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        — The Einstein Factor Story, by Ursula Flink
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        — Co-Author for new book, Creating Wealth in Countries Without Capital
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        — Mathematician and Psychologist
        — Rorschach Specialist
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  • Double Festival archives
          — 20th Double Festival (2012) Overview, "Returning to the Future"
          — 20th Double Festival (2012) Presentation, "Minds of the Future" (Powerpoint)
          — 19th Double Festival (2011) Overview, "Making Sense"
          — 18th Double Festival (2010) Overview, "Seeing 20/20"
          — 18th Double Festival (2010) Photo Gallery
          — Double Festival XVI (2008) Overview, "To Better the Human Condition"
          — Double Festival XVI (2008) Photo Gallery
          — Double Festival XV (2007) Overview, "Learning from the Future"
          — Double Festival XV (2007) Photo Gallery
          — Double Festival XIV (2005) Presentations Overview
          — Double Festival XIII (2004) Summaries
          — Double Festival XIII (2004) Photo Gallery
          — The Einstein Factor Story, by Ursula Flink (2003) (7 pages)
          — Drawing Out, by Carmen E. Clark (2002)
  • Training Courses (2 pages)
          — To Become a Trainer
          — List of Certified Trainers
  • Conference Formats
  • Guidelines for Presenters


    Book Book Reviews
    The CoreBook Series
    Foreign Publishers of The Einstein Factor
    Citings by Other Authors
    Books Online
    Improvitaped Music
    Poem, "December Sun"

    Books/Audios reviewed

  • 3 Easy Tactics
  • Brain Boosters
          — Feedback, Christine Lee
  • The Genius Code
          — Peter Bissonette's review
          — Richard Haggerty's review
          — Matthew Turco's review
  • A Method for Personal Growth and Development
  • Discovering the Obvious
  • The Einstein Factor
          — Feedback, Mark Bossert
          — Feedback, Micah Walker
          — Foreign publishers
  • The Einstein Factor taped course
          — Author's review
          — Feedback, Elroy Carter
  • Beyond Teaching and Learning
  • Incentives as a Preferred Instrument of Corporate and Public Policy
          — Incentives (read-online ebook)
  • Beyond O.K.
          — What readers say
          — Aiming Beyond the Target, by Elroy Carter
  • How to Increase Your Intelligence
  • Systems Theory
          — Civilizations and Other Living Systems
          — Toward a General Theory of Systems
  • The Better Baby and The Port-Wine Sea by Susan Wenger


  • Super Skills for Students, by Isa McKechnie
  • Image-Streaming, by Charles Roman
  • End Writer's Block Forever, by Mark Bossert and Win Wenger
  • Dynamic Teaching, by Harman Benda and Win Wenger
          — Addendum—Socratic Method's Effectiveness
          — Commentary by Harman Benda
  • Creative Problem-Solving Tool Kit, by Max Benda and Win Wenger

    Books online

  • Incentives
  • You Are Brighter Than You Think!
          — Page One
          — Page Two
          — Page Three
  • Two Guaranteed Ways To Profoundly Improve Your Intelligence
          — Part One
          — Part Two
          — Part Three
          — Part Four
          — Testimonial by Arturo Muyshondt
  • Beyond Teaching and Learning, Chapter 1

    The Children's Shelf

  • Invitation to Authors
  • The Philosopher's Stone (8 pages)
  • Dew Song (4 pages)

    Self-Teaching Methods, free online

    The Thinker Creative Problem-Solving Techniques

  • Invitation to thinktanking: Why Civilizations Rise and Fall
  • Introduction: Free Resources
  • Einstein and Socrates
  • Discovering the Best Answer Yourself (3 pages)
  • Taxonomy of Methods (3 pages)
  • Solving Problems
  • Solving Problems Now
  • A Huge Untapped Resource
  • Additional Techniques
  • Special Letter to Creativity Leaders
  • Opportunity for CPS in Schools and Education
  • How to Wield Your Idea Butterfly Net
  • Welcome to Image-Streaming (Talking paper)
  • Image-Streaming
          — Back-Up Procedures
          — Image-Streaming for Groups
          — Image-Streaming in brief
          — Dream Realms, by Michael Campbell
          — Feedback from readers
          — Feedback, Noel Peltier
  • Key Follow-Ups on Image-Streaming
  • Write More Freely and Effectively
  • An Immediate Path for Any Creative Task
  • Windtunnel
  • Win-Win Finder (2 pages)
          — Summary of Steps
  • High Thinktank (3 pages)
          — "White" questions
          — "Green" questions
          — Questionnaire
          — User Feedback, Arto K.
  • Toolbuilder (4 pages)
  • Simply Waking Up With the Answer
  • Double-Entry A-Ha! Method
  • Evoked Sidebands
  • Gravel Gulch (2 pages)
  • Beachhead (6 pages)
  • Over the Wall (3 pages)
          — Feedback, Noel Lackey
  • The Melville Pattern, by Silvia Hartmann
  • Beyond Methods
  • Dynamic Format (3 pages)

