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Why We Are Giving Things Away

In this modern day, many people hold grand ideals, such as democracy and the power of the individual to rise in both power and skill. Yet the common reality of it is much more grim.

Many often tend to fall back into their small, socially defined niches and question authority only when it compromises their income of material goods. They often simply accept those conditions and perceptions which are given to them.

We at Project Renaissance have been creating numerous methods for increasing one's own perception, thus giving the ability to expand ourselves and our abilities in ways never before imagined. With a greater intelligence and creative ability, even the most unsuccessful of persons can rise to a responsible and very influential position. Whether that position be the head of an organization or a powerful voice in any discussion, your increased intelligence and perception will help you realize your values and goals.

Project Renaissance helps you to take control of your life. Freenoting, Image Streaming, Borrowed Genius, and many more techniques both simple and advanced are here and ready for use ... for free.

Why free?  In the spirit of democracy and the Web, we are giving away some of our techniques to the public. Not all of our techniques, of course, but many. We have to save many of our techniques, as well as the more in-depth explanations, for our numerous books. Without doing so we would be unable to present these works to you in the first place. We are also giving away this material because of a little foresight into the future of this "Information Age":   With the advent of the Internet, information can now be passed to an audience of millions in a matter of minutes, no matter what one's economic situation happens to be. It now seems very likely that all information will eventually be passed in this way, and most of it for free.

What's in it for Project Renaissance?  We need to have an audience on hand to try out our new products, and to see what new products people would like. Basically, we need feedback. Beyond that we also need an audience to spread our revolutionary ideas to; to start the flow of communication. With your help we can change the world, one person or institution at a time, and make all of our experiences that much better.

How do you get the free information and material?  Simply by filling out the Registration Form. The benefits of these methods are tremendous. From increased creativity to tremendous IQ gains to a general increase in excellence throughout one's life, our techniques help people reach the level they always hoped to reach one day. With the use of a method where we reinvested creativity techniques to find even greater creativity techniques, we have come up with so many techniques we can afford to give some away!

Fill in the Registration Form to let us know who you are and how we can send you information regarding the great many things we have and are putting together. Here are some of the many great benefits of registering with us for free:

  • Access to more great (and free!) Project Renaissance work.
  • Periodic information regarding our work.
  • A monthly newsletter, The Stream, containing interesting information and articles.
  • Occasional Bulletins of timely information.
  • Access to many of the greatest techniques ever to increase your intelligence and general understanding of everything, both around you and within you.
  • Information regarding Project Renaissance events around the world.
  • And much more!

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