#Little bearess

Little Bearess
the most excellent adventure of
the Einstein Factor Express

by Ursula Flink
Ursula Flink

Chapter One — The Book
Chapter Two — In the Dark
Chapter Three — The Prize
Chapter Four — Turn-About
Chapter Five — Singing in the Rain
Chapter Six — The Plane Party
Postscript — The Lucky Invention

Chapter One
The Book

Once upon a time there was a woman called Little Bearess, about 40 years old, with a very nice husband and very sweet children living in a town called Linz in Austria. Ever since her school days she had been interested in the topic of human biology and especially everything connected with the human brain. She was a personal trainer and her business was running quite well, but there were a little bit too few adventures and challenges in her life.

One evening, while she was talking with her husband about their news of the day, there was a program on TV about scientific brain research, and the woman stopped talking and listened with fascination.

The next day she had to buy some school supplies for her children and went to a bookstore. And she asked for a book about brain research, and the seller showed her a handful of books on this topic. The most interesting one for her seemed to be the book, Der Einstein Faktor by Win Wenger and Richard Poe, and so she bought it.

Coming back home she started reading, and with every single word her fascination grew and grew. Step by step she got addicted to doing all the exercises, and every day she would spend all her free time practicing the methods that were described in this unique book. She did Image-Streaming and passed through whole adventure tales; she did Creative Problem Solving, Over the Wall, Cognitive Structured Enhancement, and Instant Replay; and she solved many years-old problems within minutes.

Her husband and her children noticed that there was something special going on, because Little Bearess often forgot to do very important things like preparing the meal for the children at the very moment when they came home from school or running after the children to bring them their things and similar stuff. Her family asked her about these changes, and she said only, “This is all because of this book!”

And slowly they, too, got interested in this mysterious book. One day she started to do some of these wonderful exercises with her husband and—behold!—there were tremendous effects coming out. The husband was surprised and fascinated and asked Little Bearess where all these tremendous methods came from. And she searched for the name Win Wenger on the Internet and found the website called “Project Renaissance” and came to know all about the author and inventor. Her husband called:

“Where is this man living and teaching? —Find it out and go there, please!”

No sooner said than done, it came about that Little Bearess landed in Baltimore on the 13th of November 2003.

At the airport she met a man from Great Britain and a woman from Northern Ireland, and they were picked up by a very nice young man from the Netherlands. The four nations round-up was perfect, and—leaving the airport—she said in a solemn tone to her three companions: "We are the pioneers!"

And this was the beginning of a week of the most exciting trainings and specific experiences that she had ever done!

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