    Teaching & Learning Techniques

  • A Huge Untapped Resource
  • The Shape of Things to Come
  • Great Testimonial on Socratic Method
  • Test Scores from St. Andrew's
  • Another Testimonial on Socratic Method
  • Special message to teachers, trainers, learners
  • Introduction
  • What's the Buzz? Socratic Questioning!
  • Additional Techniques
  • Prologue—A Keynote Address
  • Freely Use Our Teaching and Learning Methods
  • What's Missing?
  • A Bottom Line re: Teaching & Learning
  • Instant Replay
  • Truly Accelerated Learning
  • Learning With Understanding
  • A Very Nice Lesson
  • Getting Far More and Better Learning for Less Effort
  • How to Teach Smarter, Not Harder!
  • Improving Ease and Powers of Understanding
  • Feeding the Loop (2 pages)
  • Freenoting
  • Bootstrap to Knowing, by Timothy Wilken
          — An Easy Way to Start Learning, by Susan Wenger
  • Borrowed Genius (3 pages)
          — Observer's Eyes, by Rosella Wallace
  • Mutual Listening
  • Socratic Method
          — Introduction
          — Socratic Method at a glance
          — What can Socratic Effect do for your enterprise?
          — Comparing classical and modern forms
          — The Law of Effect
          — Core Readings
          — Conclusion
  • Socratic Method (in French)
  • Improve Reading and Language Skills
  • Operation Leapfrog
  • The Last True Magic, by Curtis White (2 pages)
  • Validating Ways to Enhance Learning (2 pages)
          — Research Proforma
  • Integrating Knowledge (3 pages)
          — Reader Feedback, Joe Budy
  • Velvety-Smooth Breathing
  • Predictive Imagery
  • Short Path to Success in Your Studies

    Explorations and Discoveries

    Satellite Dish Inventions

  • Preface: Abundance vs. Scarcity
  • Beachbuilder
  • Hurricane Stopper
  • Diricopters
          — Addendum—What about those UFOs?
  • Space Launch (2 pages)
  • Coils
  • Hyperbaric Treatment Enhancer
          — Feedback, Gary Minter
  • The Babble-Back Machine


  • Save 40 Million Lives
  • About Expanding Ocean Dead Zones
  • A Nation Adrift, by Ralph Cerchione
  • New Details on CO2 and Extinction, by Paul J. Webos
  • Thinking More Clearly About the Economy
  • 8-Point Economic Recovery Plan
  • Several Partial Proposed Solutions to the Economic Crisis
  • Clarification and Partial Solution to:
    The Energy Crisis, Global Climate Disruption,
    World Hunger, Western and National Security Issues
  • Methane, not CO2, is the Real Problem
  • How to Eliminate Malaria
  • Blue Revolution in World Food Production
  • Protect India and Gangladesh from Typhoons
  • A New Basis for Solutions [to Climate Change]
  • An Immediate Problem: Global Warming (2 pages)
  • Off on a Comet
  • South African Education (2 pages)
  • Realize High Human Potential of Students in Developing Countries
  • Work-Study Scholarships
  • Nuclear Waste Disposal (2 pages)
  • Reform the U.S. Patent System (2 pages)
  • Five-Fold Path toward a Robust Economy (4 pages)
  • A Very Inexpensive Way to Save the Amazonian Rainforest

    Science Issues

  • Fund the Development of Space
  • How to Advance the Development of Space by Twenty Years
  • Resonance Physics
  • SocioMechanics
          — The Next Technology Revolution (guest article), Steve Wallis
  • Gravity Traps
  • Intermodulation
          — Feedback, Chris Lucas
  • The Progressive Strangification of Order (3 pages)
  • Breakthroughs in Scientific Research
  • Notes toward a Unified Field Theory
  • Support for Higher Productivity in the Sciences

