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     "When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the

     conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my

     talent for absorbing positive knowledge."

                                           - Albert Einstein


     “Things are only impossible until they're not.”

                                           - Jean-Luc Picard







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April 25 - June 6, 2008


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Monday-Tuesday, May 19-20, 2008 — 8:30 am-4:30 pm


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Learn to use some of the most powerful Accelerated Learning techniques,

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THE EDWARD DE BONO SEMINAR - June 9-11, 2008 - The University of Malta

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Full details and e-registration form:

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Starving masses are taking to the streets across the globe. Without

food, people feel they have nothing to lose. Violence erupts, and an

already strained infrastructure comes closer to collapse.



Rick Hansen ( ) comments:


Without food, your immune system grows weaker. Children don’t have the

nutrition they need to develop normally.


The article calls for more government intervention. In this editor’s

opinion, the crisis is the horrific result of UN and government policies

gone wrong. Look at Zimbabwe, once the breadbasket of Africa and now

racked by poverty and starvation. In the US, government intervention has

pushed farmers to grow corn for ethanol, increasing food prices 30%.

Worse, the US government prohibits oil companies from building new

refineries or exploiting over 100 years of oil reserves that could be

reached easily. Burning corn when it could be used to save starving

millions is a sin.



Wenger on this subject.






Intended now only for bringing up stocks of depleted varieties of fish,

this proposed training of fish to come feed at the sound of a bell has

obvious implications for reducing the costs of netting and catching

fish, generally in the context of oceanic fish farming. However, the air

bubble curtains proposed in our article, "A 'Blue' Revolution in World

Food Production" ( ), with reference to

"Feeding the World" ( ), already in play

to bring up nutrients and aerate the waters, may suffice to contain

or herd in the fish at low or no additional cost - and maybe without

the same sense of betrayal!



COMING NEXT MONTH IN THE STREAM:  A major article by Win Wenger,

expanding on the vital subjects of world hunger, fish farming and

dealing with climate change.






This article describes an easy, no-cost method of being able increase

your learning potential. Two studies from Harvard show that napping

makes you smarter. In one study, people typed a long list of words on

a computer. Those trained at night and tested after a long night’s sleep

did far better than those trained in the morning and tested 12 hours

later without sleeping.


In a second study, people’s ability to learn was tested after no sleep,

a 30-minute nap, and a 60-minute nap. The longer the nap, the better the



The article also points out that pilots benefit from a short nap, and

older people are better able to maintain alertness when they nap for

90 minutes in the afternoon.



Rick Hansen ( ) comments:


Learning is important, and it’s difficult to assess conditions and learn

from them when you’re sleep-deprived. Many workplaces place a value on

“working till you drop.” 80-hour weeks are common. How many bad

decisions are made and not remembered because of sleep deprivation? How

much smarter could we be if we napped regularly?





World temperatures, according to the Hadley Center for Climate

Prediction, show a steep drop over the last year. Anecdotal evidence for

a cooling planet has exploded. China has its coldest winter in 100

years. Baghdad sees its first snow in all recorded history. North

America has the most snowcover in 50 years, with places like Wisconsin

the highest since record-keeping began. Record levels of Antarctic sea

ice, record cold in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Australia, Iran,

Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Argentina, Chile -- the list goes on

and on.


No more than anecdotal evidence, to be sure. But now, that evidence has

been supplanted by hard scientific fact. All four major global

temperature tracking outlets (Hadley, NASA's GISS, UAH, RSS) have

released updated data. All show that over the past year, global

temperatures have dropped precipitously.



Editor's Note:  See this month's feature article by Win Wenger

addressing this subject.







Chided by radicals for wooing corporate partners, the president of the

Environmental Defense Fund is revered in Silicon Valley for championing

a capitalist approach to clean energy. His new book, Earth: The Sequel

(with Miriam Horn), spotlights the most promising climate solutions,

from nanotech to flying windmills. Wired asked Krupp how these

technologies can compete. Read this fascinating interview.






