High Thinktank Kit—"White Questions"

Here is the sheet of "white questions," to help you get started. As you use these up or even before, replace them with your own questions. Part of the challenge in the "30-day challenge" is to come up with enough meaningful questions of your own!

Print these starter questions onto plain white paper, cut them up into separate slips (one question to a slip), fold the slips of paper in on themselves several times so that the written question is not immediately visible and so that the slips from outside look more or less identical. Here are the starter-questions:

What main opportunity
to serve should I be
alert for, today?

What can I become
aware of today which
best will advance me
toward my goals?

In the long run, how
best can I make a
positive difference
in the lives of
those around me?

How best can I make
sure that I keep up
the practice which
will best develop my
abilities & well-being?

What's another and
even possibly better
method than this one
for discovering good
answers and solutions?

At this time, which of
my illusions would it
be best for me to see
through to the reality?

If what I am doing now
is caterpillar, what
is butterfly and how
best do I get to there?

How best can I improve
my material income
immediately and

What IS the best
question for me to
ask now, and what is
its best answer?

At this time in my
life, what have I been
overlooking which could
best improve my situation?

Which of my long-
held goals is now
within my unexpectedly
easy reach?

What do I most need to
know about this High
Thinktank procedure that
I'm not yet aware of?

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©1999 Project Renaissance. Permission to copy these questions for personal use is freely granted.