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(Reproduced from a posting on imagestream@yahoogroups.com)

Decades ago, I greatly added to the articulate intelligence of one of my own daughters, and several neighborhood children, while they were in the late pre-verbal, babbling or echolaic stage of development, through the simple device of feedback. I rigged two reel-to-reel tape recorders so that, between them, the sounds the babbling child made would be broadcast back to the child after some seconds' delay, in a continuing loop. (The optimal delay appeared to be about 20 seconds.)

For how long at a time to play the game and/or to let the machine run? — About 20 to 30 minutes at a time seemed best to me, though the children usually wanted more.

This effect is now yours to use, for your child, for free, with a software version of The Babbleback Machine. This listgroup's own Brian Theado has set this up in such a way that you can plug a microphone into your own computer and download a program which will serve YOUR child as my clumsy mechanical reel-to-reel did mine. The child should forever after for a lifetime enjoy clearer, more articulate command of spoken language. That effect should also spill over into thought processes and into other forms of language usage, as well as into the verbal component of I.Q.

If your own child isn't at the babbling age, please bring this new resource to the attention of friends, neighbors, and kith and kin who do have children at this age.

This system is thought to be of use only for children while they are approaching or in the babbling echolaic stage of development. "Window of opportunity," so to speak.

This system is generously being made available to parents free of charge. Project Renaissance profoundly thanks Brian Theado, the creator of this device, for this significant advance in the human condition.

The information and download for this easy electronic computer-based version of Babbleback is posted for you at Brian Theado's website, The Babbleback Machine. Please direct any questions about installation or operation of the system to Brian Theado or to the discussion page at his web site.

With appreciation,
Win Wenger

Video Feedback

As a followup to my computer-based Babbleback machine (available for download), I had the idea of creating a video camera version of the same concept. The video version records both video and audio and plays them both back with a 2-second delay. See a description of the implementation.

My daughter loves it even more than the audio-only version.
Brian Theado

Another testimonial

I just wanted to let you know that Joe's little daughter, Teagan, who just turned twenty-one months old, absolutely loves Babbleback! She is so cute holding the mike and shouting and making all sorts of noises and words; clearly, it is all a big game to her.

Teagan is really sharp. I'm not just saying this as a proud, doting uncle. She pretty well understands everything you say to her (judged based on her responses and actions), and picks up words and phrases from unknown souces. Just the other day, I came into the house, and she called from another room, "Sam! Where are you?" Incredible little mind at work there!

Teagan also sings to music; although the words are not yet clear, she seems to know what she is singing! She also dances, employing different moves and rhythms to different songs, based on their beats and the type of music. What a joy she is!
Sam Dube


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