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Hyperbaric Treatment-Enhancer

Win, I love your website and the free spirit of your efforts. I, too, have tried to give away my ideas, but often the drug companies are only interested in treatments they hold the patent to, so they can make big profits! Sadly, much of the money spent on AIDS drugs is from public sources, such as ADAP and Medicaid, so we taxpayers are spending billions on drugs that are of questionable efficacy and high toxicity.

NIH and the AIDS charities have funded very little research into basic biologically-based approaches to AIDS (or cancer, for that matter), though they have improved greatly in recent years.

I sincerely feel my suggested treatment approach would be more effective, less toxic, and certainly more universally available, because it is based on basic immunological principles, the way the body actually fights viral infections.

It might work well with your approach, because the antibodies, cytokines, and other components would be able to permeate the thymus, infected cells, and all areas where HIV hides out.

Gary Minter

Also check out Gary's very informative website.

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