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Genius Code
by Win Wenger and Paul Scheele

Reviewed by Richard Haggerty


It is 10:32 on the 13th July and I have just been listening to the most amazing tape set that I have ever listened to. In fact, I can sum it up in one word, "awesome." It is absolutely lightyears ahead of what I had expected and made the whole learning process much easier and much more fun than I had ever expected or thought possible.

If you have ever listened to or tried to learn PhotoReading Personal Learning Course, then be clear that this is very different. I have done many such courses, and this for me is the best one so far. For a start, there is no need to develop a belief that you can do it. You just find that you can do it, end of story. You will experience the results of your new skills as you are listening to the tapes.

From the first tape, Paul Scheele gives us an important talk to remind us of how our conditioning at school often causes us to choose limits for what we think that we can do. He then reminds us of just how brilliant we are, and it is straight into exercises with Dr Win Wenger.

If you have ever read The Einstein Factor, a brilliant book, you will know that Dr Win Wenger is an absolute polymath — he has a profound knowledge of psychology and just about any areas that you can think of. Yet, what surprises me most hearing his voice in the tape is how gentle, calm and down-to-earth he is. Win is so peaceful, and you would not think that there is this intellectual giant here. His energy is not overpowering, and he just reassures constantly that this is easy for you to do — and so it is!

When you get to tape 2 and do the first "image-streaming" exercises, you will be amazed how calm his voice is and how likeable the man is. In fact, his relaxation exercises were so effective and calming, I drifted off into a deep sleep the first time and had to rewind the tape to listen to it again (consciously).

"Image-Streaming" is a unique way instantly to be aware of a mass of the information that is immediately outside your conscious awareness. This information contains intuitions and solutions and is actually very easy to access, as it is just below threshold of our conscious awareness. That information can be in terms of feelings, sounds and pictures. So you don't need to have especially clear pictures to be able to do the exercises. Research shows that just about everyone can visualise, although image-streaming is in a different league in that you can use the senses you prefer. It is also very pleasurable and quick to get results. Not only that, but image-streaming also boosts your IQ very quickly.

The exercises are not just about describing your perceptions, though you will develop an amazing ability to become much more able to use and to describe all your senses, including your sixth sense, but you will actually have a lot of fun in the process.

That is another word that springs to mind in listening to this course — fun. It is so easy to use your inner mind to deliver solutions. It is absorbing a mass of information every second, yet we are generally only ever taught to use our conscious mind that holds a maximum of 9 pieces of information, according to some researchers.

On tape 3, Win guides you into a Hidden-Question Procedure. You ask for a solution to any problem and then get into deeply relaxed state (it gets more relaxing every time you do it!). You then ask an imaginary wall to fall down. You describe your perceptions and there is your answer. It is absolutely astonishing in its accuracy.

Tape 3 alone has forever changed the way I will problem-solve. Firstly, as we know from the theory of multiple intelligences, developing skills other than logical, mathematical and verbal is very important and a consistent feature of genius. I chose to develop my interpersonal skills. It was a fantastic revelation to me that this course can even be used to improve relationships! I have long thought that John Gray and Barbara De Angelis should team up to do a Relationships Personal Learning Course, but in the absence of that, this course allows you develop such skills.

This course is not just about excelling in schoolwork, though you will do that. I chose to find solutions to an interpersonal issue — how to deepen my friendship with someone I really cared for. As I entered the relaxed state and waited for the answer to appear behind a hidden wall, I was excited. And the answer came — trips abroad and to certain specific countries. I clearly saw us in Spain and also taking rides on elephant and horses.

You even get to "debrief" afterwards and confirm that you have correctly interpreted what your brain has given you. This course is worth buying just for being able to interpret your inner images and dreams (later in the course, you also learn how to Lucid-Dream, that is to wake up in your dreams, and the brilliant Dream Play B paraliminal learning session).

The course is unique in that it is the most thorough, easy and reliable way to interpret with accuracy and certainty the internal representations that our minds provide for us. It is our accurate interpretation of the images that is so important. There is a clear process for us to go through to make sure that we have understood the pictures. We then ask our inner minds to confirm what we have learnt during the procedure. We ask what the most important question is that we need to ask about the material and the most important answer. I have never found such a clear and simple way to understand what comes to my mind and in my dreams anywhere. And to corroborate the answer you simply find a way immediately to implement it. I just mentioned the ideas of holidays to my friend to check the accuracy of the procedure.

What it really highlighted for me is that we have fixed ideas and paths in our minds. I consider myself highly creative, but in response to a common problem, I use the same information, data and expectations to answer it. Therefore I never really get very far with those "intractable" issues. This course helped me blow them out of the water, and it will do the same for you.

