High Thinktank Kit
30-Day Challenge Questionnaire

Once you've worked with this kit for a while and gotten some experience with it—hopefully, the challenging 30 straight days a few minutes at a time each day—please fill in this very informal questionnaire and send us a copy, to Project Renaissance, P.O. Box 332, Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0332 U.S.A. Thank you.

Can we quote you by name? _____
Can we quote you by initials?_____
Keep this confidential instead?_____

Your name_______________________________________________________

Your address & zip code ___________________________________________

Your occupation or profession _______________________________________

(Optional:) Your age ____ and gender _____ and ethnic origin_____________

1. I have worked with the High Thinktank kit for each of
_____ (how many?) days in a row, and/or
_____ (how many?) days out of a period of _____ (how many?) days......

2. .......averaging ________ minutes each day that I did this.

3. I've gotten images or impressions to questions (what portion or percentage?) _____ of the time.

4. I've gotten what appeared to me to be answers ______% of the time.

5. I've gotten what appeared to me to be good answers _____ % of the time.

These next questions to be answered below or on attached pages:

6. The main difficulty which I think was in my way in reaching toward the 30 days, was:

7. A. My best or most interesting answer;

    B. the question it answered; the images/impressions I had which led to it;

    C. how I interpreted these into my answer:

8. My most interesting experience with this:

9. The most surprising thing(s) I've noticed about myself or in my life, during the later stages of this experiment:

10: Some other observations, and/or suggestions:

Thank you for returning this questionnaire and thereby helping
to advance the art and the science
of this invaluable field.
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©1999 Project Renaissance. Permission to copy this questionnaire for personal use is given.