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Newsletter of Project Renaissance and Win Wenger           February 2008



WELCOME to all new members who have joined us recently. We hope to hear

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"What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence

of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult." 

                                                 - Sigmund Freud


“I don't care how much power, brilliance, or energy you have, if you

don't harness it and focus it on a specific target, and hold it there,

you're never going to accomplish as much as your ability warrants.”

                                                -  Zig Ziglar









Dear friends and colleagues,


This issue of The STREAM will grow on you.  You will see why as you read

through it and see how things stack up (and what can readily be done)

regarding education, which for better or worse is our main highway system

toward a human future. By the time you've read through to the news at the

end, you'll have a much better idea of some very good developments

happening right now.


Please share this issue with a friend and anyone else you know with a

deep interest in education. Feel free to forward it to them, or print it

out for them, or have them email us directly for their own copy, at


That can help matters considerably and is an easy way to help make a

significant positive difference. Your sharing The STREAM, especially

this issue, will be very highly appreciated.  Thank you.


- Win Wenger ( )








Project Renaissance is pleased to offer consulting and workshops

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Win Wenger's consulting services.




Project Renaissance is interested in providing Socratic Learning classes

for secondary school students in the greater Washington DC area. Contact

Rick Hansen at  for more information. 




Arasu Chellaiah is using Win Wenger's Socratic Learning method to teach

college courses for Biology majors and DDS (Doctors of Dental Surgery).

Contact The Stream at or Arasu Chellaiah

at for more information.




Win Wenger, Rick Hansen and Arasu Chellaiah are using Win Wenger's

Socratic Learning Method for tutoring college students pursuing degrees

in Electrical Engineering. Contact Rick Hansen for more information at







Please see descriptions at


A series of compact handbooks of Win Wenger's key techniques. The first

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*  END WRITER'S BLOCK FOREVER! by Mark Bossert, Win Wenger

*  DYNAMIC TEACHING by Harman Benda and Win Wenger


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April 25 - June 6, 2008


Use the Creative Resources within you to inform new Work Directions,

Strategies, Innovations, Projects, Products and/or Service Offerings.

This wonderful Professional and Personal Development Program will be led

by Michelle James, CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence and founder

of the Capitol Creativity Network.

Go to for the complete program

description and registration information. Or contact Michelle James at





Paul Scheele is teaching public PhotoReading seminars in U.S. cities

this year. PhotoReading is an excellent method of getting through

information up to 18 times faster than conventional studying. This

course comes with a money-back guarantee. To enroll in any, call

888-800-2688 or go to

for more information. Tuition is $750. Discounts available for

PhotoReading self-study course buyers and earlly-bird registrations.

Payment plan also available. Class locations and dates:

Los Angeles  - May 9-11, 2008

Washington   - May 16-18, 2008

New York, NY - June 20-22, 2008

Dallas, TX   - August 1-3, 2008

Philadelphia - August 8-10, 2008

Chicago, IL  - September 12-14, 2008

Atlanta, GA  - September 19-21, 2008

Boston, MA   - October 17-19, 2008

Los Angeles  - November 7-9, 2008

Denver, CO   - November 14-16, 2008





Relaxation and other Yoga workshops provide an enjoyable combination of

exercise and fun, healing and the arts. Beethoven once said, "Silence is

the key - the silence between the notes. When that silence envelops you –

you are at one. You are at peace. Then your soul can sing."

Classes are taught in the Washington DC metro area. See their schedule:





SingYo Yoga builds a mind-body connection that generates joy and improves

mood. Find out more about the benefits at!





and Spring Workshops

May 19-21 … May 23-25 … May 26-29, 2008


Register now! Full descriptions and registration forms are here:

The theme of this year’s Annual Conference on Creative Problem-Solving

and Enhanced/Accelerated Learning is

"Finding New Ways to Better the Human Condition" –

Improving your tools for helping others, and for helping yourself

Four separate major programs:


. . .



with Tijl Koenderink

Monday-Tuesday, May 19-20, 2008 — 8:30 am-4:30 pm


Highlights: - In this training you will learn an integrated model of

learning, its steps and the surrounding conditions to make it succeed.

