Book Review:

A Method for Personal Growth
and Development

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.

This is the book that started Project Renaissanceís relationship with Success Magazine and eventually led to Winís co-authoring of The Einstein Factor with Successís Senior Editor, Richard Poe.

Built upon Einstein's "Deep Thought" method and the draw-out-and-develop method of Socrates, Method is the most comprehensive text on Einsteinian Discovery Technique, ranging from basic "Over-the-Wall" problem-solving and Image-Streaming to "High Thinktank", arguably the strongest, most accurate, most advanced answer-finding system of methods now in professional use on Earth. Different, but equivalent, instructions for it are online in High Thinktank.

Method was the first major publication of the Image-Streaming process and phenomenon. More comprehensive descriptions and instructions have since been published, in Discovering The Obvious, in Charles Romanís CoreBook, Image-Streaming, and online at Image-Streaming, though additional related procedures are in Method which have not been published elsewhere.

The original 1987 edition sold out soon after Success magazine started running feature articles on it.

So what, other than a few unique methods for problem-solving, innovation-invention, discovery, and brain-building, is still uniquely contained in Method alone, driving us toward a possible reproduction of this now classic book? The main message of the book, and the issue Project Renaissance is still wrestling with in various forms, is:

How best do we notice, perceive, process on and respond to more of that vast seething ocean beyond consciousness, of knowledge and awareness and wisdom with which we all, every one of us, have been gifted, but which few of us even imagine having?
This message, and this book, A Method for Personal Growth & Development, pull into focus a major part of what Project Renaissance is all about. To learn and practice the techniques laid out in this book is self-empowerment at its finest.

In 1991 we expanded the book and produced a small number as a 216-page, photocopied, workbook-bound edition, a very few of which are still in stock, while they last.


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