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Resonance Physics
Partake in the creation of a hot new science

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.

I've worked professionally with creativity methods for several decades, and try to practice at least a little of what I preach. I have some qualification as a conceptualizer, but have at best only a smattering of physics and other sciences, and less than that in math. What I am good at is asking questions and facilitating.

I've worked out several modern forms of Socratic method which help people to discover their own understandings and perceptions. If enough of us can come together to make that useful—and even to begin asking each other questions in the way I will model—we will build, together, something here worth pursuing!

This feature is intended to become more yours than mine. It is to be an adventure in both "arm-chair philosophizing" and in practical matters—pertaining to what I believe will be one of the hottest new sciences of the impending century.

Resonance Physics

Part of this field of resonance physics already exists, but is scattered across a variety of existing sciences. I wish to hear from you, especially from anyone with interest, background and experience in any of the following fields:

o Acoustics, especially classical Acoustics

o Moire patterns, especially their mathematics

o Interference-pattern physics and holography, of course

o Information Theory

o General Theory of Systems, the study of how things work together

o Fractal, Chaos or Complexity Theory

Moiré pattern by Jacob Yerex
Moiré pattern by Jacob Yerex

I believe I can get us/you talking together in such a way as to lead to mutual intelligibility and thence to synthesis of at least some roots of the proposed new science. Sounds ambitious, but give it a try with your inputs and let's see where the chips fly to.

Most welcome would be comments from and exchanges with one or more persons who have professional experience in the various uses of an interferometer in astronomy and/or astrophysics and might be willing to try to generalize from that experience. Someone versed in modern string theory would also be very welcome!

Break Out Your Butterflies!
  1. Is the universe all one involved resonance effect, underlying the anti-Occamic confusion of sub-atomic particle physics? If so, what can be done with that?

  2. The phenomena common to all the above-cited fields are conditions where very slight variations at the onset make for huge differences in outcome. But these differences are arrived at in some sort of systemic way, accountable if not always predictable. The phenomena and patterns of intermodulation describe across all these instances.

This means, among other things, that under such conditions there is a huge amount of "room" for information-handling: the basis of a new type of computer we'd like to create if the appropriate interests take hold.

My Website can become your Website

Please email me, Win Wenger, with the following information, to help develop this concept into something useful.

o Do you want me to keep your information confidential, or

o Are you willing for your inputs to become part of this site?

o Your name

o Your e-mail address (and websites if appropriate)

o Your groundmail address and phone numbers

o Your ideas and comments

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