Help Wanted:   Children's Writer
to co-author several projects for children

LOOKING FOR A CHILDREN'S WRITER as co-author, to develop a version of my book, Beyond Teaching And Learning, for use with teens and perhaps younger. Also for either of two other projects for children, especially for very young children, as cited below. I have some reason to believe that co-authoring such a project could be rewarding on several levels, including materially. Please reply by email to Win Wenger.
Working title:
  1. Stress-reduction on tests, projects and presentations (see this website's Winsights Nos. 28-29, Relief Breathing and what we may call clarification breathing).

  2. Essentially, a version of Chapter 1 of Beyond Teaching and Learning.

  3. Span of awareness, span of comprehension (see the "breathtaking" article on held-breath underwater swimming, in the online quickbook Two Guaranteed Ways to Increase Your Intelligence).

  4. Paths of understanding ImageStreaming and/or Over-the-Wall Problem-Solving as per our present partnered pamphlet, an earlier version of which is included under CPS Techniques on this website.

  5. Borrowed Genius — the original "generic" version for which we are best known is posted here. With this method one may build years' worth of proficiency in several days or less.

  6. Enhanced Reading (the simple pre-vision predictive form, not the more involved PhotoReading, but which we can refer to). In Image-Stream mode, before one ever goes into a major lecture or heavy-duty text or chapter or paper, one asks one's faculties for an image "which somehow will make everything in this context come together for me and make immediate sense to me," registers what that image is, and "hangs that on the back wall of" one's mind, then plows on in. Greatly enhances both comprehension and speed of processing.)

  7. Reinforce the understandings with which you understand everything else! (See Build Your Ability to Understand Everything, Winsights No. 44, August 2000.)

Optional Appendices:

A.   Incidentals (little specific tricks like "Radar Dish," the ear curling, flick-gazing wakeup of the senses, image-reinforced effort, etc.). Here, as in Borrowed Genius, we might broaden our appeal with reference to improving performance in sports as well as in the arts and academics.

B.   Freenoting (likewise part of BTAL); free here online.

C.   How to unblock "Blocks" (a dynamite application of "clarification breathing" and related patterns, to remove blocks to learning and to performance). Another option could be the self-esteem-building "Mirror Breathing," if that isn't too therapeutic.

D.   Vision-predicted sequence of understandings (like #6 above only with a sequence of core questions from course content or even from course's "Teacher's Guide").

E.   Toolbuilder ( under CPS Techniques on this website).

It will be a real challenge to translate both content/explanation/context and the exercises themselves to child-level forms. I've made a start on translation of procedure, such as in Borrowed Genius, going from the classic "head of the genius" form to the World Next Door procedure in Winsights No. 20. Jerome Bruner's dictum:  "any idea can be taught in intellectually respectable form to any child at any age or level of development, provided that you do so in his own conceptual vocabulary."

Nearly everything cited is also in the book, Beyond Teaching And Learning, an unbound copy of which I will ship, along with several specific papers, to work from, to whoever contracts to undertake such a project of co-authoring with me what should become a very popular work. Because the schools are so visibly resistant to improvements, this could circulate as a "guerrilla" piece; if we don't burn bridges doing so, we can also get some help from enlightened interests within the schools.


I also seek a co-author for young children's books on two other projects:
o   Some basic elements of general systems theory. Understanding those basics provides core understandings in every other subject and specialty, enabling them to intuit their way through whatever they encounter, and so should be part of every child's structure from as early in their educational experience as possible. I have two short primers on a somewhat idiosyncratic version of general systems theory, but definitely not in a form intelligible to children.

o   An introduction to at least the map-vs.-territory aspects of General Semantics, perhaps accompanied by a version of my epistemological continuum, a very strong way to get the child (or anyone) to go meta to his or her own thoughts and perceptions, thereby developing same to higher levels. I regard some form of Korzybski's map/territory notion to be invaluable to emotional stability if not to sanity itself, and have several papers along this line if anyone is interested in such a project.

These books should exist in two forms:   a carry-around conventional printed book, and a coded-entry online book. A number of possible options for publication appear to be open. Market for these works, especially the first project above, should be extensive, especially in these next few years where concern over the schools can only increase very strongly. There are but very few ways to do more good for more human beings than to bring a project like one of these to fruition.


Responding to any of these three projects, please email to:
Win Wenger

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