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o Innovation and Creativity Ezines and Newsletters shares a sampling of "ezines" and newsletters focused on creativity, creativity tools and innovation and innovation tools.

o Energy Inventions provides news and information about innovative inventions and future technology.

o Academic Earth offers thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars.

o The Brainwaves® Center on Cape Cod is co-directed by Allen D. Bragdon and David Gamon, PhD. Allen D. Bragdon is the Founding Editor of Games magazine, author and a puzzle columnist. Dr. David Gamon is a researcher, author and teacher in the cognitive sciences. The Center provides training and targeted mental exercises in six zones of practical intelligence—memory and concentration; appropriate emotional response; executive planning; effective social interaction; language and computations skills; creative spatial and constructional functions. Their well-designed website shares knowledge in the applied value of research in the cognitive sciences. They also publish and sell books and a newsletter.

o Cristina Andersson of Finland is an author, educationalist and soprano. In collaboration with fellow musician Collin Hansen, she has written a powerful book, The Winning Helix — The Art of Learning and Manifesting Your True Potential, on creating winning results with help of an intensive, dynamic and conscious action-learning process, using the metaphor of the DNA double helix. You can read the book for free here.

o All Gifted Children is Esther Andrews' mission to help parents develop their children's genius and their maximum potential. A former school principal with 26 years of experience developing children's intelligence, Esther has filled her website with a wealth of resources, and through her articles, Ezine, Ebooks and live, online seminars she shares her knowledge and philosophy. Minds are our most precious resource. Esther's methods nurture them from the youngest age.

o Since we raised the question of whether teaching perfect pitch to adults would have much the same effect on the left plenum temporales — the core of our intellect, doubling in physical size — as it does in young children, we've had pointed out to us David Burges' most interesting site for a method that reportedly does teach perfect pitch to adults. Already possessed of such pitch, Win is unable to evaluate the method directly and would like to hear from others who can.

o Kristrinah Talus-Ayala has an extensive website, The Center for Creativity, a "Studio for Expressive Arts in Self-development, Creativity and Psychotherapy". They're doing some really fine work in creativity, especially in art creativity, and providing a very needed place where women can find meaningful and sensitive self-expression.

o Centerpointe Research Institute provides a high-tech program for meditation and mind development. It uses the Holosync® audio technology which, when listened to with stereo headphones, "stimulates the central nervous system to create deep meditation, boost mental abilities, create remarkable healing of emotional problems, and dramatically lower stress levels." On their web site you can listen to a free on-line demo.

o Ralph Cerchione has a growing blog site whose purpose is to explore the idea of developing exceptional if not superhuman abilities from every possible angle. Links, reviews, articles, opinions.

o ChildMinds was an e-community of parents, teachers and other professionals working together to discuss and develop new understandings of young children. It was oriented to ways of developing human potential in all positive regards, not only intellectual.  It may sometime be revived under another title, but this listing unfortunately got taken over by spammers and is no longer recommended here.

o The ChildWrite Project is generating, and starting to publish, children's story books modeling not what children should think but how to think and perceive. Explore the fascinating archives of this group which has been functioning as an eGroup.

o Cleanlanguage.co.uk is the extensive website of The Centre for Symbolic Modelling, Clean Language and the Metaphor Therapy of David Grove. Good stuff. Win believes these people represent one of the major new perspectives now emerging for us on the human condition.

o Colloquy is, to the best of our knowledge, the first high-IQ society based entirely on the Internet. It is created as a forum for the collegial sharing of thoughts, experiences, and creative expression among people of superior intelligence. The group's regent is Julia Cachia. Courtesy, congeniality and civility are the outstanding characteristics of the discourse among the members of Colloquy's egroup. Yahoo-groups registration required.

o The Creative Education Foundation hosts an annual World Congress on Creativity late each June. The Foundation and its congress, known as The Creative Problem-Solving Institute, were founded a half century ago as the very start of the world-wide creativity movement. The Foundation also provides other events, an extensive library and catalog of resources, and training and consulting services. Project Renaissance's founder, Win Wenger, Ph.D.,  taught there each June at the Creative Problem-Solving Institute from 1977 to 2007 and feels that he has learned there much more than he has taught.

o In the 1950s, Alex Osborn launched the world-wide creativity movement, at a time when everyone "knew," as so many today "know" to be the case with "intelligence," that "creativity" was something you were either born with or born without, not something that could be learned, practiced, taught. The Osborn-Parnes CPS Method is still the reference method for the creativity movement, and the annual Creative Problem-Solving Institute, at which our own Win Wenger taught for thirty years, has pretty much been the annual World Congress on creativity. Win acknowledges earlier years of the annual Creative Problem-Solving Institute as his own reference point and, indeed, pretty much his "spiritual home." The annual Institute often is one of the finest experiences you can find anywhere, any time.

