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What about those UFOs?

According to Reuters, Wednesday, August 15, 2001, Senior Space Writer Leonard David, in an article titled: "UFOs and Classified Aircraft: Shedding New Light on Dark Secrets":

About 20% of the UFO sightings the past five years are due to a variety of new secret military aircraft, some of which — like the inflatable helicopter proposed here — are semi-dirigible!

David cites William Scott, a reporter for the aerospace magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology, as saying that many of the objects cited are "a large, hard-shell, near-neutral buoyancy carrier aircraft .... While not a true airship-like blimp, it is gas-filled. This lightweight and enormous craft also sports a sizeable internal capacity. That makes it ideal for hauling troops and lots of equipment from point-to-point."

Another cited source referred to "very large, slow-flying ... aerostats or semi-aerostat vehicles. The advantage of an aerostat is an ability to haul a huge antenna — a great tool for bugging or detecting targets. The antenna size would be far larger than anything feasible for installation on an ocean-going ship, or even toted by a heavier-than-air aircraft."

David himself then goes on to say, "Also being commercially offered are wedge-shaped hybrid air vehicles that are akin to huge dirigible airships of the past. They are marketed as being capable of carrying large cargo and zipping along at high speed. ..."

The point being,

That though this website has been up only since about 1996, we have been offering the concept of semi-dirigible aircraft since about 1976. The concept is valid.

And so are the concepts behind many hundreds of other inventions coming from our use of Beachhead and other Project Renaissance techniques. Only a very few inventions have we cast into public domain, here on this website. Ever wonder, "If these are what Wenger is giving away, what must the many inventions be like that he is holding to develop on a proprietary basis?" Think about it. What could some of these many inventions be doing to benefit you, and others?

We simply don't have the time to do what the inventor of Xerography did for so many years: — run around from firm to firm getting doors slammed in his face. Especially when we have so many inventions. To do the other urgent things that we are doing, we'll have to let what you find here in this website, and in our publications, make the case for us. We can hope that someone with appropriate connections or resources, somewhere, has enough gumption and curiosity to go the next step and look into some of our other inventions — and/or take up practice of "Beachhead" and start generating his or her own innumerable workable inventions.


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