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Double Festival 2007
Photos courtesy of Adrienne Garnett


Conference sessions in spacious ballroom

Attendees in conference room
Some of the attendees at Double Festival 2007, left to right:
Back row — Sandra Hansen, Rick Hansen, Eric Tooch, James Friel, John Fortado, Michelle James, Stu Cart
Front row — Arasu Chellaiah, Joel Lindo, Tijl Koenderink, Win Wenger, Kate Jones, Isa McKechnie


Riding cargo in van
Traveling group riding as cargo in carpeted, cushioned van:
Tijl Koenderink, Isa McKechnie, Joel Lindo, John Chabot, Adrienne Garnett


Out to dinner
Out on the town in Pasadena, MD. a dinner group, left to right:
Tijl Koenderink, Kate Jones, Barry Satterthwaite, Joel Lindo, John Chabot, Isa McKechnie

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