Learn to use some of the most powerful Accelerated Learning techniques,

and understand how and why they work, with an introduction into how to

apply this knowledge in your own teachings.


. . .



with Win Wenger

Thursday-Friday, May 22-23, 2008 — 8:30 am-4:30 pm


Highlights: - These two intensive days will be an adventure in using

various problem-solving techniques on a variety of problems worth solving.

YOU will find their solutions, more readily than you might have imagined!

Astonish yourself! Learn how to draw easily on far more than you knew you

have — and resolve some of the issues in your work, your life, and all

around you. Use them also for enhanced/accelerated learning, self-

discovery, innovation, invention, and building your performance and

general capabilities in the arts, in sports, interpersonally, in your

work, intellectually, and generally.


. . .



Friday, May 23, 2008 — 7:30 pm

through Sunday, May 25, 2008 — 4 pm


Highlights: - Many lively and thoughtful leaders, colleagues and members

and participants, in Project Renaissance and in related technologies and

programs, gather for this series of extraordinary events — events which

Project Renaissance hosts each year in the Washington DC area. Really

high-calibre people come together from all over the country and from

countries overseas, human beings with whom it's a delight to share space

and ideas and perceptions.


. . .



Monday, May 26, 2008 — 9-5

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 — 9-5

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 — 9-5

Thursday, May 29, 2008 — 9-4


Highlights: - We seek to train professional Socrateurs to train people in

locations around the world, including your community, in various of the

Project Renaissance methods and resources. The Beyond-Einstein Training

experience is an important part of the necessary preparation, as is some

good experience in other programs and/or disciplines involving human

potential. This special four-day Trainer Training (Monday-Wednesday 9-5,

Thursday 9-4) is the other main ingredient.


. . .


Some tuition discounts may apply to the various events and combinations.

Early bird registration discounts end on April 19.

Click here to register for any and all of the events of your choice:






RECLAIM YOUR GENIUS – The Ultimate Weekend Retreat, May 16-18, 2008

With Paul Scheele,


Imagine knowing how to use the advanced principles of both hypnosis and

neuro-linguistic programming to almost magically get beyond the problems

you have been trying to solve for far too long. Attend Paul Scheele's

Ultimate U Retreat! More info at





THE EDWARD DE BONO SEMINAR - June 9-11, 2008 - The University of Malta

Conducted entirely by Professor Edward de Bono,

the inventor of Lateral Thinking -


Full details and e-registration form:

Tuition:   Euro300 (200 for staff, students, groups, early-bird)


For further details, email Dr. Sandra Dingli,

Director, The Edward de Bono Institute








*  May 2-4 weekend - Mensa Regional Gathering, DC/Maryland chapters.

*  May 15-18 - Atlanta, GA, teaching at a major creativity conference.

*  May 23-29 – Project Renaissance Double Festival, Beyond-Einstein

     Socratic Training and Trainer Training workshops in Pasadena, MD.

     (please see )











Mri’s Used to Study Spontaneity and Creativity


“Researchers have discovered that when jazz musicians improvise, their

brains turn off areas linked to self-censoring and inhibition, and turn

on those that let self expression flow.”


This may be confirmation of the existence of the “Censor” referred to

in Win Wenger’s work.


The article also said, “The ‘dorsolateral prefrontal cortex’ which covers

a broad portion of the front of the brain and some on the sides, showed a

slowdown in activity when musicians were improvising.” According to the

article, “this area has been linked to planned actions and self-censoring,

such as carefully deciding what words you might say at a job interview.”


Note that musicians have been found to have better connections between

their right and left brains (larger corpus callosums), per

Could the ability to modulate self-censoring and inhibition be related to

the “better” communications between the right and left brain? Also, is the

ability to turn off inhibitions at will one reason that so many musicians

and artists engage in hedonistic lifestyles? Could the reason classical

and operatic performers are more “straitlaced” be that they have little

room for improvisation?