A fight breaks out, and even though people at the far side of the crowd

can't see what's going on, they are immediately on edge. Now, a Harvard

researcher has an explanation for this fear contagion, the quick spread

of emotion through a crowd.


In her study, she showed images of happy, neutral, and fearful postures

with the faces blurred out. Happy and neutral images activated the

visual centers of the brain. Fearful postures activated the visual,

emotional, and motor action areas, showing that emotions are

communicated non-verbally.



Editor’s Note – This study was done in 2004, after The Einstein Factor

was written. The Einstein Factor notes that the part of the brain that

processes words is much slower than the rest of the brain. This study

shows how fast the non-verbal parts of our brain are, and how very

sophisticated they are at discerning threats to our survival. They can

process information and subconsciously make a decision related to

survival. The more quickly you react, the more likely you are to react.





Researchers from Finland found that if stroke patients listened to

music for a couple of hours a day, their verbal memory and focused

attention recovered better and they had a more positive mood than

patients who did not listen to anything or who listened to audio books.

This is the first time such an effect has been shown in humans, and the

researchers believe it has important implications for clinical practice.



Win Wenger ( ) comments:

Evidence keeps on piling up. Add this to the long list of studies

demonstrating the preponderant effects of music on the intellectual

functions of our brain.






Google and X PRIZE officials unveiled nine new privately funded teams

today that will compete for $30 million in the Google Lunar X PRIZE

challenge, a race to the moon. The new teams join the Isle of Man-based

Odyssey Moon team that was the first group to take up the challenge.


"It's not just a new mission," said Peter Diamandis, Chairman and CEO

of the X PRIZE Foundation, during the announcement at Google's

headquarters. "It's a new way of doing business." See the video:


The Google Lunar X PRIZE Cup organizers also announced their partnership

with Space Florida, a group vested in drawing the Sunshine State onto

the commercial spaceflight map. Voted into creation in 2006, the local

organization is offering launch site services and $2 million in extra

prize money to the winning team if they blast off from Florida.





from Steve Hinton's blog, "Inventing for the sustainable planet" - - Monday, February 25, 2008


Steve uses inventing techniques to show the way to the sustainable

society, with a technique called "Image Streaming" visiting "visualised

places". Read the whole story. Explore the rest of his excellent blog.






Discussions in led to here. Neat, eh?

Interesting, I think much of Hawking's discussion was in the context of

information swallowed by a black hole being lost to the universe. The

last part of the holographic discussion here would appear to contradict

that. I don't have the math to sort that out, but it's intriguing.

- Win





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Wenger's Project Renaissance and production of The Stream. Please visit

their website to learn more about their products that develop the mind.

Fun, challenging, intelligence-expanding, and more!






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Anniversary Spring 2008 Online Quarterly issue. To read and print the

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Maurice Fisher, Ph.D., Publisher






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more information.




CAMERA PERSON NEEDED - To record the presentations at Double Festival,

May 23-25, 2008, in Pasadena, MD, and to edit the videos into website-

ready files. Tuition credits available. Contact Win Wenger to discuss

your interest and qualifications -




MODERATORS WANTED - for Project Renaissance's new and growing Forum at - please contact the administrator, Tijl









Feature Article:



                            GLOBAL COOLING?


                             by Win Wenger



   News item:  Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling -

   Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century

   of warming.


This should be of considerable interest, if this pans out. I don't know

that it will pan out, I really haven't delved into the science yet nor

into who paid for these various reports - but I'm not too entirely

surprised. Nor does this dip, if it's for real, necessarily mean an end

to global warming. One of the features of rapid global climate change -

can you say the word "destabilization"? - is that in whichever direction

that overall change is going, we also see drastic fluctuations year to

year in any direction. History has been pretty grim on that point. Next

year might see just as drastic, or an even more drastic, spike running

in the other direction - we'll need to watch for several years to see

if a new trendline has indeed been established.


