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Book Review:
Discovering the Obvious
Techniques of Original, Inspired
Scientific Discovery,
Technical Invention,
and Innovation

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.

Discovering the Obvious is the culmination of decades of' the author's research into accelerated learning, mind and creativity development, and increase in individual potential.

The core concept
By the laws of natural selection, the natural law of survival/self-preservation requires that, in a changing world, all complex systems, living and non-living, must be susceptible to feedback/reinforcement, like the Mandelbrot set. All complex systems must therefore "obey" the Law of Effect...With reference to behavior's prime law, the Law of Effect states that "you get more of what you reinforce."

The full richness and ramifications of "reinforcement" as described in behavioral psychology are identical to feedback as defined in general systems theory.

The application
The answer to what you are looking for is already right on the tip of your mind, if only you could get at it. Here is how you can. Whether in your professional work or in your personal life, this book gives step-by-easy-step directions. Learn how to focus better attention on just what it is that you are seeking and thinking, and on what it means. Learn how to notice what you almost noticed, which contains your long-sought answer.

The book provides Immediate ways to solve various scientific and technical or artistic design problems; how to find the correct hypothesis to test, immediately within minutes instead of costly years later; how to find your winning answer now. Discover how to get past what you expect the answer "ought to be", to the real answer; and how to strike directly through to truly original breakthroughs.


Comments from readers
o   "Words fail me. Because of your [Beachhead] method I have accomplished an enormous amount of research..."
— Joshua Backon, Israeli biochemist and now chief editor of several major pharmacological journals.

o   "So simple, I just can't express! To think, on problem after problem I have the answer, right in front of my nose!"
— R.W., electrical engineer in Illinois.

o   "It's because of you I got into the 1992 issue of Marquis's Who's Who in the World, and the 1992 issue of Who's Who in Science and Technology, and the International Who's Who!"
— "Jay," internationally noted researcher in the biological sciences.

o   "The solution lay in the merging of two highly obscure facts—one from engineering, and one from chemical physics—each fact [turned out to have been] known for the past 40-50 years!"
— J.O., biochemical researcher and journal editor-in-chief.

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