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Let's let your Imagestreaming faculties and mind now take you back in your very early memories to that point, whether these are early memories which are already conscious for you, or whether these memories resided beyond your conscious reach until now. Let yourself be surprised by what comes to view in your Imagestream, whatever experience that is, whatever images there happen to be — some point in your infancy or early childhood where you did not encounter directly for yourself and discover for yourself, in your own immediate experience, some very basic principle.

Let your mind do that for you now. Once you let your Imagestream contact memory of a very early point of experience in your life, let your Imagestreaming mind give you the appropriate sensory-immediate experiences that you had missed. Let your Imagestreaming mind give you a fantasized encounter with those sensory-immediate experiences which will repair and strengthen that gap in your structure of understanding.

Then, after that experience, we can extend that fantasy by coming forward in your life toward the present moment, visiting and re-creating various points of your life which would have been different had your powers of understanding been intact and at full force.

And we'll let your Imagestreaming mind fill in fresh experiences at these later points, too, still always knowing the difference between this fantasized personal history and the reality of what had happened in real life, but returning to the present moment in time with your powers of understanding well repaired and greatly strengthened forever.

We'll take on this process a simple step at a time. I'll cue a step for you, then you examine whatever perceptions come with that step. Please, while examining those perceptions, describe them in detail, to me, this voice on the tape, or to whoever is there with you as your listener.


The Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Please let your Imagestreaming faculties take you back to some key point early in your intellectual development...some point way back early in your life. Let things drift back toward some early point in your life. Without trying to recall events, without trying to remember early memories, just let your Imagestreaming faculties open on a key point of your early development. Whether or not it at first seems to fit, just let any impression or image or images now unfold freely for you. Please describe them in detail to me, the voice on the tape, or to whomever you have there as listener. Please start describing these images or impressions in as rich sensory detail as you can, beginning now.....

    (Allow 3-4 minutes, blank on the tape or waiting by the live listener, for this describing.)

  2. Now, please let your imaging mind imagine for you the most effective and appropriate experience that, if it had happened instead of what did happen to you at that point, it could have best enriched your understanding at that key point. Just allow whatever impression or image, now, and by describing it build around it in all your senses whatever that experience is. Please describe to me your way through that experience in as rich sensory detail as you can. Please resume describing your images or impressions of this experience now....

    (Allow 4 to 8 minutes for such describing.)

  3. Excellent. Now let's come forward a little in time to some other point in your life, a little more recently in your past, a point in your life where the new understanding you've just been exploring would have made a difference. And then let's explore that difference. First, let your Imagestream come to that more recent point of past experience. Whatever impressions or images now come before you, let things unfold from there for you with this new basic understanding and appreciation as part of it.

    Letting your Imagestreaming faculties move you forward in time, from that very early experience in your life, to other key points of development which followed directly from such a basic area of understanding...... What was a later point in your life where the key understanding from this early experience would have made a lot of difference? Let your imaging faculties take you to that later point of time in your life where having that earlier understanding well would have made a difference to you. Whatever images or impressions come now, please describe them richly to me now....

    (Allow 4 to 7 minutes for such describing.)

  4. Good. Now let your Imagestreaming faculties come forward to yet a later point in your life before the present moment. This later moment is also a moment where that early understanding would have made quite some difference to you. Whatever images and impressions now come, please describe these in richly sensory detail to me, please describe them now.....

    (Allow 3 to 7 minutes for such describing)

    (Optional extra step, if this experience is going very well and productively:)

    Let your Imagestreaming faculties move you further forward in time from there, along your life's development between then and this present moment in time here and now. Go to one or several more such points in your life experience where having that very basic understanding would somehow have made a very big difference to you. Please describe each of these experiences to me, resuming now....

    (Allow maybe 3-6 minutes for each such experience to be described.)

  5. There is always something more or something new to discover that can enhance even further your wonderful powers of understanding.

    Your next experience with this process can be different, finding and repairing some other old gap in your structure of understanding, as you build your ever-burgeoning powers of understanding toward wonderfully higher and more profound levels, as everything around you and everything in your life take on new dimensions of meaning.

    For now, let's come back fully to the present moment in time and space.... Coming fully alert, remarkably refreshed and feeling clear.... yawning and stretching.... coming fully alert and feeling terrifically good!

Then please take maybe 10 or 15 minutes more to detail, to your listener and to a notepad, or to a blank tape in your tape recorder and to a notepad, at least some of the specific improvements that you feel this particular episode or set of experiences has made in your present-day understanding and perception.

Mark off three days on your calendar and set up a specific time where you break out that tape recorder again, or at least that notepad, and detail some of the further differences you have noticed that the foregoing experience has by now made in your understanding and in your life. And in what ways various sectors of your life have become richer for you.


So much gain for so little effort!.....

Just one simple exercise for you — two, if you've not yet learned Imagestreaming and need to go to You Are Brighter Than You Think to learn that good-for-so-many-uses Imagestreaming and accumulate, 5 to 15 minutes at a time, several hours of experience and practice at Imagestreaming, before doing the above repair to your powers of understanding as one special application of Imagestreaming. This repair of your whole track of development, and equipment for understanding, is only one of the many uses of Image-Streaming, but a very good such use!

We at Project Renaissance have always strongly felt that true understanding is far more valuable and useful than is the short-term temporary rote memorization that most schools and most teachers willingly allow in its place, and which most of us, with that short-change so universal in our experience, also appear willing to settle for. Also, we find that understanding makes our perceptions of everything so very much richer and more rewarding.

Most of our techniques are aimed at building understanding and building our ability to understand. The above simple half-hour procedure is one of our more direct ways for building the ability to understand.


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