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In 900 Minutes,You
Can Be Composing
Very Fine Music...

Music, Music, Music

Pole-Bridging in
the Brain: Why and how
it builds intelligence

Another Avenue
to Improving

Create and compose original, quality music
with the Improvitaping technique

This technique works for musicians and non-musicians. YOU can create fine original music fully comparable to any of Win Wenger's pieces that you can hear here—indeed, better than Win's music if you already are a musician. The feedbacks and behavioral conditioning effects of your own Improvitaping practice also sensitize you to the voice of your instrument and how to evoke it, which thereafter informs and improves your musical performance.

Here's a surprise or so for you ...
Every note you are hearing Win Wenger play was new as of the moment it was recorded, played "from the top of his head." It did not exist before this was recorded, and never would have again had this recording not been made at that moment.

Further surprise:
YOU can create your own original music as good as or better than what you are hearing—but in the style of your favorite forms of music!!!

These effects result from use of the method, Improvitaping. Find complete, step-by-easy-step instructions for Improvitaping, free to you on the Web. In the same article, discover what makes this form of improvisation in music very different from other forms—and why this enables even non-musicians to rapidly become composers of good music. How rapidly? As few as 900 total minutes of practice of the procedure, 90 minutes each day for ten days, will be enough to have many people discovering the elation of hearing their own wonderful original music.

Still further surprise:
This rapid-flow-with-feedback of Improvitaping may actually increase one's intelligence. Please see the free article exploring effects of flow-with-feedback.

And yet still a further surprise:
Practice of this form of improvisation may additionally increase your intelligence through the effects of Pole-Bridging in the brain; see also this second article on this point.

Many further surprises await you, not only here but in other regions of this website. Use the specific, direct ways to increase your intelligence (and you might Google for "brain plasticity" to see additional such ways), ingenious ways to solve problems, methods to learn, teach and/or train more easily, effectively, rewardingly and with understanding. Many of these easy specific ways you can easily test and verify for yourself.

What drives the effects of improvitaping?
The most basic law or natural principle to come out of the past two centuries of behavioral and psychological research is the Law of Effect, the short form of which can be stated thus: that "you get more of what you reinforce." Amidst improvisational flow and the flow-back or feedback of your doodling under the special conditions and arrangements of the Improvitaping procedure that you find here, what works reinforces and begins to build up, more and more of your music starting to "work". What doesn't work, drops away.

Most forms of music improvisation try to work up routines, jazz being a leading example. Very important: instead of working up such routines, if you stay away from music themes and patterns that you recognize from before, whether your own or someone else's, integrations within you will develop at a much deeper level and you will drift into elegant form even if you've never studied form and composition. Discover on your own how form is part of what works in music, including your own favorite kind of music.

More than just composing music
Improvitaping set-up and practice is also a great, very easy, rapid way to learn the voice of your instrument and ways to evoke it, mastering levels of nuance, subtlety and feeling which much improve your proficiency in musical performance. — Again, in the rich intensities of flow-with-feedback as experienced in Improvitaping, what works in your music reinforces and builds up.

Invitation —
To publish your own, original, high-quality music right here! Try Improvitaping your way through our 900-minute program, 90 minutes per day for ten days or more. If both we and you like the results enough, and with your permission, we would like to publish your improvitaped music and that of others, all genres, or link to it if you publish it yourself or elsewhere.

Through Improvitaping, your own music, of whatever genre, can be as good as or better than any music you hear here, to the point where—over and over—you hear yourself exclaiming in sheer astonishment, "I said THAT?!? Wow!"

For your listening pleasure...
You might enjoy one or more of Win Wenger's pieces that were created by Improvitaping. A few pieces are listed below, and many more of them will appear here soon, once we've resolved several technical and equipment issues. Click one of the pieces below for your listening pleasure and curiosity, and also give some thought as to how to schedule in your own first 90-minute session of Improvitaping for today or tomorrow.

  • Prelude for Piano
    A pleasant way to start the day, or to finish it. (10 minutes)

  • Meditation for Harp
    Impressionism lives again! A very absorbing piece which much surprised its creator. (17-1/2 minutes)

  • The Quest
    En l'honneur de J.R. Tolkien—does Tolkien's wonderful Hobbit fantasy describe the quest of all of us who are in the human condition? A lighthearted piece for piano and strings. (19 minutes)

  • String Dances
    A spontaneously created and composed piece of music that demonstrates some of the resonant effects of plucked strings. (4 minutes)

  • Entrance for Brass Ensemble
    A processional piece, perfect for a brass band. (4-1/2 minutes)

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