The Beyond-Einstein/Socratic Training

Special pre-conference event kicking off the
Nineteenth Annual Double Festival,
at a private facility in Pasadena, Maryland.

Thursday-Friday, May 19-20, 2011
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


These two intensive days will be an adventure in using various problem-solving techniques on a variety of problems worth solving. Astonish yourself! Learn how to draw easily on far more than you knew you have — and at the same time resolve some of the issues in your work, your life, and all around you.

This comprehensive, general training in Project Renaissance methods includes the latest discoveries in techniques for problem-solving and opportunity seizing; accelerated learning (in which you learn how to easily get more knowledge and understanding from your studies than your teachers and text authors put into them!); self-discovery, open-ended discovery, innovation; our signature process Image-Streaming; High Thinktank; Borrowed Genius; and our redevelopment of 2400-year-old techniques which, in themselves, may prove to be a substantial answer to much of the human situation.

We draw directly on two historic geniuses — Albert Einstein, whose name became a household word synonymous with “genius,” who created and sought to teach his Deep Thought Discovery method which had taught him Relativity — and the method and inquiry system of the greatest Athenian, Socrates, whose method lit up nearly all of late classical Greece and was a main vehicle for the development of the great European Renaissance. The third genius you will discover is you yourself. You are more than you thought you were. You are brighter than you think! Discover this through powerful but practical hands-on experiences professionally facilitated, and in very good company!

Scope of the training — somewhat resembles the scope of what you find in looking through this website. Once you start paying attention to your own first-hand perceptions and awarenesses, many very good things become apparent to you. However wide the scope and variety of Project Renaissance techniques, they all help you develop systematic ways of discovering practical opportunities and discovering life itself through your own independent first-hand perceptions.

Though these methods will be taught in their problem-solving application, you can then use them also for a wide range of other purposes, including enhanced/accelerated learning, self-discovery, innovation, invention, and building your performance and general capabilities in the arts, in sports, interpersonally, in your work, intellectually, and generally.

The validity of these methods has been nicely supported by the results of the use of their form as teaching methods, by St. Andrew's Country Day School in Buffalo, NY.


The Unfolding, Drawing-Out Process
Historic Socratic Method led to such miracle leaps of understanding that its practitioners thought all knowledge was already within each of us. We've discovered the key psychological and physical principles behind what made Socratic Method so very productive of genius. Learn here new, easy, effortless and even more powerful ways than the historic method, to Socratize one another, your staff, your friends and co-workers, your family — and even yourself!


Engaging Your More Sensitive Faculties
Einstein's "Deep Thought" discovery technique was but the tip of an iceberg. (If he'd had the new versions of his own method, he'd have found that elusive unified field theory!) Better still, "you don't have to be an Einstein" to easily and productively use these new forms, to discover your own great answers and to make your own discoveries. That 99.99% of your brain and perceptual faculties which were out of reach, no longer are.

This aspect of the workshop features basic training in one of our signature processes, Image-Streaming, which has proven so broadly useful that a number of other disciplines and authors have picked it up and added it to their own programs. Part of this session will in fact serve as a clinic in the skills of Image-Streaming and of making sense of the meaning of the images which result.


"Use it or lose it"
You absolutely no longer need to be gradually losing it, and much of what you thought was gone, isn't!


Other Direct Avenues
Explore with us also some of the other, highly various ways to work directly with features of the brain, senses and physiology to improve the quality of ability, performance and experience.


A Few of the Specifics

  • Participants will discover effective answers of their own to a wide range of their most difficult questions, problems and issues.

  • Participants will gain understandings and skills which enable them to go on making their breakthroughs far beyond the walls of this intensive "hands-on" training.

  • Participants will acquire new ways and skills and ranges of learning — ways to build, almost effortlessly, years' worth of proficiency in only days in almost any topic, subject or skill (including athletic skills, artistic skills, intellectual skills, human interactive skills), and with richer, greater depth of understanding and ease of retention. These are not memory techniques — their focus is truly understanding.

  • Become able to continue making breakthroughs without end in your work and career. Acquire skills and practices of creativity and ingenuity which let you literally transform almost any situation you address, immediately and for the long term.

  • For those so inclined, there are even ways to pursue, far more effectively, technical invention and scientific discovery. See some of these ways laid out in that remarkable book, Discovering The Obvious: Techniques of Original, Inspired Scientific Discovery, Technical Invention, and Innovation.
We'll be using more effective tools for positively exploring the human dimension. (This, though, is not a therapy course. We are informal but not unbuttoned.) Discover a lot of solid reasons to feel far better about yourself. This is not a self-esteem program where everyone goes around telling you how wonderful you are. Instead you simply discover that fact for yourself, in terms of what you are accomplishing.


Main facilitator of this Beyond-Einstein Training intensive is Win Wenger, Ph.D., founder of this program and of Project Renaissance and discoverer of the now widely-practiced Image-Streaming technique. With more than three decades of service in education, training and research, Win has also written and published 54 books, many of them available on this website. He has authored such international favorites as How To Increase Your Intelligence (soon re-appearing in a new edition); Beyond Teaching And Learning; the aforementioned Discovering The Obvious, and co-authored The Einstein Factor. He also has co-authored, with PhotoReading's creator Paul Scheele, the great course on tapes and CDs, The Genius Code.


Tuition for this intensive workshop is $295, less any applicable discounts (inquire Win Wenger). Of even this small fee, $200 will apply toward your $495 tuition for the main Conference, in the same facility. Register for the Beyond-Einstein Intensive now.

Phone Win Wenger, 301-948-1122, or mail the printable registration form to the address below, or register online by simply clicking the desired Register buttons here.
Register for 2-day Beyond Einstein Intensive, $295.
Beyond Einstein+Double Festival ($200 discount), $590
3 days Trainer Training, $300

Register for all three events (Beyond-Einstein Intensive; Double Festival 2010; Trainer Training), seven days ($1090 value), save $295 — $795.

Family Plan:  Accompanying family members, half price. Contact Win Wenger directly.

Students/Teachers:  deduct an extra $75 from combined Beyond-Einstein/Double Festival. Contact Win Wenger directly.

Alumni Discount: 15% for previous attendees. Contact Win Wenger directly.

Military Veteran Discount: 10%. Contact Win Wenger directly.

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