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A very special version of the Beyond-Einstein Training focuses specifically on generating scientific discoveries, technical inventions, and/or new designs both practical and artistic, as in engineering, architecture or the arts.

Some of the tools are already published, laid out step by step in the books Beyond Teaching and Learning and Discovering the Obvious. These and other available tools are many and very basic, and so are readily tailored to various specific situations.

Inquiries to Win Wenger, or write to Project Renaissance, P.O. Box 332, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20884-0332 U.S.A.

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The basic tools of modern-day Einsteinian-Socratic Discovery Technique are taught in context of ingenious problem-solving, ingenious answer-finding and solution-finding through "hands-on" learning of:

  • Either Over-the-Wall or Image-Streaming (trainer's option, depending upon what he or she sees participants needing the most).

  • Making sense of your inner language and symbols. Not only in dreams, we each have developed our own different inner language over a lifetime. There's no "Rosetta Stone" or dictionary — but there are easy and highly reliable ways to decode your own inner meanings. Note:  2% of your brain processes in words; more than 90% of your brain does its processing in sensory images — and does most of its real thinking there!

  • How to dialog with your inner resources, and question them, without distorting the messages they are trying to show you.

  • Ways to verify your findings.

  • High Thinktank method, arguably but demonstrably the "cleanest" and most powerful and accurate method for discovering answers now in professional use.
Other applications of these and related tools, taught in context during the fuller Beyond-Einstein Training intensive, cannot be squeezed into a "hands-on," experience-based approach during only one eight-hour day, but participants may easily pursue their own applications of these readily-mastered tools beyond the walls of this training experience.

Arrangements for this one-day core training are special and circumstantial. Inquiries to Win Wenger, or write to Project Renaissance, P.O. Box 332, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20884-0332 U.S.A.

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By arrangement, one- to two-hour mini-workshop demonstrations may be provided to your group on almost any basic Project Renaissance procedure. Three of the favorite special sessions are:

  • Over-the-Wall Problem-Solving.   Bring to this session one or more of the questions you most want answers to, problems you most dearly would like to find solution to — and discover an answer! — while acquiring, "hands-on," the skills to go on solving as many other of your questions, issues, problems and opportunities as you please.

  • Borrowed Genius.   This very high-leveraged learning enlists your own very real genius in learning. Discover, to your surprise, a lot you already unconsciously understand in any subject, topic or skill. What remains to be learned there integrates readily around that already-known core, once it is focused.

  • What has happened to us!   A remarkable and astonishing transformation has occurred in our world and to ourselves, yet very few have noticed it. — But it changes nearly everything! In this session, you yourself will demonstrate to your own satisfaction the fact of this remarkable transformation in you and in your world, its nature, and what it means for you and for us all. (This subject is an element of a book in preparation whose working title is Unlimited Endless Abundance.)
Inquiries to Win Wenger, or write to Project Renaissance, P.O. Box 332, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20884-0332 U.S.A.

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  • Teach Smarter, Not Harder!   One-day session — How to so involve your students that they do nearly all the work, learn far more effectively, and you don't have to chase them around with paperwork, quizzes and drills. Mostly a modern form of easy group focusing and management technique and modernized Socratic Method centering on Dynamic Format.

    • Equip teachers with several useful elements of modern Socratic Method

    • Equip teachers with several of the 100s of creative problem-solving methods —

      1. To solve the problems they are wrestling with.
      2. To convert into accelerated learning methods which they can use with students.
      3. To convey problem-solving competence to the students for THEIR use.
      4. All of these are forms of modern Socratic Method — the easiest of all the CPS-related forms to introduce and practice — paving the way for infusion of more CPS methods and practices.
      5. Make teaching easier and more productive for the teachers.
      6. Elementary School Version: How to arrange groundrules, activities, games, etc., for the less than fully verbal child. How to arrange these to be fully as rich, immediate, instructive, usefully directing, self-reinforcing and convenient as those of some of the best modern Socratic methods and CPS methods originally designed for adults?

