The Future of Education

One of the missions of Project Renaissance is to raise consciousness about the inadequacies of the traditional school system and its entrenched approach to education, which has squandered the gifts and potentialities of generations of human beings.

The philosophy and methods developed by Project Renaissance in over a third of a century are dedicated to maximizing each student's innate capabilities and untapped resources for faster, easier learning, deeper understanding, greater creativity and inspired problem-solving, while adding depth and richness to every facet of their lives.

Here are the major articles in this website exploring alternative educational models based on Socratic and Einsteinian principles. Please read them, and join with us to help bring about a better future.

o The Shape of Things to Come
o The Ideal School
o Mission Statement
o Message for Educators
o Teaching and Learning Techniques
o Dynamic Format
o Core Message of Project Renaissance
o Draft Prospectus for Renaissance University


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