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Next High Thinktank Session

To be announced



About the Free Public Sessions of
The High Thinktank

  • Most sessions explore different methods of creative and ingenious problem-solving, including our signature method, The High Thinktank Method, and including our most recent method to come into world-wide professional use, the Windtunnel Method. Since 1988 we have explored more than one hundred different methods, some our own in Project Renaissance and some from other programs and disciplines.

  • All our announced public sessions can be usefully explored without prior experience. Some meetings not announced publicly are for experienced members, either exploring advanced procedures depending upon prior experience, or to solve a client's problems and questions. Occasionally, these advanced sessions undertake very special projects and/or experiments. Sometimes we hold an invention-making party and create meaningful devices and inventions. Sometimes we explore the future, in ways that are like literally "being there."

  • Some sessions experiment with radically accelerated learning methods. These usually greatly improve intellectual understanding in most topics or subjects; human understandings as in personal and office relations and/or self-understanding; and physical understandings such as in the creative and performing arts or in sports and athletics. Improve your golf game? Find out!

  • Bring your burning issue or problem or question to one of these sessions, where you have a better chance of solving it or discovering a great answer to it than just about anywhere else. You are brighter than you think — and, equipped with the right tools, are more than a match for just about any situation!

  • Occasionally we explore special topics, utilizing Project Renaissance methods to assure every participant understands — and is able to contribute meaningfully — to that topic. With such methods, even our guest presentations become electrifying experiences.

  • These sessions are alive and enriching in ways not yet experienced by most people. This is how every classroom could be — interesting, exciting and rewarding without limit — if only there were schools and teachers around willing to do better by their students:  our methods are remarkably easy to apply. Meanwhile, we delightedly pursue not only such methods, but through those methods a wider range of interests than can be addressed in any classroom.

  • Check our monthly newsletter, The Stream, for current meeting times and places, or inquire to Win Wenger. The High Thinktank program welcomes you.


    o E-Groups — If you can't be there in person, join our thriving electronic community. Exchange ideas, questions, answers and perceptions with other wonderful people by email. Just go to the Image-Streaming e-Group to initiate your free membership.

    o Free Membership — Can't come to Project Renaissance events in person even though you'd like to? We hope eventually to have enough people involved in various areas so that they can easily form local thinktanks, enjoying and serving in communities throughout the world. In the meanwhile, you can register for a free membership in Project Renaissance, with all its privileges and benefits.

    o Local Groups — We are preparing a handbook of resources and suggestions and instructions for forming your own local thinktank. To receive your free copy of this handbook, drop a line accordingly to Win by email, or by mail to Project Renaissance, P.O. Box 332, Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0332 USA.

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