“What we’re doing is taking trash like corn stalks... even grass from the

yard... – that’s what we turn into oil!


J.C. Bell of Bell Bio Energy, Inc. studied naturally occurring bacteria

that produce methane inside cows and genetically manipulated them to

consume biomass more efficiently. With minor changes to industry and full

recycling, Mr. Bell believes that 5 billion barrels, or two-thirds of the

current consumption of oil, could be produced.


Some scientists believe the warming from methane alone is as great as all

other “greenhouse” gases combined. Why isn’t this featured in the news?

Money spent overseas stays at home, fewer greenhouse gases, and it’s less

expensive, too!





A pair of pygmy sperm whales were beached in New Zealand. Conservationists

had tried to free them for an hour without success.


A local bottlenose dolphin named Koko then “appeared, communicated with

the whales and led them to safety.”


According to the article, one local man told the BBC, “I don’t speak

whale, and I don’t speak dolphin, but there was obviously something that

went on... The dolphin did what we had failed to do.”



Rick Hansen ( )comments:


I believe that the basic framework of emotions extends throughout mammals,

and possibly birds and other animals as well. In our neighborhood, there

is a cat that used to be a stray. He is known for bringing feral kittens

to food bowls when they are hungry, and for keeping the kittens out of

cages set up to trap them.


At one time I believed that emotions only extended to mammals. I then

witnessed a lizard that seemed to enjoy playing catch with its owners.

After several years of playing with other pets, the reptile exhibited

emotional behaviors. Emotions may go very far down the evolutionary tree.





Gamepuzzles ( ) is a long-time supporter of Dr. Win

Wenger's Project Renaissance and production of The Stream. Please visit

their website to learn more about their products that develop the mind.

Fun, challenging, intelligence-expanding, and more!






Gifted Education Press is offering a complimentary copy of their 20th

Anniversary Spring 2008 Online Quarterly issue. To read and print the

current and previous issues of Gifted Education Press Quarterly, please

email your request directly to:


Maurice Fisher, Ph.D., Publisher




TRANSLATORS WANTED - in any language, to translate selected contents

of the Project Renaissance website, the new CoreBooks series, and

certain books by Win Wenger. Please contact Win at if you are interested in collaborating on these





SOCRATIC METHOD INSTRUCTORS WANTED - To test the Corebooks curriculum

in their classes. Contact Win Wenger at for

more information.







Feature Article:




                by Other Creative Problem-Solving (CPS) and

                Creativity Professionals and Organizations


                              by Win Wenger



A) Nearly all CPS methods can be directly applied as accelerated

   learning methods, enabling students to learn much more much better

   and faster with better and longer-lasting understanding. Thus,

   instead of competing for scarce space in the curriculum, these

   methods can be offered to schools as facilitating the curriculum

   and creating space in it for other needed concentrations.


B) Creativity professionals and groups have been missing a huge

   opportunity by not realizing, and capitalizing on, the fact that

   their creativity methods can directly used - and offered to schools

   - for this purpose, not only for the array of worthy purposes

   historically offered to schools over the past sixty years and mostly

   not accepted.


C) Project Renaissance methods, beginning with buzz-grouping via

   "Dynamic Format," are way easier to conduct (and far more productive)

   than such practices as schools and teachers generally are using

   now. The sector of such methods, based upon modern Socratic Method,

   should much more easily penetrate the schools, not only for that

   reason, but because everyone there has heard of Socratic Method

   even though no one there knows much about it. That familiarity helps

   pave the way. The profession of "education" is even named after a

   central concept and phenomenon in Socratic Method.



PROPOSITION:  that sector of Project Renaissance method which centers

on modern Socratic Method be offered to schools, along with a select

few of their own methods and practices which are similarly easy and

ready to use as accelerated learning techniques, by those creativity

organizations and professionals around the planet who wish to get CPS

into widespread use by the schools. This will be the fastest, easiest

and most direct path FOR getting CPS into widespread use by the schools.