    The Mindfield

  • Ways to Improve Human Intelligence
  • Notes Toward the Theory and Practice of Creativity
  • On Genius
  • Pranhic Life Force
  • Hanlon's Razor — guest article by John Arrowwood
  • Potential Treatments for Physical and Emotional Injuries
  • Reality Trip
          — Feedback, Eric Sommer
  • How to Understand the Dolphin Language
  • Idea Generator (4 pages)
  • The Convergence Principle
  • Neurophysiological Development
  • The Origins and Building of Consciousness
  • Who Gets the Message?
  • Dream Realms — guest article by Michael Campbell
  • Innate Ethics
  • Engaging Your Genius (2 pages)
  • Complex Homeostasis
          — A Request to Mathematicians
  • Balancing Act (2 pages)
  • Rejuvenatorium


  • Preface
  • About SocioTectonics
  • Introduction
  • The Free Market, Land, and Traffic
  • Ten Paths to Economic Recovery
  • Civilizations and Creative Genius
  • Reply to a Conservative Friend
  • A Little of What History Has Been Teaching Us
  • Democracy and Freedom
          — Feedback, Kate Jones
  • Freedom and Technology
          — Feedback, Kate Jones
  • How to Free Us from OPEC—guest article by Robert Zubrin
  • Left/Right/Libertarian
          — Feedback, Kate Jones
  • Grassroots Solutions
  • Mixed Economy
          — Feedback, Kate Jones
          — Feedback, Jan Narveson
          — Feedback, Frederick Mann
  • Incentivism

    Create Music

  • Prelude for Piano
  • Meditation for Harp
  • Music for Hobbits
  • String Dances
  • Entrance for Brass Ensemble

