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Beyond O.K. is a book of techniques for applying image-streaming and breathing processes to removing mental and physical stress from your system. It also includes some processes for using your internal attention to help others remove stresses from their systems.

Also included are some processes for becoming more congruent about goal-attainment, by finding and deleting whatever internal hindrances have been blocking you.

The title Beyond O.K. reflects an attitude of going beyond remedial techniques and into the realm of generative, self-creating processes.

Deliberate evolution, you might say.

I highly recommend this book.

I've e-mailed [author] Win Wenger that this book really ought to put him on Oprah Winfrey's show. Oprah's recommendation has put Seat of the Soul on the best-seller lists. Imagine her experiencing the pleasures of Beyond O.K. and recommending that experience for her audience. (A million people image-streaming and breathing away stress would only help the party here on planet Earth, I think.)

        — Sean Collins

P.S. — I was speaking to a Silva Method graduate meeting in Florida, and read the technique "energy column breathing" aloud from Beyond O.K., and people approached me after the meeting to say that that was the most extraordinary self-improvement process they'd ever experienced. (And there are 100 techniques in the book.)

I've been reading and practicing some techniques from Beyond OK, especially the energy exercises, and thinking to myself, "Why the heck didn't I find this book before?" Thank you for supplying such valuable information, Win.

        — Elroy Carter

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