This will not only be the best thing for the students and for the

teachers serving them, but should prove profitable to those creativity

organizations and professionals who wish to do so for income.


Moreover, Project Renaissance has published its step-by-step protocols

for a number of these procedures, including "Dynamic Format," which can

be found here or free online at, or

in the booklet on modern Socratic Method, or in the new CoreBook on

“Dynamic Teaching." More recently discovered, and extraordinarily easy

to learn and use, methods can be found here, among other places, in the

clipped-together pamphlet, "Easiest Methods for Solving Problems, And

for Ingeniously Creating." Although copyrighted, these materials may be

freely copied for use in practice or in teaching - in whole but not in

part - including the copyright notice and contact information.


Moreover, Project Renaissance stands ready to go into formal or informal

partnership with creativity organizations and professionals who would

prefer highest quality training and competence in their acquisition and

use of these frontline resources, or for purposes of pursuing a tandem

marketing of CPS-related forms of accelerated learning to educators,

trainers and schools.


Please reply regarding this proposition to

or to



CONSIDERATION:  The methods offered for this introductory purpose by

Project Renaissance are so easy to learn and apply that "a caveman can

do it." Teachers individually can apply most of these successfully

even without training and supervision, entirely on their own. However,

Project Renaissance has developed a professionally-led workshop also

for these and related methods, under the title, "Teach Smarter Not

Harder." This can be part of the tandem marketing effort, or other

cooperative provisions can be arranged which involve this workshop.


                                * * *


        Immediate Objectives of the Project Renaissance workshop:

                     "Teach Smarter, Not Harder"


*  Equip teachers with several useful elements of modern Socratic



*  Equip teachers with several of the hundreds of creative problem-

   solving methods:


   1)  To solve the problems they are wrestling with

   2) To convert into accelerated learning methods which they can use

       with students

   3)  To convey problem-solving competence to the students for THEIR


   4)  All of these are forms of modern Socratic Method - the easiest

       of all the CPS-related forms to introduce and practice - paving

       the way for infusion of more CPS methods and practices


*  Make teaching easier and more productive for the teachers.


*  Elementary School Version:  How to arrange groundrules, activities,

   games, etc., for the less than fully verbal child. How to arrange

   these to be fully as rich, immediate, instructive, usefully directing,

   self-reinforcing and convenient as those of some of the best modern

   Socratic methods and CPS methods originally designed for adults?


                                  * * *


OBSERVATION:  These are first of all methods which, when converted to

accelerated learning form, serve purposes of learning with true

understanding. Some elements of the school curriculum, however, involve

rote memorization:- times tables, names of chemicals, flora and fauna

or of geologic ages and types of rock, foreign language vocabulary. Here

is one area where the problem-solving aspects of your work and ours come

back into play, having the teacher problem-solve to find more creative

ways to present such rote material and to motivate students to its



Further, there are few schools, indeed few classrooms, without problems

to solve.


Both these problem-solving concerns - on the problems of school and

classroom and community generally, and on the presentation and

motivation of both rote material and non-rote, understanding-based

content for assimilation - represent ready-made routes via which the

initial infusion of Project Renaissance-style modern Socratic methods

into the schools can pave a very broad path indeed for ready acceptance

then of the rest of our and your methods for CPS.



To send your comments about this article to The Stream, write to:










Christian Jonassen ( ) writes:

How come that you describe [The Law of Effect] as a "physical law"? Is it

really that? I thought physics was more concerned with low-level details

like atoms and molecules, not things like this. Wouldn't you rather call

it a biological law?


Win Wenger ( ) replies:

Biological isn't also physical? And whatever happened to things like

orbital mechanics, levers, planes, centrifugal and centripetal forces,

inertia and momentum, and the oldest components of physics through which

we eventually began to understand the more esoteric and quantum matters?

Perhaps if I called all that "natural law" that would clear up any

confusion - but I think not, people would start thinking I was writing

about "natural man" or the like. I think it helps actually, referring to

this as physical law, to remind us that everything is grounded in physical

mechanics, even if that might not be the only thing that everything is

grounded in. Thanks for raising the question; it points to some interesting


- Win Wenger




Dennis J. Welka, Principal, St. Andrew’s Country Day School, writes:


Dear Dr. Wenger,

I would like to thank you for the privilege of meeting with you and

instructing my staff in the techniques of the Modern Socratic Method.

