Methane, not CO2, is the Real Problem for the Earth

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.


  • Methane is many times worse a greenhouse gas. We’d be better off flaring it away into CO2 than letting methane's gas form escape into our atmosphere—of course better off by far if, instead, we used up methane instead of other fuels.

  • Deposits of melting methane ice are effusing methane gas into our atmosphere, erupting in massive quantities not seen since the world’s worst mass extinction ever, which ended the Permian Period.

  • Despite massive vulcanism at the time in Venezuela, which should have brought on a “volcanic winter” and ice age from sunlight-reflecting sulphuric acid being spewed into the stratosphere, the methane spiked Earth’s average temperature by 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Even as warm a body of water as our Gulf of Mexico has enough methane ice lying around its bottom to supply our entire world’s energy needs for centuries to come, and nearly every sea and ocean has more.

Research Offer:
Two Days' Free Facilitation from Win Wenger, Ph.D.

Speaking as head and founder of Project Renaissance—and as originator, principal investigator, and developer of most of the problem-solving methods and techniques to be used—I, Win Wenger, hereby will donate two days’ free facilitation (except for out-of-pocket costs of travel, etc.) to a qualified science group or university-based science corporation or association which is directed at this problem-statement or question:

“How best can frozen methane be harvested economically and profitably before it escapes into the atmosphere as gas from melting tundras and sea bottoms, without damage to the local ecologies involved?”
Arguing endlessly over whether global climate change is from human cause, or over whose vested interest is skewing scientific data, does not solve the problem of what is happening to our little lifeboat spaceship world. Conservation or sequestration of CO2 is not only too little too late but a distraction from where our attention should be directed. An economical technical solution to the harvesting of our remaining methane ice before it erupts again will go a good part of the way toward solving the climate problem—and also, by restoring some stability to land-based agriculture, the current global food crisis we are just now entering.

The Big Energy firm which becomes identified with such a solution will not only profit but find support instead of opposition from the green side, a considerable relief from public pressures. With such a solution, also our public discourse can lose some of its shrillness and return to some civility—the present noise level prevents actual merits of proposed solutions to public problems from correlating with whether those solutions get to be implemented.


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