A few of us have been following these developments. Some have even

suggested that the delayed onset of the current sunspot cycle is

signifying the beginnings of another Maunder Minimum like the one which,

with reduced solar output, produced Europe's experience of the recent

Little Ice Age. If so, this appears to be happening barely in time to

forestall the apparently gathering methane blow I was writing about at, which, if like its predecessors, would

have spiked temperatures abruptly upward by ten or twelve degrees



Also, if this cooling is going to be significant, that direction of

climate change also represents a disruption of land-based agriculture

and therefore of world food supplies. Historically, the Maunder Minimum

- if that period of weakened solar output is what's coming - brought

devastating famines and disease and social disorder. My proposed system

for oceanic fish farming seems fully as apropos for a cooling climate as

for a warming one, the operative factor being CHANGE. As the climate

jerks around, no one on the soil will know from year to year what to

plant when and where. We can, and I think should and even MUST, seek to

move forward something like our oceanic fish farming, at least as a

contingency, and as a safeguard against the fact that world food stores

are already running short.


If global climate is indeed turning abruptly cooler, this revives the

first fish-farming proposal we published in the website in May of '02 -

"Feeding the World" (Winsights No. 59) -

There we suggested using the Beachbuilder invention described in to build a succession of farmable and

forested barrier islands across the shallow northern third of the Bay

of Bengal, alternating with lagoons to be used for fish farming.


More recently I restated that proposal in

I had stopped pushing that proposal when the rising seas, a consequence

of global warming, looked to overwhelm anything we might build there.

If, indeed, the direction of global climate change has reversed, the

oceans will no longer be rising; then this Bay of Bengal proposal, which

would also protect Bangladesh and key parts of India from the typhoons

which sometimes kill hundreds of thousands of people there, will be

worth reviving. So there may be not one but two major ways economically

and very greatly to increase world production of protein, while

protecting the entire planet from the famines which accompany the

periods of rapid climate change.


As to our comet notion (please see and ), some of the urgency for that disappears

except for whatever urgency pertains to the parking of all that water

represented by a comet moved into trailing LeGrangean orbit, as a

filling station in service of much more complete and rapid development

of the solar system.


Perhaps as the climate picture shifts around on us and old certainties

dissolve, old dogmatisms can also dissolve, old politics likewise, and

we can begin to bring both common sense and methods of effective

creative problem-solving to bear on our situation. The road is getting

bumpy again, but we don't have to lose our grip on the steering this

time or get thrown. A good start is:


*  Our proposal for specially designed colloquia (please note Winsights

   No. 90, "A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships - Proposal for a Unique

   Colloquium for the World-Wide Creativity Movement"


*  Winsights No. 99, "Consensus and Higher Syntheses" as methods for

   finding consensus at such meetings


*  The Art and Science of Hosting Conferences


- to plan contingencies for some of the likeliest emergencies we are

about to face, and to turn changing conditions and technologies into

positive opportunities.


(Footnote: the above-cited article on global cooling was first brought

to my attention by Mr. James W. Merritt, )




To send your comments about this article to Win Wenger, write to:


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Rick Hansen ( ) writes, in reference

to Win Wenger’s feature article above:





Project Argo monitors sea temperatures and salinity worldwide using

3,000 probes. Data collected over the past 5 years suggests that ocean

temperatures have remained constant, and may even have cooled slightly.

This was reported in the Washington Times newspaper, but this author has

found this fact curiously absent elsewhere.


Also, NASA’s claim that 1998 was the warmest year on record in the US

has been found to be false and the result of a calculation error. The

warmest year on record was actually 1934, followed by 1998, which in

turn was followed by the year 1921. Five of the top ten warmest years

were from the 1920s and 1930s. Students of US history will remember the

great “dust bowl” ecological disasters that struck the US in the 1930s.

More information about the corrected temperatures and some unfortunate

sources of false warming trends in US temperature measurements can be

seen here:


William Gray, the world's leading hurricane researcher, stated in the

September 2005 issue of Discover Magazine that human activity has a

minimal effect on global warming. He claims that the changes in global

weather are a result in a shift in ocean currents. He also stated that

he lost all government funding when the Clinton-Gore administration came

into office, and since then research that challenged human-induced

global warming could no longer get government funding.