    Observation: these are first of all methods which, when converted to accelerated learning form, serve purposes of learning with true understanding. Some elements of the school curriculum, however, involve rote memorization: times tables, names of chemicals, flora and fauna or of geologic ages and types of rock, foreign language vocabulary. Here is one area where the problem-solving aspects of your work and ours come back into play, having the teacher problem-solve to find more creative ways to present such rote material and to motivate students to its assimilation.

    Further, there are few schools, indeed few classrooms, without problems to solve.

    Both these problem-solving concerns — on the problems of school and classroom and community generally, and on the presentation and motivation of both rote material and non-rote, understanding-based content for assimilation — represent ready-made routes via which the initial infusion of Project Renaissance-style modern Socratic methods into the schools can pave a very broad path indeed for ready acceptance then of the rest of our and your methods for CPS.

  • Become a Socrateur for Fun and Profit.   Explore some ways to draw out, from your employees, your colleagues, and yourself, those subtler and deepest practical insights which bring truly superb breakthrough answers and solutions. A favorite two-hour demonstration piece for your firm or group, as well as one of the most profoundly useful lessons around....

  • Beyond Teaching and Learning.   Three- to five-day program — "Hands-on" with a wide range of the world's most powerful techniques for enhancing and accelerating learning with understanding. Not a memory course. Eight different types of technique.

    By any one of most of these methods, build proficiency in days which normally would take years to acquire — and then go on to higher levels from there! As a teacher, use these ways to build your own further teaching skills, as well as learn how to produce these desired results in your students.

    The 5-day version, done for groups of teachers in-house, is designed to ensure successful transfer of skills and understandings by teachers into useful application back in their own classrooms, though individual teachers, on their own, may make such transfer readily enough even from shorter versions of this course. Course is centered on, but goes beyond, the contents of the book of the same title.

Inquiries to Win Wenger, or write to Project Renaissance, P.O. Box 332, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20884-0332 U.S.A.

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These feature special interests of key Project Renaissance members, and some of the unique Project Renaissance methods for teaching skills and topic with special effectiveness.

  • The One-Week Renaissance in Art or Music.  Create as never before! And acquire some performance proficiencies along the way. Become a much more highly productive and skilled artist (or composer and proficient musician). Arrange this through your local university or arts society, otherwise the logistics for this would make this training more expensive. Group should be twenty to sixty members in size. Further benefits obtain if this training follows either the Beyond-Einstein training or the Beyond Teaching and Learning training.

  • Toward a General Theory of Systems.   Understand the general nature of how things interact and work together, and you are a long way toward understanding any other subject or specialized field. Whatever the specialty through which you examine it, our universe has one general set of physical laws. To understand, among these, the nature of systems makes our specialties intelligible and accessible to one another. This experience should make even your own main field and most familiar areas of understanding much more understandable and meaningful to you.

  • The Dynamics of Civilization.  Examine numerous of the main theories why so many civilizations, before our own global-western world, apparently destroyed themselves. Is there a life cycle to massive human cultures and how might that be redirected? Structural considerations and the nature of systems are used to inform earlier models, as well as to point toward courses of possible action.

  • Rebuild the Very Foundations of Understanding  is built around Jean Piaget's developmental model and around Image-Streaming. It is critical how were formed the most basic concepts through which we seek to understand everything else. In most of us, in early childhood some of these concepts were so poorly formed or acquired that these impair the quality of our current understanding in many, sometimes unexpected, topics and areas. In this training we seek to repair these basics and so support a much more effective and powerful current understanding.

    (Special Note: We are looking for clinicians and other professionals who can develop this new methodology into a more generally ongoing service, a positive ongoing service and not merely a therapy.)

Inquiries to Win Wenger, or write to Project Renaissance, P.O. Box 332, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20884-0332 U.S.A.

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A variety of ways to explore different facets of the human system, centered in part on the book Beyond O.K. — Psychegenic Tools Relating To Health of Body and Mind. Practice of these psychegenic techniques gave rise to, and is still closely related to, the techniques and findings today of Project Renaissance.

Inquiries to Win Wenger, or write to Project Renaissance, P.O. Box 332, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20884-0332 U.S.A.

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