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Question 4 — Premises

  1. A lot of suffering and dangerous instabilities (and future sufferings) could be averted if solutions (ecological, technical, social) were applied.

  2. Plenty of such solutions already exist; the necessary resources (human, financial, material) already exist, including willing and creative minds — those who came up with the solutions in the first place and/or are able to alter, evolve and combine them or come up with entirely new ones to cope with problems that may arise when the solutions are applied.

  3. The application of those solutions would drastically change the existing homeostatic equilibrium of next to everything, including personal lifestyle and consumption, allocation of resources, social influence and power of decision. Thus only a small percentage of people currently seem to like the idea of actually going for such an enormous experiment. The change-willing are probably those who:

    a)    are currently suffering enough to agree to any kind of change, in spite of the fact that it might be a change for the worse, and

    b)    have sufficiently clear minds AND systemic understanding to foresee/forebode and really understand the likely consequences of not changing the current course of events.

  4. Group b) and the "willing and creative minds" from point 2 probably have much overlap. I will for now call the intersection of these two groups "the changers."     [ Back ]
Georg Parlow

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