Governments are focusing their efforts on reducing carbon dioxide

emissions when a more dangerous threat exists. The shift of ocean

currents may be bringing warm water into areas containing large amounts

of methane trapped under the ocean floor –

( )

Warm water may cause the ice to "melt", releasing large quantities of

methane, with disastrous results.


Methane is a long-lived, more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon

dioxide. Large quantities are stored in seabeds around the world and

perhaps in deep freshwater lakes as well. If the water temperature rises

above a critical amount, the methane will be released, having a toxic

effect on already stressed aquatic life and potentially causing global



If some of the funds spent on global warming were diverted to research

into harvesting this methane, it may provide a valuable source of fuel

and help reduce the prices and use of other fossil fuels. When burned,

methane turns into much less potent greenhouse gases - water and carbon

dioxide. Methane can be harvested from areas at risk due to the change

in ocean currents, reducing the risk of methane being released into the

atmosphere. Energy becomes cheaper, less of the world's grain production

needs to be diverted to producing fossil fuels, and the risk to fish and

other ocean life is reduced.


- Rick Hansen ( )




Win Wenger ( ) writes:


"Incentivism" has made it into the Space Age, at last. (See the news

item on the Google Lunar X Prize challenge, above.) Economically,

the material returns from winning such a race infinitely outstrip the

prize itself, in terms of subsequent marketing of one's products and

services. In absolute terms, "being first" has always been one of our

very strongest motivational drivers - witness how aspiring pianists

compete for the first prize in the great competitions in their field,

and all that went into their preparation.


Other things equal, setting (or allowing) incentives is a far more

efficient way to get things done. Where public aims and public policy

are involved, this is especially so. Relevant website addresses:


*  On Incentives as a Preferred Instrument of Corporate and Public

   Policy -

*  5 Paths to a Robust Economy -

*  Mixed Economy -

*  "An Easy Way to Fund the Development of Space" -

*  "A Peace Possibility Hanging Out in the Ether" -

*  "Left or Right? Or Something Else?" -

*  "Frog Warming" -

*  "How to Bring Lasting Peace to the Middle East" -

*  "Bringing Peace:  The Balkans, Northern Ireland, and elsewhere" -

*  "How to Wipe Out Most Taxes in New York City and Improve City

   Services—at the Same Time!" -




Rob McBride ( ) writes from Venezuela:

A quick note to let you know I implemented a couple of your ideas in

terms of the Socratic method and in particular on the Dynamic Format.

You can see pictures and videos of the last several programs I have

conducted here:


The program with "Tabacalera Nacional" was the first where I directly

implemented the method. The results were extremely positive!



Win Wenger ( ) replies:

Rob, I'm very glad you're experiencing such positive results with

elements of Dynamic Format and related matters. There's a good reason

why that video looks like a good many creativity-related activities

and games throughout many CPS (Creative Problem-Solving) programs.

Dynamic Format is my abstraction from the observed successful group-

managing tactics and techniques of a half dozen or more different CPS

programs and disciplines. Those got to be effective because most of

them were and are dealing with the business community, which tends to

be results-oriented, and what has evolved are those tactics and

techniques, however arrived at, which worked. Schools have been

slower in embracing these techniques.


This year I have gotten a group of teachers at a school - half that

school's faculty - to start using such methods, and thus far their

results also are extremely positive.  Hopefully, they are taking

measurements and will publish data, thereby creating "permission"

for other schools and teachers to start using these things.


Thank you very much for letting me know of your experimenting with

Dynamic Format.


- Win Wenger ( )





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We are still looking for some moderators. If you have any experience

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Please go to and register, then post your

information under the "ImageStreaming partners" topic. Some of you have

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do so again in the forum.


Thanks, and welcome to the program going live. Our thanks especially to

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would like to practice Image-Streaming with a live listener in his area.


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English. Please contact him if you are already knowledgeable in this

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