Photo Gallery
Double Festival 2004
All photos courtesy Ursula Flink.


Conference sessions in spacious ballroom

Attendees around conference table

Others enjoy informal seating

Cora Robinson and Tijl Koenderink in process

Sandra Dingli and Joshua Teo in Image-Stream

Chuck Roman and Kaye Lee debriefing

Ursula Flink teaching her Future Stairs process

During a break: Win Wenger with, left to right, Sandra Dingli, Cora Robinson, Ursula Flink

After hours

Toasting success - Thomas Atkinson, Tijl Koenderink, Kate Jones

Joshua Teo and Rory O'Connor pondering game strategies

Ursula Flink and Joshua Teo learning tango

Stu Cart, Robert Fulton, Alan Black reviewing the day

Dining out

Win Wenger, Cora Robinson, Thomas Atkinson, Kate Jones, Tijl Koenderink, Joshua Teo, Kaye Lee

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