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(Winsights No. 73)

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Experiment in
Concretized Learning

(Winsights No. 51)

o Ways to Improve Human Intelligence
A compendium of the most important techniques and references.

o Notes Toward the Theory and Practice of Creativity from the Project Renaissance Perspective
Alex Osborn's and Project Renaissance's models of creativity compared.

o On Genius
What makes a genius? Could it be limbic staying power, a function of the physical appetite structure of the limbic brain?

o Pranhic Life Force
Some easy first steps for directly tangible, sensory-based self-training and sensitization to your own and your partner's life energy field, including an introduction to healing and energy combing.

o Hanlon's Razor
Guest article by John Arrowwood, presenting an alternate explanation of Resonance and Spirituality and inviting participants for a research experiment.

o Potential Treatments for Physical and Emotional Injuries
Breathing patterns work with the holographic nature of the human organism to recondition stimuli.

o Reality Trip
Conformity hampers the progress of contemporary science. Thinking outside the box can open new fields for the mind.

o How to Understand the Dolphin Language
Explorations with the "Borrowed Genius" procedure suggest that dolphin language uses only internal states of feeling and being as its referent.

o Idea Generator
For physicists, quantum mechanists, cosmologists, and string theorists to make major breakthroughs in their fields.

o The Convergence Principle
Finding the meaning of life at the crossroads of physics and philosophy.

o Neurophysiological Development
Ways to train up an initially weak or marginal or new sense, skill or ability.

o Notes toward the Origins and Building of Consciousness
Exploring feedback and self-recursion as the springboard for "going meta."

o Who Gets the Message?
Decoding the information of our senses.

o Dream Realms
An experimental applied creation process based on Image-Streaming. Guest article by Michael Campbell.

o Innate Ethics
High Thinktank process points to a phenomenon of shared values among all of humanity.

o Engaging Your Genius
Why your genius is naturally so easy to find and to bring on-line.

o Complex Homeostasis
Understanding how systems behave and how they seek constantly to restore equilibrium.

o Balancing Act
Controlling your limbic brain's controls on what you can do.

o The Rejuvenatorium
Visions of reversing aging and extending life indefinitely.

Welcome to the Mindfield!

Explore with us a vast and fertile region between creativity and science. Somewhere in that vast and fertile range — between the necessary conservatism of science and the necessary free-wheeling of creativity — are numerous productive ways for synergy to be found.

All hypotheses must, to do much good, ultimately come to rigorous test, but first they must find the light of day, and they must be explored. Creativity needs to explore many possibilities; science must pull the weeds from the gardens of truth.

Here we do indeed entertain hypotheses and arguments which have not yet been approved for formal, funded investigation, but which perhaps ought to be. Some of our inquiry here is directed at matters of mind and brain, other parts of it at other issues affecting human well-being at every level. Still other parts of this inquiry are directed at science and at the nature of scientific inquiry itself.

Scientific inquiry may well be the very best thing we have going for us on this world of ours.....but a lot of things happen to it along the road (see the Reality Trip).

You are invited to join this inquiry, explore these fields, harvest insights of your own, and write to us (let us know if we have permission to republish your comments). In the interests of reader time, we expect to republish only a few letters with highly exceptional content, but we will read them all.

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