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      John led them. "Let's take a mental vacation ... just get comfortable and relax and let's all close our eyes to see what will be revealed to us. Maybe there are ways to have it all ... let's ask for a vision from our minds where there is forest, and people with places to stay ... and maybe something will appear to each of us. Sylvia, I can't see what's in your mind, so could you please tell us what you see?"

      "I'm in the forest!" said Sylvia, "and you and Aurora are there ... and I see people in the trees! I mean, they are up in the trees, in the branches! Now I see treehouses, and I go up one of the trees ... it is a huge tree!  It is so big that my living room could be up there! The huge lower branches are so strong that they are holding up the bottom floor, and there are other little platforms further up the tree ... there must be four or five levels of house up there! The tree house is kind of open and airy inside, and little birds are flying around ... the air feels fresh and good, and the sun is streaming in through the branches ... Now I'm looking out into the forest and I see other treehouses out there ... there are many of us living up in these houses in the trees!"

      Aurora was amazed! She had known the beauty of the forest all of her life, but she never realized that beauty could come from within, too. She began to feel that there was some hope.

      John then said, "Sylvia, that was wonderful! I think even the Elders will be surprised at how well the things they taught us worked! My turn! Now I'll tell you what appears in my mind, and it might be even better than Sylvia's idea."

      "Hey!" said Sylvia, "enough of that, John! Now why don't you close your eyes and tell us what you see?"

      "Okay ... I'm standing on the ground and all around me is rolling countryside. There are green shrubs all over the place ... hey, wait a minute, there are houses behind those shrubs! These houses are kind of lowset and all hidden by the shrubs and the trees. Now I'm walking around, and if I look real hard, I see there are houses and stuff everywhere, but you'd never know it if you didn't look for them! I'm climbing up a tree to take a look around ... it still looks like there are fields and rolling hills everywhere, with little hints of houses poking out here and there ..."

      Aurora gasped, and almost started to cry. There was hope!

      "John, I would like to try this thing your Elders have taught you ... I would like to see the beauty within too!"

      "Okay, Aurora," said John, "all you have to do is to close your eyes, relax, feel that there are ways to solve our problems, and then just describe whatever you see in your mind!"

      "The beautiful green forest is here, and the birds are singing their songs, the sunlight is filtering through the trees, and you and Sylvia are there with me. You are being like a spider spinning his web! You and Sylvia are putting up strands of silk, no, rope, between the trees ... strands of rope everywhere ... and you are draping huge sheets of colorful fabrics on these ropes between the trees!  I see ... you are making your boxes, but they are of cloth and they are in the trees! You have not cut down a single tree, but you have your boxes to live in and play in! And there is one of Sylvia's Tree Houses ... and some of your houses hidden behind the shrubs ... and there is a little house inside a big hole in the ground ... it is about 20 feet deep, with a garden and pond at the bottom, and trailing green vines all around the edges of the hole ... and the house itself is made of balconies at different levels on one side ... so there is a pretty grotto on the one side, and somebody's house on the other!"

      "Aurora," said John, "do you still think that you will have to leave us?"

      "No, John, I see now that maybe there are ways to have both the forest and the boxes."

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