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You are brighter than you think! — Far brighter......

Each of us has stock responses, most of them trivial but not all of them so, to almost every situation and stimulus. These stock responses are based upon what we think we know, and based upon our partial inattention.

Every one of us has exquisitely more sensitive perceptions about each of those same situations or stimuli, if only we could get them forth into our full attention. Every one of us has within us much that is exquisitely worthy to be drawn forth into full attention.

Life is a positive-sum game. Play accordingly. Life features much, much more win/win (and lose/lose) than it does win/lose, though it has all of these, and we have to deal with all of these. (In dealing with these, psychology's Law of Effect pertains:  you get more of what you reinforce.)

Above and beyond raw, meager subsistence Stone Age survival:  many or most of the accumulated benefits of civilization and culture are leftovers from the win/win elements of earlier transactions. One of the biggest win/wins is to draw one another out in the manner of Socrates, on your respective subtlest perceptions, thoughts and awarenesses — to get each other and yourself past your initial stock answers and perceptual short-cuts, to where your real power resides.

Draw forth in depth, from each other — and from yourself via tape recorder or journal — your richer, more meaningful perceptions and thoughts, and the bounty of the entire wondrous universe awaits you.

  • For a beautiful example of how to draw one-another out, see the Winsights column, "Mutual Lives".

  • For one of many sets of ways to give everyone, even in the largest groups or classes, enough Socratic air time to be drawn out in depth and to draw one-another out into quality insights, please see Dynamic Format.

  • For the most sensitive, Einsteinian Discovery Technique, ways to work with and draw out your richest, most intelligent, wisest and most meaningful perceptions, please proceed to the online free book of the title, You Are Brighter Than You Think.

  • Also please note the problem-solving techniques — Over-the-Wall and High Thinktank.

  • See also the adventurously exploratory, discovering and inventing techniques: — Beachhead and Toolbuilder.

  • Check the richly and deeply accelerative learning technique, Borrowed Genius.
These free tools work readily for nearly everyone who tries them. Ultimately, who can do it for you but you? It's up to your choice and your action as to what you want to do for yourself, and do for those whom you care about, and do generally — and when.

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