    Online Periodicals

    Win Wenger The Winsights Column

    No. 1:  You Are Brighter Than You Think — Far, Far Brighter!
    No. 2:  A Guaranteed Way to Improve Your Intelligence
    No. 3:  Image-Streaming
    No. 4:  How to Feel Better Instantly
    No. 5:  A Fast Way to Get Your Best Answers
    No. 6:  A Partial Taxonomy of Problem-Solving Methods (3 pages)
    No. 7:  An Emphatic Recapitulation and Summary
    No. 8:  Making Learning Easier — Part 1
    No. 9:  Making Learning Easier — Part 2
    No. 10:  Solution of the Month
    No. 11:  Your Personal Empowerment
    No. 12:  Getting More Intelligence Online
    No. 13:  In 900 Minutes, YOU Can Be Composing Very Fine Music
          — Link to audio of improv music by Win Wenger
    No. 14:  A Fun Way To Teach Your 2-Year-Old to Sight-Read and Play Music
    No. 15:  How to Run Better Meetings, Groups, Clubs and Classes
    No. 16:  How to See with Artistic Eyes
    No. 17:  Some New Methods
    No. 18:  Help a Young Child to Flower
    No. 19:  Learning from the Lessons of the Future — Part 1
    No. 20:  A Little Something You Can Do for Your Own Children
    No. 21:  How Bill Gates and Microsoft May Yet Hit a Few More Home Runs
    No. 22:  Responsiveness
    No. 23:  Diricopters
    No. 24:  Artist's Eyes
    No. 25:  Learning from the Future — Part 2 (2 Pages)
    No. 26:  Notes Toward the New Model
    No. 27:  Readiness
    No. 28:  Breathing as a Way of Life — Part 1 (2 pages)
    No. 29:  Breathing as a Way of Life — Part 2 (4 pages)
    No. 30:  Reviving Appalachia
    No. 31:  How to Wipe Out Taxes in New York City
    No. 32:  Quick Rummage of Profitable Answers
    No. 33:  Add Depth and Richness to Every Facet of Our Mutual Lives (2 pages)
    No. 34:  Bringing Peace:  The Balkans, Northern Ireland, and elsewhere
    No. 35:  Restore Some Who Suffer Long-Term Coma?
    No. 36:  How to Bring Lasting Piece to the Middle East
    No. 37:  The Game of Gotcha (2 pages)
    No. 38:  Frog Warming
    No. 39:  Another Brain-Boost through Music
    No. 40:  One Way to Make a Huge Swing Factor in Education (2 pages)
    No. 41:  Never Too Old to Learn a New Art or Skill
    No. 42:  A Great Way to Get a Better Handle on Things
    No. 43:  Left or Right? Or Something Else?
    No. 44:  Build Your Ability to Understand Everything! (2 pages)
    No. 45:  Pre-Natal Curriculum and Why
    No. 46:  To Heal America's Political Wounds
    No. 47:  We Fractals Re-Visited
    No. 48:  Two Experiments (2 pages)
    No. 49:  A Rapport Story, by Elroy Carter
    No. 50:  What Does It Mean to Be You?
    No. 51:  Proposed Experiment in Concretized Learning
    No. 52:  Final Exams
    No. 53:  Save Millions of Lives Around Bengal
    No. 54:  A Useful Contemplation
    No. 55:  Windtunnel!!!
    No. 56:  Working with Metaphor
    No. 57:  The Socratic Continuum
    No. 58:  The Art Studies Technique
    No. 59:  Feeding the World
    No. 60:  One Destiny, or Many?
    No. 61:  Breathing and Personality Traits:  A Hypothesis
    No. 62:  Brain Dominance and Mid-Life Crisis
          — Feedback, Kate Jones
    No. 63:  Better Questions for More Than Just Better Answers
    No. 64:  Learning from Input or Output?
    No. 65:  A Peace Possibility Hanging Out in the Ether
    No. 66:  The Relevance of Imagery, by Susan Wenger
    No. 67:  Proposal for Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients
    No. 68:  Situational Problem-Solving
    No. 69:  Breathing As Therapy?
    No. 70:  A Curriculum for Writers of Fiction
    No. 71:  Eye Tracks
    No. 72:  Effective Problem-Solving: Using What We Know (2 pages)
    No. 73:  Pole-Bridging in the Brain
    No. 74:  On Speed of Learning in Infants and Adults
    No. 75:  A Larger Framework to Think In
    No. 76:  Visiting the Future — March 27, 2472
    No. 77:  Did You Know?
    No. 78:  AAA — Ask, Aware, Answer, by Christopher Gooch
    No. 79  Improve Your Performance on Standardized Exams
    No. 80:  Teaching a Six-Year-Old Multiplication and Division, by Conrad Cook
    No. 81:  Input and Output, by Christopher Gooch
    No. 82:  How to Unblock Blocks and Undo Phobias
    No. 83:  Coming to Our Senses
    No. 84:  Understanding the Continuum Concept, by Kevin Gaudette
          — Feedback, Win Wenger
    No. 85:  Beyond Living Histories
    No. 86:  Stopping Hurricanes—Revisited
    No. 87:  The Ideal School
    No. 88:  How to Win Elections
    No. 89:  In Comparison to Hypnosis
    No. 90:  A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships (World Colloquium Proposal)
    No. 91:  Another Avenue to Improving Intelligence
    No. 92:  An Uncompromising Look at a Bit of History
    No. 93:  The University of Our Lives
    No. 94:  An Easy Way to Fund the Development of Space
    No. 95:  A New Initiative for the Gifted and Talented
    No. 96:  Beliefs—
    No. 97:  Fast-Track to Building Your Perceptions
    No. 98:  A New Experiment to Try
    No. 99:  Consensus and Higher Syntheses
    No. 100:  Acquiring New Proficiencies through PhotoReading
    No. 101:  A Proposal to Save Grueling Hours at Tax Time, by Susan Wenger
    No. 102:  More Than Just Mental Health Is At Stake
    No. 103:  Situations Present and Pending
    No. 104:  Mature Learners
    No. 105:  How We Started Losing 7/8ths of Our Brain Before Ever Getting Born
    No. 106:  You Are How You Breathe — also as audio
    No. 107:  Another Way To Feel Better Within Seconds!
    No. 108:  Sequestering CO2
    No. 109:  Why Cell Phones and Driving Don't Mix
    No. 110:  Music, Music, Music
    No. 111:  Recommendation Concerning U.S. Energy Policy
    No. 112:  The Minimum Winning Coalition, Isn't
    No. 113:  Some General Observations for CEOs and Entrepreneurs
    No. 114:  Making Sense of Education
    No. 115:  Toward an Ecology of Training, Teaching and Learning
    No. 116:  Another Way Music Improves Our Intelligence
    No. 117:  Help Wanted—Rorschach Specialist
    No. 118:  Important Reading for Everyone Affected by the Arab Spring
    No. 119:  Our Share of the Blame on Black Wednesday in Egypt
    No. 120:  An Easy Way to Make a Meaningful Difference
    No. 121:  A New Concept:  Socratic Listening

    Capital Ideasmiths — former e-zine (Archives, 1998-2002)

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