I have never seen so many teachers excited about teaching. These techniques

have so enhanced their skills that they are eager to come in every day and

try something new. To validate these efforts, the children are equally

excited about coming to school, knowing that they will “learn” like they

never have before.


Imagine the situation, if you will, teachers and students excited about



Through observation and teacher anecdotals, I am convinced that these

methods will produce a generation of “accelerated learners.”  The degree

of comprehension, the choice of vocabulary, the depth and scope of answers

received is simply unbelievable. We have pre-tested the children and will

perform a post-test in June. I will send you the results of any empirical

data that I accumulate.


Finally, after 37 years in the field of education, education makes sense.

I hope to expand this program to other schools, districts, colleges and

universities. These are solid teaching techniques that produce remarkable



We will continue in our mission to “educate” children. Hopefully, through

creating a much better educated populace, we will be able to improve

society as a whole.


Once again, thank you.


Sincerely, Dennis J. Welka, Principal

St. Andrew’s Country Day School -

Kenmore, New York 14217


Win Wenger comments:

I might add that one of the things which kindled excitement up there, and

helped lead to the comments in Mr. Welka’s second paragraph, was that each

teacher was discovering “gifted kids in hiding,” in his or her classroom,

wisdom and responses from children never deemed capable of such. That is

one of the really great things about buzz-grouping per “Dynamic Format” – - it not only engages the students, it gives

the teachers their first chance to really observe their students in action

- and that experience is quite an education for the teacher. How would you

like to have similar results happening in a school near you?


Editor’s Note:  Further readings on Dynamic Format and instructions how

and why to buzz-group are yours free at





To send your comments to The Stream for possible publication here, write












Project Renaissance is organizing a partners' bureau or real-time chat

resource online via Skype, msn or yahoo messenger for people looking

for partners with whom to do live Image-Streaming. We have now set up

a secure and accessible interface for you.


We are still looking for some moderators. If you have any experience

in using the phpBB Forum system, have had experience with Project

Renaissance methods, and are interested in becoming a forum moderator,

please contact Tijl Koenderink at


Please go to and register, then post your

information under the "ImageStreaming partners" topic. Some of you have

already provided your Skype names, desired times and languages; please

do so again in the forum.


Thanks, and welcome to the program going live. Our thanks especially to

Tijl Koenderink, the administrator of the Forum, for making this all







* ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Gaylord Galston ( ) wonders

if there is anyone in the Albuquerque area with whom he can practise



* BALTIMORE - Gerald Hawkins offers interested parties to contact him

at about starting a problem-solving and

idea-testing group in the Baltimore, Maryland, area.


* CHICAGO - Nick Costello ( ) is interested in

attending meetings of Project Renaissance members in the Chicago area.


* DETROIT - Eric Bottorff ( ) is interested

in attending meetings of Project Renaissance members in the Ypsilanti



* LOS ANGELES - Ray Croney ( ) seeks Image-

Streamers in the L.A. area.


* NEW JERSEY - Donald Morrison ( ) is

interested in joining an Image-Streaming group in the Bloomfield, NJ,



* TEXAS - Harry L. Beam, 6305 Poly Webb Road, Arlington, TX 76016 would

like to meet with other members of Project Renaissance in the Dallas/Fort

Worth area of Texas.


* VIRGINIA/WASH. DC - Siobhan Dunn ( ) is

looking to partner with someone experienced in Image-Streaming in the

Fairfax-DC area.



* TAMILNADU, INDIA - Raj Kumars ( )

would like to practice Image-Streaming with a live listener in his area.


* VENICE, ITALY - Franco Tiveron ( ) is

interested in learning and practicing Image-Streaming, in Italian or

English. Please contact him if you are already knowledgeable in this

technique and in the Venice area.





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