Two GUARANTEED Ways to Profoundly
Improve Your Intelligence

by Win Wenger

Part One - Introduction

Part Two - Can and Should Intelligence Be Increased?

Part Three - Awareness and Attention-Span: A Breathtaking Discovery

Part Four - Image-Streaming

I. Introduction

1. For accumulating 20 hours of held-breath underwater swimming within 3 weeks from start to finish-- 10 or more points I.Q. gain; better span of attention; better span of awareness; better awareness of the interrelatedness of things and of ideas and/or perceptions; finding yourself way better at winning arguments or disputes! (20 or so seconds to 3 minutes at a time underwater, stretching the time a little each dip but remaining well within the bounds of comfort and safety - be sure someone with you there is aware of what you are doing. By the procedure we describe herein, you must be truly underwater, not just dipping your face in or just holding your breath, because the brain-circulation enhancement induced by the marine diving response - common to all mammals - is unexpectedly powerful in this combination of effects.)

The other procedure--

2. Accumulate at least 30 hours, 5-20 minutes at a time, of true Image Streaming as directed herein, and you will gain substantial increases in "I.Q." Your language skills will jump noticeably, contributing to 100 points or greater gain overall in such standardized tests as the G.R.E. (assuming you aren't already close to the test's ceiling -- see below). Your gain in more numinous aspects will be even more striking. This must be - or rapidly become - true Image Streaming as described herein, using a tape recorder or a live person listening.

At this time we do not know whether the gains from following both procedures together would be merely additive, or whether they will be positively synergistic. Pending formal measurement studies, our expectation is the latter. At least we know that either program by itself will, by itself, provide the benefits cited for it, apparently permanently.

Of course we realize that the dollar-value refund on this booklet means little to you compared with the value of your time, effort and attention in pursuing either of these procedures. There is no way we could refund those greater values. Happily, no refund will be needed - instead, you will find yourself soon able to accomplish far more of what you've been doing, far better, faster and further. Your investment in time, effort and

(Introduction, cont.)

attention will be quickly repaid many times over and then go on as a "dividend income" for the rest of your life.

Quibbles and Qualifiers:

A-ha, you knew there must be a catch to this! --Only, there truly isn't, only some common sense.

Of course, to qualify for refund you would need to demonstrate by some well-recognized standardized test that there was no gain resulting comparable to those cited. We would hope, in fact, that you would have more positive reasons for tracking your progress by test, if only curiosity. Making that part of things easier for you is the likelihood that most of you already have, as your before test, an I.Q.-related score of some sort already on record - in which case, all you would need to do is to arrange for a different or new form of the same instrument for your after measurement.

For that matter, you could simply go ahead and pursue one or both the procedures in this quickbook for their own sake, and not bother with tests and refund issues, just go for the benefits. For those of you reading this, however, who care to pursue such matters of proof and test, here are these quibbles and qualifiers (or common-sense provisions):

A. Whatever test you use to measure your benefits from this must be good at measuring in the upper ranges, and have either a high ceiling or no ceiling. If you already are at or above the ceiling on the test, whatever improvements you make in fact would not be reflected ion the score, obviously.

B. The test you use should be in 2 different forms, one for the "before" and a different one for the "after," to minimize test gains which are attributable to practice instead of to the effects you are seeking to measure.

C. The "after" test should be performed at least 60 days, preferably 90 days, after completion of your process intervention. Your intelligence gains appear to be permanent, but take some while to work their effects through the habituated ways in which your brain and mind think, perceive and work. A test for intelligence immediately after the intervention would show little if any gain, though some of the other gains do show up more immediately.

Next question: are you intelligent enough already to appreciate the value of more intelligence? --Especially since so many people "know," including many qualified professionals, that you cannot increase or improve human intelligence - that you are stuck with the level of intelligence - or lack of it - that you were born with???

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