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Books/Audios reviewed

o  Bestseller!   3 Easy Tactics to use in your classroom
This compact teacher's handbook includes three tactics proven in classrooms to let you teach smarter, not harder — free yourself from the burdens pressing on teachers today while profoundly improving your students' learning and understanding.

o Brain Boosters
Another blockbuster by Win Wenger — 20 minutes a day to a more powerful brain. Self-study audio course on 6 CDs, with workbook of exercises. Also downloadable on MP3 in seven lessons. Published by Nightingale-Conant, who also published the taped course for The Einstein Factor.

o Genius Code
Self-study audio course on CDs, with manual. Combines two phenomenal techniques: Paul Scheele's PhotoReading and Win Wenger's ImageStreaming. Even better than The Einstein Factor to access the astounding brain potential you have that's just waiting to be tapped!

o A Method for Personal Growth and Development
This book started Project Renaissance's relationship with Success Magazine and eventually led to Win's co-authoring The Einstein Factor with Success' Senior Editor, Richard Poe. Sets forth the core of the Project Renaissance training program as oriented toward effective creative problem-solving. Success Magazine, one of the world's leading entrepreneurial periodicals, liked it so much that it published two different major articles on it.

o Discovering the Obvious
Techniques of original, inspired, scientific discovery, technical invention, and innovation.

o The Einstein Factor
Great techniques for unleashing the powers of your mind. Now adapted also as an audio guided course on tape or CD.

o Beyond Teaching and Learning
Eight different systems of method for learning easily with profound understanding.

o Incentives as a preferred instrument of corporate and public policy
Conflict resolution and problem-solving through Incentive Equilibrium Analysis.

o Beyond OK
Psychegenic tools relating to health of body and mind. Now also available as a 6-week home study course by Sean Collins in downloadable audio (mp3 or wma) and text formats.

o How to Increase Your Intelligence
Temporarily out of print
Raise your I.Q. 20 points in 25 hours of pleasant, entertaining practice. Guaranteed.

o Two monographs on Systems Theory
Civilizations and other living systems; Toward a general theory of systems.

o The Better Baby and The Port-Wine Sea
Two books by Susan Wenger—a profoundly sensible collection of advice for raising a smarter, happier child; and a hilarious parody of Patrick O'Brian's sea-faring stories.

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NEW!   The CoreBook Series

Project Renaissance is producing a collection of compact books to present Win Wenger's key techniques in summary form—easy to read, easy to use. Several volumes are in preparation and will be announced here when available. The first five volumes are now ready. Click the titles for description and how to order:

Other titles are in the works!

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Books online

o On Incentives as a Preferred Instrument of Corporate and Public Policy
Chockful of incentive proposals, ingenious solutions to thorny problems, and techniques for creating new solutions.  Free online in its entirety.

o You Are Brighter Than You Think!
Combining Socratic method with Einsteinian "deep-thought" technique promotes human intellect to function at its finest.  Free online.

o Two GUARANTEED Ways to Profoundly Improve Your Intelligence
Held-breath underwater swimming and Image-Streaming as powerful agents of greater effectiveness.   Free online.

o Beyond Teaching and Learning
The full text of Chapter 1 of this great book, with many hot tips for accelerated learning and increased understanding, and for accessing and retrieving your unconsciously held awarenesses. Learn like a genius!  Free online.

The Children's Shelf o The Philosopher's Stone — for children
A fantasy tale of courage and wisdom. Illustrated, with an addendum for parents. Free online.

o Dew Song — for children
A gentle tale of beauty and fantasy that could hold real-world truths. Illustrated. Free online.

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