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Our friendly links to our colleagues listed here in no way reflect any political views of Project Renaissance, leftist, rightist, or centrist, nor an endorsement of political views or commercial interests that may be held by other organizations. We think the human-enhancing cause we identify with is far larger than any particular ideology, as well as any particular organization, including our own. The links are organized in two sections and may occur in specific articles, as well.:
o Image-Streaming and related sites
o Other valuable sites to check out


o Beyond Human is an e-zine that explores the limits of human potential. It has a wealth of detail on Photo Reading as well as a multitude of mind-expanding utilities. Tools for your mind, body, and soul. Many entries from other sources well worth exploring. Guiding spirit: Mark Joyner.

o Genius by Design (formerly "Anakin's Brain") is produced by one of the most perceptive and penetrating intellects it has been our pleasure to meet. Matthew Turco's site covering accelerative learning has articles, reviews, and a few online books in their complete form. Also has the Image-Streaming/PhotoReading Listserver FAQ and Archives, as well as Matt's original writing. Many of Win Wenger's articles were originally published here and are still present in archival form.

o  Steve Hinton offers a challenge to use Image-Streaming itself to come up with a way to make Image-Streaming mainstream:

  • Visit, via Beachhead, a place where Image-Streaming was mainstream and had fueled a new renaissance, with the elimination of poverty and environment- and health-detrimental lifestyles.
  • Go around the place, describe it, and then investigate how the place had developed from what likens the current situation in the world today to this advanced state.
  • Take from the Image-Stream what you can to come up with concrete proposals for proponents and practitioners of Image-Streaming and other related Socratic techniques.
Steve will publish the results on his blog, Inventing for the sustainable planet. Just send the tapescript and follow-up notes via email to Steve Hinton. He is looking forward to hearing from many of you. Also visit his website: A Very Beautiful Place.

o The Image-Streaming e-Group is the place to go if you feel out of place because you have too many thoughts and too much creativity. Hundreds of extremely creative and intelligent people are currently subscribed and throwing around ideas on how to enhance creativity, intelligence, and life in general. Participation is encouraged, though you can "lurk" if you feel so inclined.

o New groups forming?  For get-togethers in person to practice Image-Streaming with live listeners, problem-solving, idea-testing and other techniques of Project Renaissance: if you are interested in joining a group or in starting a group, send an email to Win Wenger for contact information.

o Capital Ideasmiths was Project Renaissance's official newsletter and e-zine between 2000 and 2002, edited by Michael Cole and published on his website. It explored the latest ideas on the mind and creativity enhancement as they emerged. You can see back issues for Vol. 1 through 6 in the archives. In December 2002 it was renamed The Stream and moved from the Yahoogroups site to be produced and issued by email directly through Project Renaissance. Free subscription when you register as a member of Project Renaissance:

o Project Renaissance Member Registration. Fill in the Project Renaissance Registration Form to become a member of Project Renaissance, get advance notice of Project Renaissance information, free issues of The Stream newsletter, and much more!

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