o Creativity for Innovation provides an overview of today's availability of organisations and websites that share the interest of creative thinking. More than 370 links are divided into 40 categories for the visitor's convenience.

o Korzybsky's distinction of map from territory (in General Semantics) has always seemed to us to be profoundly consequential, one of the great ideas of modern world civilization. Many who see this have for a very long time been seeking for a simpler, easier-to-understand way to deal with and apply Korzybsky's involved, world-changing concepts. The best may be yet to come, but a fair start is made by Bruce and Susan Kodish in their new book, Drive Yourself Sane.

o Eye2theWorld has an outstanding Ezine with information and resources for 21st century education. Eye2theWorld's mission is to reform society's perceptions of education so that individuals can reach and maintain their dreams of successful lives as they move through the 21st century. Well-chosen articles by world experts and a passion for their mission make this site one to visit regularly. Their logo is a beautiful eye. Look closely—the world is in it.

o Kadon Enterprises, Inc., has a unique website of mind games, Gamepuzzles for the Joy of Thinking that work on both sides of your brain and develop both abstract spatial logic and intuitive/aesthetic sensibilities. Founded and headed by Kate Jones since 1980.

o Michael Gelb, internationally renowned author, speaker, and consultant, helps clients around the world solve their most important business challenges and make their vision, mission, values and strategy real. Among his bestsellers are How to Think Like Leonardo daVinci and Work Like daVinci, his most recent being DaVinci Decoded, building on Leonardo's seven principles for developing genius. Browse his website and be inspired by this modern-day Renaissance man.

o Josh Hinds' Get Motivation website is chockful of motivational, personal development and self-improvement resources. His subtitle reads, "motivation and inspiration 24/7"! Browse through thousands of inspirational quotations, join a community, find tools, collaboration and life changing connections.

o Gifted Education Press is the publisher of many excellent books in the gifted education field. Receive a complimentary issue of Gifted Education Press Quarterly by emailing the publisher, Maurice Fisher.

o One of the more significant books written last century was by John Curtis GowanTrance, Art and Creativity. John was one of the brighter and more creative minds around, and his insights on giftedness were infinitely ahead of most of his fellow professionals. It is an indictment of numerous institutions and interests that his book has been out of print for twenty years. We are now delighted to advise that his son, John Gowan, has put this entire great book free online for you as a memorial to his father. I am ecstatic that this is once again available. Go read it and get excited.

o The Great Illusion...the Unlocking of the Secret Path is Victor Kahn's beautiful showcase of his mystic poetry, accompanied by exquisite surreal paintings by Jim Warren. Much or most of this extensive and very fine experience you may already know. But it is so exceptionally well done we thought you might like to see it.

o Cliff Havener has a site that cites "cultural creatives (that...) exist in all segments of society." Most of these creatives feel like outcasts but are defined by a core of common values, across all segments of society and cultures. Cliff describes these common values in "the integrative view of life" in his book, Meaning — The Secret of Being Alive. This work defines what Havener sees as the main cultural transformation now going on all around us.

o InnovationTools offers a focused, growing collection of the best innovation, creativity and brainstorming resources for entrepreneurs, innovators and other creative professionals, The brainchild of Chuck Frey, InnovationTools contains numerous articles on creativity, reviews of creativity software and books, an Innovation Weblog, news about innovation, links to great resources, and more.

o The Learning Consortium is the joyful creation of Vanda North, designed to be a web portal for all the best people, products and programs that will assist you to 'Be the Best You Can Be!' Vanda specializes in 'Learning Differences' (Dyslexia; ADD, etc.) and has a series of seminars called 'The Art of Self Leadership'. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious. Treat yourself to some of that TLC — Think, Learn, Create and Live.

o The Learning Revolution is the website of Jeannette Vos, Ed.D., the co-author of The Learning Revolution, which has sold nearly 9 million copies in China and is also a best seller in Sweden and New Zealand. The International new edition was released in August 1999. Jeannette is an international corporate and educational trainer in accelerated learning and brain-compatible learning, with over 30 years' experience as an educator. She can be reached by email.

o Liberty Zone passionately addresses some of the terrible deficiencies of today's school system, and Liberty Zone's Darlene Sartore is forming neighborhood Educare Co-ops to implement far-reaching improvements. She is looking for highly motivated individuals and quality thinkers to get involved. You can reach her by email.

o Among many people who are working under inspiration from Image-Streaming or even about Image-Streaming and related phenomena, one is Cecil McGregor. His work does presuppose the reader is well acquainted with both Image-Streaming and the field of neurolinguistic programming. If you have acquaintance with both, then his site is well worth visiting for you, containing some very good insights and ideas. Note: Along the way, Mr. McGregor expresses some views which are not necessarily those of Project Renaissance—and not necessarily counter to them either.

