Dream Realms
An experimental process based on Image-Streaming

Guest article by Michael Campbell
ImageStream Trainer

Leap Sun, by Elan Sun Star
The incomparable photography of Elan Sun Star

Note:  This process is based on Image-Streaming. Learn that first, here:  Introduction to Image-Streaming.

Frequently during Image-Streaming sessions I'd find myself in realms of exquisite beauty — scenes and environments of literally breathtaking splendour and radiance.

I found I could simply ask to be shown environments of extreme beauty... and they'd simply appear.

Soon I noticed I could specify whether I wanted to explore a thundering elemental seascape or a delicious, luminous borealis... and they'd swim into view before me, with exactly the qualities I'd requested.

Majestic starfields, luminous aquatic ecosystems, realms built from light or sound patterns... galleries filled with the most astonishing art I'd ever seen, music that tingled through your cells... all within a few moments' reach, courtesy of your own turned-on neurology.

During one problem-solving trip, looking for new memetic methods of enhancing intelligence, I came across the idea of using a 'realm' or environment, the exploration of which would in itself be the stimulation needed.

My thinking was that my own brains/minds, having access to greater levels of intelligence and processing power than I consciously do, would be a better judge/developer of what stimulation I currently needed to jack up my own level of development in XYZ areas than my own conscious-level thinking on the matter.

So I started experimenting with trips where the focus was to "create me a realm, the exploration of which has a profoundly stimulating effect on my intelligence."

The first trip I found myself in a series of extremely attractive, tranquil ice caverns, walled by huge splinters of ice, polished like glass on the outside on a crusty hoar-frost floor that muffled all noise. I followed a path through a reflective tunnel into a huge cavern, full of many different-sized crystals in a long sunken hollow.

I started to interact with the environment — touching, pushing and moving pieces, snapping off a thin crystal tip with a bell-like chiming noise... and realised that the entire cavern played like a giant harmonic instrument. Each crystal I played reverberated with its own pure tonal palette, and the resonance caused the others nearby to throb and chime in a billion shifting patterns.

The more time I spent there, playing these peculiar crystals, the more I noticed about the interaction of the pulsing sound waves, their duration and limits — some crystals only chimed when sequences were hit, some produced differing octaves, some induced chordal patterns, and all sounded sublime.

Lesson? Looks like my brain built me (in seconds) an experiential holographic simulator for exploring the interacting patterns and forces of the world, in a manner I found really cool and fun to play.

I don't suppose now that directly experiencing some very fundamental principles of matter/energy would enhance your understanding of all the outer forms? (Probably...)

The process seemed to do several useful things:

  • The ImageStream drill itself has several brain-enhancing benefits simply by using it for any purpose.

  • You're asking (and using) the colossal brainpower you have access to to design the optimal stimulation for you, right now, at your current level of development, so you'll get something pretty unique out of it.

  • Interacting with the environment, and noticing how it changes as you explore it, creates a second 'internal' feedback loop — which seems to further enhance the entraining effect — it lets more of your intelligence show you more things, at your own pace.

Dream Realms Drill

  1. Learn the basic Image-Streaming process first.

  2. Play with a few differing environments first — simply focus your intention on experiencing a scene with (whatever) quality you wish and let your ImageStream take it from there. For example — a realm that has the most exquisite gardens ever created, then perhaps explore some alien architecture, then watch some geological formations being born, etc. — go for variety and practice shaping the trip with your intent up front.

  3. Ask your mind to create an environment, the interaction with which has a dramatically stimulating effect on your intelligences. Explore and interact with it.

  4. Debrief and make notes from your session.

Some application ideas

  • Ask for a realm that induces a profoundly boosting effect on your intelligence...

  • Ask for a realm that induces a profoundly boosting effect on your level of consciousness...

  • Ask for a realm that induces a profoundly boosting effect on your prosperity...

  • Ask for a realm that induces a profoundly boosting effect on your ability to notice ever more complex beyond-conscious information and stimuli...

  • Ask for a realm that induces a profoundly boosting effect on your intuition...

And if in doubt, just ask for more!

Drop me a line with your results or questions. Have fun!

Michael Campbell
Use Your Brain for Fun and Profit!
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