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Good Morning, Dr. Wenger,

I took Brain Power on trial from Nightingale-Conant with enthusiasm but not without doubt last week. I have to tell you, or I would be ungenerous and ungrateful, that it is absolute magic. It is probably the most wonderful motivational programme ever...and I started with Earl Nightingale 5-10 years ago, finding my way to Brian Tracey, Anthony Robbins, etc. ...many life enhancing speakers...

But the most amazing thing about Brain Power is that it fills me with energy and seemed to start solving problems from the first 5 tracks on CD 1... It is great information, and I wish all the underprivileged kids from poor backgrounds who feel hopeless, and their mothers, could have access to this and be shown how to use it.

When I finally get to grips with all there is in it, as I play it many more times, I am sure to be amazed at many more life-enhancing changes.

Best of luck to you.

Many thanks...

        — Christine Lee

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