Let me repeat, it is a very easy and fun process. It goes much farther than usual brain, relaxation or visualisation methods. Much, much farther.

And by the time you get to tape 4 and 5A (PhotoReading and Direct Learning), the best just gets better.

PhotoReading allows you to blast through books at over 25,000 words per minute and Direct Learning allows you to instantly start to develop new behavioral expertise in any area you want — from playing a sport even better to being a better communicator.

I have used PhotoReading with great results for a number of years, combined with Time-Line and Direct-Learning methods. I have used it in the past to learn to use HTML (a language used to write Internet web pages) in about 10 minutes. Direct Learning is particularly useful to people who feel that they lack the belief or confidence that can get the comprehension from their reading. This way you actually build up a set of new behavioral skills by blasting the information in — just like in The Matrix, where Keanu Reeves is fed a load of information. He suddenly finds that he can acquire new martial arts skills and use them just when he needs them. Direct learning is our 21st century equivalent of the ability to download vast amounts of information.

You will be able to generate these new skills anytime you want them and you will be able to do this on the first pass through the tape. It is so easy and something that most of psychology and learning are very behind on. That is, to learn a new skill, you first want to learn it unconsciously. Rather than having to remember every gesture as you move your tennis racket, you want it to flow — this is what direct learning can help you to do. I chose to improve my relationship with the opposite sex with John Gray's books, and the experience has been amazing. I am relating in new incredible ways and with new insights that I am going to be able to benefit from for the rest of my life.

You get a mini-course in PhotoReading, which is well worth doing just in itself, whatever your level of expertise in reading.

I loved tape 5A so much I did it twice. It is a very powerful experience to encode information as fast as you can turn pages, then in your mind's eye, you go into the future and visualise what you want to manifest. Visualisation is very effective by itself, but combined with the new information and skills you have just acquired from as many as 5 books it is a real treat.

Paul then takes us on a tour of how to get the most from our dreams and includes the amazing Dream Play paraliminal. This helps us to be able to remember dreams and also to be able to interact in them and learn new skills. Paraliminal tapes help you enter a very relaxed state, and dual voices activate both hemispheres of the brain — the more logical left side and the creative and symbolic hemisphere of the right-brain, which gets metaphors. This process alone can help your personal development massively as dreams are a "training ground for your personality development."

On tape 7A you get to experience "Borrowed Genius." It has roots in shamanic practices, and NLP used an advanced form of this — Deep Trance Identification (DTI). The "Borrowed Genius" Procedure again shows you that you can learn new skills effortlessly, just by imagining yourself as and moving around as your role model. Studies show conclusively that unconscious modelling is how children learn most effectively. Modelling is also how Richard Bandler and John Grinder were able to replicate the excellence of Dr Milton Erickson. Paul McKenna used a similar process, which he calls "unconscious accelerated learning," when he wanted to model charismatic presenters, so that he could get on TV! Dr Wenger's approach is simple, easy and really useful for developing any skill. It is very powerful indeed and a lot of fun.

I was able to meet with and ask questions of my model and get some insights as her that have changed the way I think about her. Some of her thinking was not compatible with mine, and I am free to search for a more compatible role model now. I could have wasted a lot of time without this useful method.

Personally, I could not believe just how powerful the last exercise was — "Advanced Civilisation." During this process you actually go into the future or across space-time to meet people from the future, who are geniuses in the field that most interests me. I went to an advanced civilisation, where everyone had amazing interpersonal and loving relationships. I saw the kids at schools and the focus being on giving them loving energy and teaching them to interact with the opposite sex. A single lady was waiting there to take me on a tour. I also got to do the modelling process ("borrowed genius") on the lady and a young girl in the future — to experience from their perspective how they had been brought up to perceive the world as a field of vibrating energy and colours. I am very keen to see just how Genius Code course continues to improve my interpersonal skills. And this was just the first time I did it.

For me, Genius Code is the best personal learning course that Learning Strategies Corporation has ever done. You get to see results immediately — and you start to access and develop rapport with your inner mind more quickly than any other process I have yet found. It is fun, you do the exercises under guidance and in real time. It definitely goes beyond The Einstein Factor — and for those who have read the book, this helps you attain the states, motivation and confidence to get the most out of image-streaming.

I had previously benefited from many of the techniques of Dr Win Wenger, but I did not see much need for me to use image-streaming. After breaking through an impasse in relationships, improving my ability as a healer, going into the future and experiencing a society that brought up people to have deep, satisfying relationships, I cannot wait to go through it again. I recommend this to anyone who wants to expand the way they think and break old patterns that are limiting them, anyone curious to find out just how amazing they are and anyone who wants to have fun!

Richard Haggerty
Accelerated Excellence


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