To All Educators and Trainers

  • What are the various main issues which cause you the most concern in your profession?

  • What does the following consideration mean for each of those various main issues which cause you the most concern? — Hey, what consideration could be simpler than this?

  • Learning depends, mainly or even entirely, upon making associations with other and previous experience.

  • Students have highly various bases and backgrounds from which to make those associations. (While teachers and texts each have their own styles and predispositions.)

  • It makes sense, therefore, to facilitate the students into making their own (and most meaningful) associations with current learning.

And meanwhile the teacher gets a welcome break in which to re-knit context or his or her own thoughts—while getting to observe his or her students in well-focused "buzzing" action, seeing very clearly how each student is handling the current lesson.

Simply and easily, by saying, at any moment that is convenient or appropriate, Please turn to the person next to you and answer this question:   Of what we've covered this far, what for you is the most important point, and what makes that for you the most important point?

Find other such Socratically involving questions in our 3 Easy Tactics book and our Dynamic Teaching book.

Also within these books are instructions how to re-center your students' attention as quickly, cleanly and easily as you just then threw them into "buzz groups"—and a lot more that you can do with them.

This simple tactic is part of a system shown to more than quadruple students' rate of academic gain as shown in these results. With even just the quick, easy 3 Easy Tactics book, you can more than double the rate of gain in your own students.

Using this form of Socratic Method is easy—easier by far than what you are doing now. It makes doing what you are doing now much easier, and more rewardingly productive.

The break and benefits to the teacher are so welcome that this teaching method reform has actually won teacher labor union endorsement!

To learn more, you are welcome to contact Win Wenger

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