Comprehensive Training of Trainers

Monday through Wednesday, May 23-25, 2011
Special Intensive Three-Day Annual Workshop
following the 19th Annual Double Festival
at a private facility in Maryland


The more that people become effective problem-solvers and solution-finders, the better are the chances for all of us. The more people there are who address the situations they find around them, the likelier it is that some of them will address — and find good solutions to — the great problems, the problems affecting all of us.

There is a great need for human repair and repair of the human condition — and an even greater need for exploration and development on the positive side.

Likewise there is a need for many of the methods and practices (and insights) of Project Renaissance — so much need that we’ve published more than a hundred of them openly, making them available to everyone. However, when these experiences are professionally facilitated and with live partners, they are even more powerful and effective. Hence, there is much need also for professional trainers of the Project Renaissance program.

Anyone is welcome to lead or teach others in our published methods and practices, even without our licensing, so long as the source and location of these methods and practices are acknowledged, so long as they represent these as particular methods from the Project Renaissance program and not as the Project Renaissance program per se, and — for so long as they don’t have our license — also, they must not represent themselves as a Project Renaissance trainer. This makes possible a quality control program which benefits us all and protects our clients.

Whoever would become a licensed Project Renaissance Trainer should experience at least one group-based generalized basic training such as our Beyond-Einstein/Socratic Training (B.E.S.T.), or our one-day clinic in Image-Streaming. S/he then needs to train directly under Dr. Wenger, originator of most of these methods and practices, in this Training of Trainers program. This also provides Win the opportunity to assess the candidate’s suitability and capabilities relating to serving as a Trainer at some level in the program.

Some of the experiences during the Trainer Training range even farther than those of the general training, because everyone participating will already have been sensitized and helped to become more perceptive.

Nearly every Project Renaissance method and finding derives directly from first-hand experience and observation, and can and should be retested at that level. Equally important, however, is the need to make sense of what we’ve found. That paves the way to find more.

The perspectives, methods and practices we will be teaching ten years hence are likely to be substantially different from even the cutting-edge processes we are teaching now. Hence, to be listed among our Trainers on our Project Renaissance website (we soon will update that list), we encourage our trainers to take at least some Trainer Training every two years and/or find other means of keeping abreast of developments.

There is much validity in many various fields bearing upon the human condition. If you have some grounding in one or more of these different fields, that will strengthen your chances of acceptance as a Project Renaissance trainer.

You are also welcome to teach what you know from those other fields, subject to the conditions imposed by their respective disciplines, alongside our Project Renaissance methods as a Project Renaissance Trainer, provided you make clear where each such process came from.

You are also strongly encouraged and supported toward creating your own processes, which may be taught in your name and/or which you may, if you like — if these are suitably accepted — license back to Project Renaissance for wider use. Project Renaissance is not a frozen formula of processes but a community of ongoing discovery.


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