o Joan McKenna has an extraordinary site. Joan is one of the conceptual and perceptual giants among us.

o London-based Michael Breen is one of the top NLP master trainers in the world. His website, MBNLP.com, is superb by any standard. He conducts training courses like no other, and opportunities for one-on-one tutoring in his "academy". You can even listen to a special dialog between Michael and NLP master Eric Robbie on the website.

o Paradigm Persuasion (formerly "Mindlink") is an enthusiastically eclectic assembly by Rick Ashby. As parent and teacher, he is host to the Childminds eGroup, and provides a wide range of other resources, insights, and highly independent perspectives. His tele-course teaches communication skills that open new opportunities and help you control your future.

o We are not into memory techniques, believing understanding to be far more useful, important and rewarding. However, we want to acknowledge the Mind Tools Bookstore as an excellent resource center in mnemonics, invaluable for those to whom memory is an issue. Mind Tools Bookstore is also an outlet for Centerpoint and for holosync audio technology.

o Moving Sound is Christoffer de Graal's great website about his special field of using music and movement to celebrate creativity and enhance communication. He conducts training courses, coaching, retreats, explorations for creative personal, professional and organisational development support for individuals and small teams. A trained musician, he received a Churchill Fellowship Award to research the transformational power of music around the world.

o Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary is an excellent resource for any explorer of the human mind, run by one of the savviest people around. Be sure to check into "the Gift." It is but one among several projects, including the bestseller on EFT, under her Starfields organization — "Inspiration, Information and Real Magic with Silvia Hartmann." A wealth of material beautifully presented. Spend some time there.

o One of the great problems common among exceptionally gifted people is the feeling of aloneness and separateness. In our own two books of classroom methods for teaching the gifted, we've observed that the basic human nutrition is appropriate feedback, which the gifted tend to be by far the most deprived of. The Rocamora School has a center for addressing some of this separation issue, along with transformational resources and programs for adult awareness training.

o SchoolWorld is a major world resource for teachers which has tens of thousands of schools and school systems participating. At first several school boards tried to block this perceived threat to their power, then ended up joining. Amazing the resources you will find there! Included is much material from Project Renaissance, courtesy of the Innovation Center in Dayton, Ohio, which is one of the first sectors you should look at on this site.

o There is a website now, Socratic Learning that provides online tutoring, standards-based Socratic learning, and narrative-oriented academic camps. To get in, you'll need to register for username and password and then log in. One week free trial might be worth checking out.

o Starfall is a charming site for kids from kindergarten to second grade to learn to read through self-teaching. Founded by Steve Schutz and his wife, poet Susan Polis, who also founded the popular on-line greeting card company, Blue Mountain. The Polis-Schutz family is passionate about making the world a better place. The free online phonics program was put together by a talented team of artists, teachers, and computer animators. There are many fun stories in ascending levels, with clever graphics to connect the visual letters with their spoken sounds. They also have special materials for teachers and parents.

o Super Intelligence is a impassioned collection of programs ranging from John Dewey to Alfred Korzybsky to Project Renaissance, seeking on a very broad basis to marshall resources and techniques and perspectives around the world for human uplift. The site is under construction. The guiding spirit is Eric Sommer.

o Systems Thinking Press has a very large and comprehensive site dedicated to all aspects of Systems Thinking. Their goal is to further the unity of science for all living systems on earth. Editor and publisher is Stephen G. Haines. His guidance focuses on the synergy between chaos theory, complexity theory, system dynamics, systems thinking, strategic planning, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership games, self-organizing systems, systems change, and over 30 other scientific disciplines moving towards Systems Thinking. You'll find a wealth of world-wide resources and many other valuable features on their site.

o The more fundamental a truth, or the principle describing a key part of reality, the more likely it is to show up in different "maps" of that reality — and in different cultures' maps. Bhadraiah Mallampalli's 25 years of dedicated work on the Vedas appears to be (1) responsible; (2) self-consistent; and (3) filled with intriguing concepts deserving of further study. Learning what we can may or may not suffice to keep us from destroying our civilization. In the meantime, see what you can usefully find at the Vedic Psychophysics website.

o Our Gravel Gulch exhibit in CPS Techniques was only one take on the original Osborn-Parnes procedure which launched the world-wide creativity revolution in the 1950s. There have been many others, some of which also break some new ground. Win has known Paul Rousseau for many years and knows him to be a good man and a key leader in the creativity movement. You can find Paul's Virtual Creative Assistants (VCA) at his Virtual Creativity website.

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