illusion that we are all

separate? Man has tried to have Utopia before, and guess what? It has

not worked. And are people not craving peace? Can we truly have peace

with even those who suppose to seek good, are still searching for people

to fight against? Hmm...


The humanist, the one with the quote, Mr. "John Steinbeck", is it?, is

one of those misled, and misleading, persons who are generally atheists

by necessity, and think that man, left to himself, without any adverse

pressures, is generally good. (Now history does not support such a claim,

rather the opposite, but observation, and fact finding, are obviously not

necessary for supporting Mr. John Steinbeck's claim...)


Now I mind you, that we live in a country that was not founded by the

individual, but by the indivisible.


We created a check and balance system to prevent any one person from

becoming too powerful, as they knew, as any right-minded person knows,

that power corrupts, and people are inherently evil.


Again these people will cite characters such as Galileo, or Socrates,

not taking the time to understand these are the exceptions and not the

rule. A good idea cannot be hidden for long, but the best place to hide

something is in the open. More good ideas will be lost than kept with

such a mindset as John Steinbeck's. Truth is, there have always been more

bad ideas than good ones.


Furthermore, then they will argue that these people were persecuted for

their beliefs that turned out to be true. News for you: Change comes only

by destruction, and Christians are suffering this today: Persecuted, even

though what they say is true.


Where do you get these people? I had so much respect for your office. Then

you show such carelessness in your choosing of that quote. 


This person cannot construct an argument, and if he is a spokesperson for

that kind of movement, then his comrades are in trouble. I could think of

a much better, more scientific and to-the-point comment than that in my



So Boo, boo, boo.


- John Spencer




Kate Jones ( ) replies:


Evidently John Spencer has not heard of John Steinbeck. A quick look in

Wikipedia, , will show that

Steinbeck (February 27, 1902 – December 20, 1968) was one of the best-

known and most honored American authors of the 20th century. He won the

Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962. He wrote "Of Mice and Men" (1937)

and the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, "The Grapes of Wrath" (1940).

Seventeen of his works, including Cannery Row (1945), The Pearl (1947),

and East of Eden (1955), became Hollywood films, and Steinbeck was also

nominated for an Academy Award for Best Story in 1944 for Alfred

Hitchcock's "Lifeboat."


So much for where we get "these people."


Science does not tell us that we are "all connected." I would wager that

Mr. Spencer would not want to be connected to all those dying of AIDS and

cancer, that he values his individual separateness physically from those

individuals, and that he also values being able to express his very own

and individual opinions here. Neither bodies nor minds are connected.

It takes a great and deliberate effort to communicate our views and

information to other individuals, even those with whom we share some DNA.


History does not tell us that all people are evil. Those that overstep the

bounds of civilized behavior and values are the exception, not the rule.

Otherwise societies could not have formed and the U.S. Constitution would

not have been written, and technology would not have developed to allow us

to luxuriate in emails and the Internet. Does Mr. Spencer consider himself



If Mr. Spencer is defending some Christian viewpoint here, it would be

instructive to hear why God would have created only evil people.


Individual versus indivisible:  Mr. Spencer confuses his terminology here.

The Union of the various states was intended to be indivisible, "one

nation". But a nation is only a voluntary grouping of all its constituent

individuals, those "all men created equal" with their unalienable rights.

From whom could those rights be alienated? Only from individuals, one by



Mr. Spencer's unalienable right to think his own thoughts and speak them

as he likes is one of this country's, and Steinbeck's, guiding principles.

One could only wish Mr. Spencer's mind did a little more exploring and



- Kate Jones ( )




Win Wenger ( ) writes:


Make yours a profitable summer!


For anyone expecting to pursue training or a course of study, in the

fall or further on in the future - student, adult, in college, or even

high school:  Here are just a few suggestions to build an extraordinary

advantage in your studies for next year and beyond, with just a few

easy methods and practices. Please also pass this information along

to others who could benefit.


*  Freenoting ( )

*  Windtunnel ( )

*  Borrowed Genius ( )


With Borrowed Genius, your goal is to bring yourself to fully effective

genius level in one or more skills or fields.  Mastery of one thing

makes it easier to master other things, and does nice things also for

your confidence.


The Freenoting process can be very helpful to you in two regards:


1)  Map out a reading program for over the summer, looking ahead for

    topics in your studies next year and beyond.  At the end of each

    chapter, or article, or after each major concept or idea or

    principle:  Freenote for 15 minutes or longer in the general

    context of what you've just read, but don't limit yourself to

    what you've just read. Be fast and profuse, without pause or

    letup, as per our instructions in the above-cited article.  Also,

    any material that's heavy-duty, you might use Predictive Imagery

    ( ) just before reading. 


    You can use Windtunnel in much the same way as Freenoting.  Or,

    if you are trying to understand some key concept that is eluding

    you, you can set up a listening partner or audio recorder and

    treat that key concept as the initial problem or question, break

    out three more particular questions from that one question, and

    perform Windtunnel that much closer to its problem-solving mode.

    (All our problem-solving methods can similarly be used as ways

    to build understanding in subjects you are trying to learn.)


2)  Find out what courses and topics of study lie ahead of you.

    Pick one to start with, and use either Freenoting or Windtunnel

    to re-invent, for yourself, the contents of that course or topic

    of study. Surprise yourself here. This is one of the most valuable

    things you can do for yourself - even allowing for possible errors,

    you will have a wonderfully absorptive and extensive structure

    already in your mind with which to recognize, grasp, understand,

    compare and evaluate - and remember - the key elements of that

    course or topic of study in actuality when the time comes.  In

    two intense, sustained hours or even less, you can give yourself

    most of what you needed for an entire semester's study in that

    course or topic. Seems like a good investment in time and effort.


    You may want to do this for several of your forthcoming courses

    and topics of study.


One way to improve communications within your brain, and understanding

in your studies, is through the regular practice of Image-Streaming

( ).  Even if not on your studies,

practice of Image-Streaming appears to sharpen most people's ability

to understand things.


Another general performance-builder is held-breath underwater swimming

( ). Even if your span of breathing

and span of attention are adequate, you probably can benefit from the

resulting increased circulation to the brain, which supports brain

health, well-being and the brain's various functions.


The above is a good clear place to start.  These are only a few of the

easy methods for giving yourself huge leverage with current and future

education.  After you've applied the above, if you like, write me the

results and I can send you additional educational tools and further

recommendations, a bunch of resources all easily and freely accessed on

the Project Renaissance website.  Just how great an advantage can you

build for yourself in just one summer?  Let's find out. 


- Win Wenger ( )



Another prime reference:

Super Skills for Students ( ),

a Project Renaissance Corebook by Isa McKecknie




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